Sean Roach

Sean Roach what a handsome man
It was very difficult to choose from
his photo portfolio.

I decided to put all four.

After a cup of cappuccino we were ready for

Sean Roach Google Information and Web 3.0.

I asked Sean Roach why did he mention “SKOPOS” a Greek world that means
Purpose, why is he using Greek examples in his speech.
Well he told me that he has a Restaurant Bar in Santorin Island in Greece, where in Santorin I asked, in the capital Thira.

Sean said that web 2.0 is Social Marketing while web 3.0 is Social Commerce.

Sean Roach was voted the best speaker of the World Internet Summit.
He was very motivational. Apply what you learn today, test it (no risk), get off
your … and do it.

Sean Roach was very funny. Enemies – acting lazy, being negative, thinking you
are ignorant.

You can only be great! just play and have fun.

How do you find a niche?
How many people have a hobby, know something that most people
Don’t know, take action and think global.

Some programs that Sean Roach recommends are, and

What do I sell online?
Solve a problem… Information or Software.

Sean Roach at the World Internet Summit
mentioned one statistic number that is very
important 73% of buying in the Internet is done by women.

Keywords are very important, you should use them in your
title and in your description.
Do not advertise where is free, play where people pay.

Go to Paid forums and add valuable content for 14 days
and never self promote.

Look for good articles comment in good articles and do not put ad sense in
your good sites. Only endorsements to complimentary products.

He gave us so many examples of people that started without any background
And in few months they were making serious money. More details in the World
Internet Summit DVDs.


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