from $100,000 in
debt to $10 Million Net Worth.

He started in his basement with an idea
and his courage to buy a ticket to an
Internet Marketing Seminar on his last
credit card.

Here is what he told us at the World
Internet Summit in London
The Succes Gap.

The value is in the Strategy not
in the Tactic.

The value is in the Model not
in the Marketing.

Strategy before tactics and what
that really means.

– Jobs to go from 50,000 to 100,000
– Buisnessmen to go from 500,000 to 1.5 Million

What you do will it decrease or increase
the value of your business?.

Are you applying what you know?

Discipline is the key, but discpline is hard.
So let’s keep it simple “Achieve Perfection
in Vision before taking Action”.

Truth I am unsinkable, only death or
incapacity can cink me, or can it?

Rick Raddatz explained that most his
success started when he made the
decision to
– reinvest in himself
– to make himself smarter
– more connected
– more experienced
– more leveregable
– more richer

If Success is reinvestment then the potential
is Exponential. Zero growth at first Inmense
Growth Later.
Hire Visionaires as consultants, hire Implementers
as employees.
Focused and Continuos effort.

Your biggest competitor “Attention”

Respect yourself, respect the truth, respect
focus, respect small steps and respect your
More info in Marketing makeover will be available
in the DVDS.


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