Real Estate and eBay.

Alan Ginsberg asked the audience of the World Internet
Summit UK London 2007.

Can you link directly from your eBay auction to your website
to grow your list?.

They all answer No!. eBay doesn’t allow you to do that
and Alan Ginsberg the eBay Guy said the 4 magic words
“Unless You Know How”.

This thought made me reflect on how “boxed” are we in
the way we think.
If you have any Internet problem, just find and expert,
ask him or her and solve it!.

Alan Ginsberg the eBay Guy said Never ask the best Player
to teach you anything, find the best Coach to teach you.

Alan Ginsberg showed us how to buy and sell Real Estate using
eBay, how to make a killing without refurbishing the property, but to
do it by refurbishing the Marketing of the property.

He showed step by step how to…. the rest you might need
to wait for the DVDs.

He has made millions and helped other people make millions
right away, not months from now.

If you are ready to take an inmediate and massive action
then fill your name and email in the top left of this page
to know when the World Internet Summit DVDs will go on sale.


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