Tracy Repchuk Speaks at the World Internet Summit
London Uk 2007

Tracy Repchuk, was in the audience of a previous
World Internet Summit an now she is a speaker.

Tracy made over $95,000 in 5 months after she
attended her first World Internet Summit.

Tracy Repchuk spoke about the 7 Critical Building
Blocks to Your Internet Marketing Empire.

Her first question to us:
What are you willing to do to make it happen?

The answer : Whatever it takes!.

You need to be willing to fight for your dreams.

There is not “maybe” it is “yes” or “no”.

Do it anyway.

She explained how to find your niche, how to
build your list, product creation using free

She mentioned a great site that can help you
with your administrative task like

Tracy coaching skills will be very helpfull when
you watch the DVDs, don’t forget to subscribe
in the top left of the page.

We had a break for coffee and came back to listen
about eBay.


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