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Internet Marketing Definition


Internet marketing, also known as website marketing, online marketing,

digital marketing and advertising, or e-marketing, is the marketing of

goods or services and brands using the Internet.

IM is accepted as broad in scope because it not only refers to marketing

on the Internet, but also includes advertising and marketing

done via e-mail , portable multimedia marketing and wireless media. Lower costs of

dissemination of information and a global audience are its main advantages.

Electronic customer relationship management systems are also often grouped together under internet marketing.

The importance of IM strategies has increased with the growth and

importance of the Internet. Most established companies are getting online

space today and seek to adopt web marketing strategies to increase traffic to

their company’s homepage. IM helps add potential customers and the

number of quality leads. Clearly defined traffic and sales targets are

required to effectively measure the success or failure of any IM

strategy. Without these targets, it is impossible to measure the performance

of the strategy and the impact of any adjustments.

IM melts the creative and technical aspects of the

Internet, including web design, development, IM promotion, internet

marketing advertising, and sales.

IM also refers to the placement

of media along many different stages of the customer engagement cycle

through search engine marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing,

videos, podcasts, mobile marketing, banner ads on specific websites, multimedia,

local and geo marketing and Social Web 2.0 strategies.


Several industries have heavily invested in and benefited from internet

marketing. Some of them were originally no digital

businesses such as publishing, music, automotive, pharmaceutical or

gambling, while others have developed as purely online businesses, such as web design and media,

software, domain names, hosting and autoresponders.

IM gives you the advantage of measuring statistics easily and

inexpensively; almost all aspects of an Internet marketing campaign can be
traced, measured, and tested.

Internet Marketing Business Models E-commerce_ a model

whereby goods usually are sold directly to consumers (Amazon) , businesses , or from consumer to consumer .

Lead-based websites_

IM business models

a strategy whereby an organization creates value by

acquiring sales leads from its web site.

Affiliate Marketing_ a process wherein a goods and services developed by

one entity is sold by other active sellers for just a share of profits (CJ,



Local IM_ a strategy through which a small company or entrepreneur

utilizes the Internet to find and to nurture relationships which they can

use for real-world advantages.

Personally reach_

internet marketers target a consumer browsing the

the world wide web alone and so the fact that the marketers’ messages reach

the consumer personally. This approach must be used in

search marketing, for which the advertisements are influenced by search


keywords entered by the consumers. This approach usually works under the pay

per click , pay per impression, pay per play, and pay per action methods along

with Seo positioning.

Pay per click (Ppc) advertising has become one of the most effective methods

to promote your products or services over the internet. Small text ads or

images associated with your business and linked to your web site, can be placed

with popular websites and the major search engines like Google and Bing, whenever

consumers search for keywords of your preference. You pay only for the clicks that

your adverts receive.


Specific interests

_when appealing to specific interests, marketers place an emphasis on


to a specific behavior or interest, rather than reaching out to a broadly

defined demographic.  These marketers typically segment their markets

according to age group, gender, geography, and other general factors.


Niche Marketing

_niche  internet marketing put further emphasis on creating

destinations for web users and consumers on specific topics and products.

Niche marketers differ from traditional Internet marketers as they have a


specialized topic knowledge. For example, whereas in traditional Internet

marketing a website would be created and promoted on a high-level topic such

as dogs, niche marketing would focus on more specific topics such as

puppy training techniques.


Geo-targeting_In IM, geo targeting and geo marketing are the methods of

determining the geo location of a website visitor with geo location

software, and

delivering different content to that visitor based on his location, such

as latitude and longitude, country, region or state, city, metro code or zip

code, organization, phone area code, Internet Protocol (IP) address, ISP,

and other criteria.

IM for Online

Banking_  the number of banks offering the ability to perform banking tasks

over the internet has increased. Online banking appeals to customers because it is

often faster and considered more convenient. Also the banking industry integrates

several major online payment mechanisms like (credit cards, PayPal,

2Checkout, Google Checkout, etc.)

IM for Insurance_

internet marketing is used to offer quotation to compare premium and to get


IM for Real Estate_

most Real Estate Companies and Brokers use internet marketing to showcase

properties and also to gather leads.

IM for Auctions_

internet auctions have become a multi-billion dollar business. Unique items

that could only previously be found at flea markets are now being sold on

Internet auction websites such as eBay.


IM tools


Internet Marketing Tools

IM tools are key components of all Internet marketing businesses. Equipment, resources, and software
are all key Internet marketing tools.

There are thousands

of software solutions and programs that are used as

internet marketing tools on everyday business.

The tools of choice

depend on the business model of the business.

Here we have some of the key IM

tools we use daily that you may need for your business success.

A website_  Yes, there are some IM business models that don’t

require you to have a website, but eventually, you’ll want to learn how to

make a basic website. It’s not hard, really.

Domain name registrar: you should register your name first. When you’re

looking to build a site, you’ll need a domain

name, such as a .com, .net, or .org. A domain name registration company,

such as Namecheap or Godaddy, are great places to go and register a domain.

Be sure to go to a reputable registrar. I like NameCheap and Godaddy.

They have good prices,

have private registration for some TLDs (top level domains) many more options

but they are very good just for domain names. I also would like to recommend

my own domain registrar and hosting at CCAOS

Hosting_  All websites are located on Central computers that function as

servers. This servers host the sites. So, if you’re going to have your own, self-hosted

site, you’ll need a hosting solution. NameCheap has a very good reputation, and they are very cost-efficient.

File transfer protocol (FTP) software_  Although FTP is more general than

IM (it’s a webmaster solution), anyone who has a website should

have a basic idea of how FTP works.

Basically, a website is composed of files. Basically, an FTP program

allows you

to move files from your computer to your website.

FileZilla is a good, free FTP program that I’ve been using for a few

years now.

It gets the job done. Most hosting companies offer Cpanel with option for

filemanager uploads of zip and plain files. Videos that explain in detail

how to do it are in the Cpanel training area.

CMS_   A great CMS

(content management system) like WordPress can make

website management a lot easier. This is why it’s easy to start a website:

get a

domain name from Namecheap or Godaddy, host it on Hostgator or Hostmonster,

and then, use one of

NameCheap’s solutions (QuickInstall) to establish WordPress on your domain.


you have a site that’s powered by the WordPress content management platform.

WordPress can now be the foundation upon which you build your site.

You can learn more about WordPress at is also

great, but you want self-hosted WordPress sites, and you can find out more about

them at

Plus, as mentioned, a hosting solution like Namecheap has something like

QuickInstall, which is essentially a built-in WordPress installer that


WordPress on your domain. Before you get your domain and hosting do a search


Coupons sometimes you can get a 25% or 35% discount.


Keyword research_

Adwords Keyword Too you’ll have to do some keyword research. There are many,

many keyword and

market research tools available. The Free Adwords tool (which is not limited

to Adwords advertisers) is a good, solid free solution from Google.

If you’re getting into SEO, the Adwords tool is a good SEO tool to start


Other SEO solutions are SeoQuake for Firefox, Spyfy, Alexa and Quancast.



Autoresponder_ Aweber , Get Response, Icontact  and Office Autopilot are

good examples of

third-party auto responder services. An auto responder is used in


reputable e-mail marketing. Depending on what your business model is, you


want to build an e-mail list. But, you have to be CAN-SPAM compliant, and a

third-party auto responder helps you do this. There is also a free email

marketing service from Mail Chimp.

Survey software_  Why not survey your visitors and ask them what they’re

interested in? Survey Monkey gives you free 10 questions per survey 100

responses per survey .Easy-to-use web-based survey tool. You can collect


via web link, email, Facebook, or embed on your site or blog.

Document reader_

Adobe reader, easily view, print, and collaborate on

PDF files with free Adobe Reader X software

Adobe Reader software is the global standard for electronic document

sharing. It

is the only PDF file viewer that can open and interact with all PDF


Use Adobe Reader to view, search, digitally sign, verify, print, and


on Adobe PDF files.

Data compressing _

7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression


Internet Browser_

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser that gives your Web

applications like email, photo sites, online word processors and more  feel

snappier and more responsive.

Graphics creator_

graphics are something that can be purchased in bulk and

used by many or outsourced to a professional service provider. But if you


time and want to learn, educate yourself about a particular free (gimp) or


graphics creation tool so that you won’t have to rely on another person to

convey the image you have in your mind for your products and services.

Spread sheets,

presentations_  if you do not have MS office, you can get

a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentations using the free OpenOffice

software suites.



Internet Marketing Equipment


computer_  of course, you need a fairly powerful

computer that has Internet access.

Good, productive workplace_  only you know what work environment is best

for you.

Try to make it free of distraction. If you have kids coming into your home

office, and they’re disturbing you, tell them not to come into your room


the time period you need to do your business work.

A camera_ if you get into creating videos to promote your business,

people will

want to be able see and hear you. The Flip camera is very, very popular, if

you have an iPhone you do not need a camera.



IM resources

Internet Marketing Resources

In this business,

you’re always learning. This site is filled with

Internet marketing  reviews,

Internet marketing tools, Internet marketing related courses and

Internet marketing training products.

In this business, it’s hard to do everything on your own. Granted, it can

be done, but if you need help, consider sites like fiverr, tenbux, fivequid,

dealerr, gigswood, gigme5, justafive, uphype, yoofive, zeerk, gigbucks,

fora20, microjobtweets, a couple in portuguese dezaofaciland and trampoo, where you

can find people who will do things for you for $5. Outsourcers are also good to have.

More professional help can be found at Warriors For Hire in the Warrior


Every IM business needs some  Internet marketing tools and

Internet marketing software

to conduct business. Before looking into spending a lot on  Internet

marketing tools, take a good

look at the business model you want to follow, then see what resources

you’ll need. If you do some research you can find free solutions most of the time.

We hope that, now that you’ve visited our website, you know a little bit

more about choosing the right Internet marketing tools.


Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Strategy

Using the proper Internet marketing strategy you can expect to


  • Expand your marketing mix
  • Track the Roi of your web advertising
  • Drive targeted visitors to your website
  • Drive visitors to specific pages of your website
  • Increase conversion rates (visitors to prospects and prospects tocustomers)
  • Expand your corporate brand over the internet
  • Increase your sales



IM and Search engine optimization

IM and Search Engine Optimization

Seo is one of the most

commonly used internet marketing strategy; this method involves making a

website’s content search engine friendly. This means making it easy for


engines to find and index by including certain keywords and key phrases in


content, based on what consumers are likely to type into the search engines.


also means carefully crafting meta tags, descriptions, alt tags and title


Search engine

optimization benefits

  • Large volume of targeted visitors to your website
  • More sales through the internet
  • Increased brand awareness


SEO methodology

* Keywords selection (google keywordtool)

* Website structure optimize

* Website content optimize

* Search engines submissions

* Links building (3 way linking)

* Article content writing and distribution

* Reporting results



Internet Marketing and Link Building


Link building is another common

IM strategy. With this method, companies

attempt to get links from other quality websites; this can

help attract more visitors to the company’s website and

boost its vision as a valuable resource. It may also help to

improve a website’s ranking with the search engines. A

company may work to build incoming links not only from other

sites and directories, but also from search engines,

newsletters and e-zines.

These links may be reciprocal in nature, which means the

company that receives inbound links also places the other

webmasters’ links on its site, or they may be one-way links





Internet Marketing and Product Discussion Forums

Are internet

marketing strategy

that some businesses may adopt. The discussion forum

provides a way to obtain opinions about products or

services. This type of internet

marketing strategy is seemingly less

invasive than opinion polls or surveys. A forum keeps

business customers engaged while providing valuable feedback

to the company on how to improve products or services.

IM exploiting E-mail marketing

Internet Marketing Exploiting E-mail Marketing

is a cost

effective internet

marketing strategy

that will drive targeted visitors to your website. It may

only take one well designed e-mail in combination with a successful

product or

service to increase your sales and enhance your corporate branding.

The internet

marketing strategy of using email gives you the benefits of

* Analyze and track Roi in real time

* Test your new services and products (demos, opinions)

* Promote your products in detail

* Increase your customers’ loyalty by promoting your new products to


customers easily

* Support your customers further by sending them announcements and




Internet Marketing Using Banner advertising

is the

traditional internet

marketing strategy

to advertise your business over the

internet, although there are novel ways to make it more effective than


There are millions of existing websites in which you can advertise your


and services. Choosing the most appropriate websites to bring the

greatest ROI

is a challenging task that requires the careful consideration of all



advertising internet

marketing strategy

* Identify the market to target

* Design the web media plan

* Choose the correct banner technology

* Apply creative development

* Place the ads online

* Split test and report the campaign results


Internet Marketing and Social Media Optimization (SMO)


Is the new internet marketing strategy

of attracting visitors to website content by promoting and

publicizing it through social media. SMO is a subset of social media

marketing, which is promoting and publicizing products and services in general


social media.

1_ Social media

features added to the content itself, including: RSS feeds,

social news and sharing buttons, user rating and polling tools, and

incorporating third-party community functionalities like images and


2_ Promotional activities in social media aside from the content

being promoted,

including: blogging, commenting on other blogs, participating in


groups, and posting status updates on social networking profiles Social Media

optimization is considered an integral part of an strategy for

organizations or individuals who care about their online presence. Social media

optimization is not limited to marketing and brand building.

Smart businesses are integrating social media participation as part of

their internet

management strategy (i.e. product/service development, recruiting,

employee engagement and turnover, brand building, customer satisfaction

and relations, business development and more).

* Increase your link ability

* Make tagging and bookmarking easy

* Reward inbound links

* Help your content travel

* Get communities connected



Internet Marketing Local


The Internet is quickly surpassing the phone book, yellow pages, and other

traditional forms of advertising as the #1 source of information for

anyone making buying decisions.

It is important to know how to:

* increase your customer base by reaching a global audience

* advertise more cheaply and effectively than traditional media

* build lasting relationships with your customers

* attract new local customers

* make more sales by promoting new products to existing customers




IM Mobile

Internet Marketing Mobile

It is only just

now that internet marketers are starting to realize the

potential in these little hand-held browsing devices.

The growing important of mobile marketing has been highlighted by a

new report

that claims ads aimed at users of the iPhone and Android platforms will


for more than a quarter of revenue from mobile apps by 2012.

The overall mobile app downloads are forecast to rise from over seven


last year to around 50 billion in two years’ time.

With the improved technologies of mobile devices, most people would

get online

way more often from their phones compared to from their PCs.

There are several countries were the IM is done on mobile, they

do not have Pcs.

According to a recent report for the first time ever, personal

computers are

being outsold by smart phones. This report states that worldwide, in the

last 3

months of 2010, consumer electronics makers shipped 100.9 million smart


(an 87 percent jump from the year prior) while PC shipments edged up a

mere 3

percent to about 92.1 million.

IM has taken on a whole new angle with the introduction of smart

phones such as the Apple iPhone and Google’s Android.

The most powerful techniques for bringing IM to the smart phone

world is through the use of CPA offers, and Google’s recent

multi-million dollar

purchase of the Admob platform shows the future Google sees in this


Admob is basically Adwords for iPhones.

And CPA offers like OfferMobi offer CPA offers specifically targeted

towards smart phones, the combination will mark the next greatest thing in

internet marketing.



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