There was a separate room where we all share our
business cards, and offers.

Brett McFall instructed us to introduce ourselves to each and everyone in the

So we met people who were interesting in my

Most people were in Personal Training, Consulting, Marketing, Investments,
Health, Retail, Coaching,

Telemarketing and Wealth Creation Programs.

Some did not have a business card, co they wrote their details in a piece of

There were many offers for
Hosting, Article writing and Affiliates.

After the JV table at the World Internet Summit we left around 8 and went by
bus to the


Here we are at Harrods

just before they close, we manage to see beautiful clothes and

jewelry. We bought some exotic fruits.

Outside of Harrods, there were two beautiful


One White and the other Orange.

Across from Harrods there is a very good Chinese restaurant where we had our
late dinner

and then got back to the Hotel about 12.


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