You have a blog, it’s important to retain all your RSS subscribers because they’re where you get all the free traffic from. While subscribers can be gotten in various ways, it’s more important to hang onto them once they become subscribers. The following tips will help you not only keep those subscribers that have already signed on, but it will help you get the most out of everyone who subscribes to your blog.

One of the single best ways to get more people to stay as your RSS subscribers is to constantly update your blog. The reason people subscribe to your feed in the first place is because they like what you have to give them. But if your updates don’t come as often as they’d like, your subscribers won’t feel that sense of urgency to subscribe. You don’t have to post every day, just post moderately and evenly. You need to keep it so that your subscribers always have you on their mind. Remember that these subscribers will also be subscribed to many other RSS feeds, so if you want to stand out of the crowd you have to give them what they want. Your main aim should always to give your subscribers the more superior, more consistent, content so that they choose you over your competition. You will also save them time because they’ll get more content more often, and they’ll thank you for that too. When they are spending their time going through your updates, it’s your responsibility to the deliver the best quality again and again.

Try to avoid having any kind of affiliate links in your blog posts because this will give out a wrong impression to your readers and they will end up thinking that your aim is to make money rather than giving them quality content. When you fill your posts with affiliate links, you are actually repelling your subscribers.

Lastly, try to refrain from links to popups like viglink or infolink where people will go off to somewhere else. It won’t make your readers feel welcome, and in fact they will get annoyed. For instance, hyperlinks in your posts that take people to sign pages will see your popups hovering over it offering them a new link. When you put those popups in your posts, and people click on them, they’ll think they’re going to somewhere on your site but they’ll be taken to somewhere completely different. So the rule is: to keep readers happy, avoid popup links. You now see just how important RSS feeds are and if you use the tips you just learned about and you always provide your subscribers with the information they come for, they’ll never unsubscribe from you. After all, your RSS subscribers will lead to repeat traffic to your blog and bring you visitors at no extra cost.


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