All online businesses love targeted traffic, just ask them, and if you want that plus extremely fast action then Adwords is one method you should investigate. Adwords isn’t for the extreme newbie simply because it offers so much, and you really need to have all your ducks lined-up in a row – but still, it’s not rocket science, either. Learning how to use this system well can be extremely profitable for you, but it’s nothing to play with and requires a serious effort. Adwords is the kind of serious advertising platform that is not hard to learn or use, but there is extremely important and specific information and user instructions, so to speak. You always want to minimize your mistakes with Adwords, and a great way to do that is reading and learning outside of Adwords. If you want to do Adwords, great, so learn the following noxious Adwords mistakes, and your life will be that much better off.

Be very careful with your keywords because you can really get in trouble if you use very broad keywords in your campaigns. It’s extremely important that you use the right kinds of keyword phrases in all your Adwords campaigns. The problem with very broad keywords is some are extremely competitive, and secondly you will attract traffic with intentions that are too scattered. Actually, you can use the same approach for keyword phrase selection that you would use for search engine optimization. For example, let’s say you’re selling an ebook on “dog training tips”. Ok, a horribly broad keyword to bid on would be “dogs,” and if you did that you would get people searching for ‘dog vets, dog food, dog jewelry” and the like – horrible for you and costly. Whereas, keywords like “learn dog training now” and “easy dog training tips” will get you people who are potential buyers of your product. Besides that, the broader your keyword is the higher will be the cost per click you’ll be paying. There is no way around learning more on your own about how to do PPC advertising, and there are some excellent resources on the net. Also, effective Adwords campaigns are not just about your ads or campaign setup; they’re also about your landing pages, too. Your ads and your landing or site pages must be related/relevant to your PPC ads and keywords. Your Quality Score issued by Google will let you know right away if there are any deviations in your overall relevancy. You do not want to waste money by causing your click throughs to just leave once they land on your site.

Last but not the least; don’t try to become too excited and anxious in the early stages. You can help yourself make better decisions if you get in the habit of just keeping cool and calm about your PPC campaigns. The big mistake with newer PPC advertisers is they think that if they just spend money and get traffic, then their ads will start producing revenue. But the fact is that if their sites don’t convert then they’ll simply lose money with AdWords. Always test your ads so you can optimize them, and the do go slow with it until you are making money. Google Adwords can be full of mistakes and can be a nightmare if you are not prepared to do it. Adwords is not hard “to do,” and you can find quality learning materials if you take the time to look.

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