In the few years that it has been opearating, Google AdSense has
quickly grown to be the default method of monetization among Internet
marketers and webmasters. The reason why Google’s advertising program is
working out so well is because of its ease of use and the way it can be

To really make money through this program it is imperative that you
understand Google’s rules. Google often encourages webmasters and Internet
marketers to get creative but they also have very strict guidelines that you
need to follow. Not following the rules could endanger your AdSense
account. Keep reading to find three mistakes that you should do your best to
avoid making.

Do not make the mistake of saying that Google Ads are alternate ads. There
are some programs like Chitika that allow you to choose and place
alternative URLs when the “targeted ads” for your site aren’t properly
displayed. Here you only have to build a simple HTML page and put an ad that
you want to be displayed instead. AdSense is the same in this
area because if you don’t want to show the public service ads you are
allowed to put in an alternative URL. But the mistake that you want to avoid
is of using the AdSense ads as the alternate URL. According to the
Google TOS, this isn’t allowed. You’ll be given Adsense code to put on your
site, and that code must always remain the same – you can change it, but you
should never change it. Google does give you the ability to do limited
customization to your Adsense ads such as changing colors or border styles.
The most important thing to bear in mind is that you are to never alter the
code once Google presents it to you. There isn’t a lot to the Adsense code
you put on your site, so anything you do change will cause real issues for
you. We just always want to stress the consequences of making even an
innocent mistake with Adsense because Google is unforgiving with their rules
– they really are! So it’s not something to worry about because there are
lots of people who have had Adsense accounts since the very beginning.

Last but not least; don’t place more than three ad links or ad units on any
of your web page. However, the safest route is to always read their TOS for
Adsense, and that way you’ll know for sure and be safe. Too many ad
units on your pages will most likely not get filled with ads, and then
things won’t look too good. The best way to deal with this is to create more
targeted web pages on your website so that you are able to place more ad
units and increase your revenue. The whole point with site expansion is to
bring in more traffic, and with new Adsense blocks you’ll make more money.
Many people have made a lot of money with Adsense, and you can to as long as
you abide by their easy to follow TOS.


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