Most people are familiar with Clickbank and that it’s the place you want to go if you want to sell information type products. There are plenty of people making tons of cash by offering their own products in several niches. But it doesn’t matter what subject matter your product deals in, as you are just going to do the same things to get more people to buy your products. In the following article we shall be looking into 3 useful tips that will help you get more sales for your product on Clickbank.

The first thing you have to grasp is how important it is for your sales page to include real and believable testimonials. The main thing your sales page needs to do is convince people that your product is worth buying. Using testimonials can be a great way to grow your credibility and convince your potential clients to buy your product. Make sure your testimonials are effective. You can do this by adding a picture alongside the testimonial and have their full name along with the name of their website displayed below it. This will make your testimonials look authentic.

What’s even better is getting video testimonials from your customers. The point of putting all this effort into your testimonials is to show prospects that they aren’t fake. You will find that testimonials have an important impact in growing your sales and play a critical supportive role for your sales page. Second, make sure your product is actually in the Clickbank marketplace. You will also want to make sure you are giving your affiliates a great commission for marketing your product. Your Clickbank product commission rates should be at least 50%. With promises of higher commissions, many affiliates will want to promote your products. After all, you’re building a list of paying customers through these sales, which you can leverage to sell high ticket products. So by giving in a high commission you’re not losing anything, but only gaining. Don’t look at the upfront profits but the long term benefits.

Last but not the least; before your sales page goes live please make sure you do a spell check. You don’t to confuse your visitors with spelling errors in the title of the page. Since people tend to prefer buying from websites that look professional, such spelling errors can have a negative impact on you, besides looking unprofessional. Overall, this article shows that increasing your Clickbank sales is a matter of taking care of all the little details. You shouldn’t overlook any of the above advice if you truly want to increase the rate of response and your product sales on Clickbank. It is also critical to check out all the little things that are generating more sales for you and do more of them.


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