If you have been trying to get increased traffic from the search engines or even
just increase your rankings in their results, you should start by looking at your
website. How you have the keywords positioned throughout your website is going
to be one of the biggest solutions to boost your ranking and in turn start
getting you more of the search engine visitors. In this post we’re going to be
covering a few ways to place your keywords on your website to acquire more love
from the search engines.

Most of you may already be aware but your keyword or keyword phrase ought to be
in your URL, this is the actual site address. Of course this very same thing
goes for all you bloggers on the market, each and every post should the keyword
in the URL. If you happen to use the wordpress platform you can actually change
the perma-link when your creating your post, simply make certain that the
perma-link is your keyword phrase.

Something else people don’t usually consider are the H1, H2 and the H3 tags on
the web pages. You want to ensure your keyword or phrase is included in all of
these tags. What this will do is to help the search engine spiders notice that
the first thing on your site or web page is your keywords.

I am sure most of you already know that you need to keep to the first sentence
rule. This essentially means that each and every page you generate should have
the keyword or keyword phrase in the first sentence of the content. However
additionally there is the last sentence rule that a lot of you have in all
probability not heard of. It follows the same action of the earlier rule
however, obviously this concerns the last sentence on the site.

Another thing you need to be mindful of will be your keyword density. To
ascertain the keyword density, it is basically the percentage of times it shows
up on your page in comparison with how many other words you have on that web
page. In between 3% and 5% is exactly where you will want your keyword density
to end up. Any more than that and the major search engines may target your
website for keyword stuffing.

Formatting the keywords appropriately is something else which I would like to
cover with you. Using bold, italic and underlining are also very important in
terms of your keywords and you should be sure you do this with most of your
keywords. Pretty much what you should do is to make sure you are using these
text formats for just about each and every instance of your keyword on your web
page. Don’t just use one structure like, bold, you will need to use them all and
mix every one of them up. Don’t just place every one of your keywords in bold
print throughout the course of the entire page.

There you have it, if you adhere to these simple tips you will find that you
will be able to increase your search engine ranking for your site or web page.
One other thing about the building backlinks portion, is that you will need to begin building links to all the
web pages on your website or blog and not focus on only the home page.


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