It’s hard to believe but these types of sites are still available on the Internet. A number of of you may not even know exactly what they are so I’ll
explain. It is a very simple thing in reality, it is simply a site that will
permit individuals to freely place an add and link to their websites. Years ago
when these kinds of sites first came online everyone was using them to get free
links and advertising. Nowadays the search engines frown upon anyone making use
of this technique in order to build links. In the following paragraphs we will
be discussing why this is such a bad idea and why you need to avoid it.

I can actually see the appeal to newbies on the web that want to post to these
sites. I also understand why you might be tempted. The way in which these work
is when you post your link on one website it’ll likewise be posted on thousands
of other websites at the same time. The majority of free for all sites other
wise called ffa sites, are linked to hundreds or even thousands of other
websites. However what most individuals don’t realize is that these sites are
pointless. Also when you post to these types of sites the search engines may end
up banning your Internet site from their results.

The particular search engines are certainly not stupid, and if they find these
1,000 links which were built in a minute they know that something is not right.
Search engines really want people to gain their inbound links naturally and that
is not what this is. This is the reason Google looks at these types of websites
as poor websites.

Another thing you should realize is that when you submit your ad and link it is
published on plenty of other websites. And by posting your links, whether you
know it or not, your supplying all the owners of those websites permission to
send you emails. So in fact, in a very short amount of time you might start
receiving thousands of emails daily. So if you look at it, the only benefit is
going to the people that started up an ffa Internet site in the first place.

The fact that there are real simple, and also search engine friendly ways to
develop links, it makes me wonder just how any of these websites have made it.
Staying away from these sites at all costs is truly your best idea, if you want
to build up links use article marketing and directory submission.

Link farms are one more thing that you really need to avoid. Link farms are
generally just as bad for your website as ffa sites. This is yet another way
that individuals try to trick the search engines by
creating lots of
websites that all have hyperlinks pointing to all the others and in addition
back to your primary website. People used this method of link building a little
while back and their continue to be people doing it today. This is actually very
easy for Google to see and they also may end up banning every one of your sites.
In short keep things on the up and up and also keep on Google’s good side and
avoid ffa’s and link farms.


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