There are plenty of people online that have made a good product but can’t seem
to get people to their website in order to see it. And lets face it, with no traffic coming
to your site you won’t be earning any money. You might have already tried all of
the search engine optimization methods you know and it did not help. Traffic
exchanges might have been something else you tried using until you realized that
you really did not get any sales from them. And lastly you think your only
alternative left is using a pay-per-click system. The problem with these
programs is you can actually find yourself spending more money than you end up
bringing in. So exactly what alternative will you end up being left with? Joint

A joint venture is in reality a great way to start obtaining the traffic you
will need if you want to survive online. For those of you that are not aware a
joint venture is a way to get other individuals to market your product for you
and in return they’re going to earn a percentage of all the product sales they
generate for you. If your item is something people can download you ought to
offer your joint venture partners no less than a 50% commission of the sales
they make. A downloadable product is something that you never need to handle and
mail to the customers like a certain kind of computer software or an e book.

Joint Venture

Don’t think this is the same as having an affiliate marketing program as it
really is a lot different. Joint ventures can be performed on a small scale
permitting only a few people in, instead of a program like clickbank. After you
have joint venture partners promoting for you all you have to do is pay them for
any product sales and make sure your customers get the product or service.

The reality that many people who want to get involved in joint ventures are
people that have spent many years building a list of people that they can send
your offers to. And once you find good people to joint venture with you can find
yourself discovering a huge burst in product sales practically overnight. The
secret is being able to get men and women to want to joint venture with you. In
the event your new to the online world it might take some time to find good
partners. If you can’t find people the first day don’t be discouraged as it
could take a little while to find good people.

Once you do find people that would like to work with you, you will need to ask
them a few questions before you join up with them. There are scammers out there
that may just be trying to get a copy of what your marketing and advertising and
never intend on advertising it. Learning if they have their own list can
actually be one of the first questions you ask these individuals, you can also
ask them if they have ever won any affiliate contests. People that have been top
referrers or have won affiliate contests are certainly people that know how to
promote products.

Last but not least you’ll need some type of program that will enable you to
track your joint venture partners product sales. You can also grab a simple affiliate
script to add to your site to keep track of all the sales created and by which



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