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I just started another dime sale, you’re not going to believe the value contained in this one. For those that don’t want to wait and want the absolute best price, here it is: ==> Rinse and Repeat System It’s been a while since we last ran a dime sale, and I thought it would be fun to do one this week. I’ve always said that if you want to be successful, you should find someone enjoying the success you seek, and model that person. In other words, do as they do, not as they say. It really is that simple, in many different parts of your life, whether it’s in sports, the classroom, in business, personal diet and fitness, or anywhere. Let’s talk about business… My own success only started when I started modeling a person I met in a membership site I belonged to, and when I saw his success, I said to myself, “if he can do that, I can do that”. It worked. I turned failure into success, and the rest is history.

Today’s product, “The Rinse and Repeat System” is a collection of  reports

(no long videos to sit through), compiled by an Internet marketing legend over a 10 year period of time. I’m forbidden by license from telling you who that IM legend is, but if I could, you’d know him, you’d respect him, you’d want to buy this at a price 5 times higher than it is now: There are 3 main reports, they sold over 1000 copies in the past, at individual prices of $97, $127, and $67. If you paid those prices, I’m sorry. Today you can pay less than 10% of those combined prices, possibly a lot less, if you hurry, and get everything instantly. Plus you get 9 additional bonus reports from the same person, which could easily stand on their own as $17 products, or more.

Rinse and Repeat Systems will guide you through creating products,

building email lists, finding JV partners, getting traffic to your pages, … and a whole lot more. This is a complete “education in a box”, a complete Internet marketing course, designed for beginners and advanced marketers as well. I guarantee you, this course could put your IM business onto the fast track to success. We could, and we might, easily convert this course to video, format it onto a DVD as a physical course, and charge $497 or $997 for the same exact information, and that’s an excellent idea, except… I don’t want to charge you that much today. If you don’t need videos, and if you don’t want to pay $497, then hurry on over to the dime sale page before it goes up another dime, dollar, or more: ==> Rinse and Repeat System If you delay, you’ll pay more, but even if you arrive after it’s gone up a little, it’s still a bargain at any price, since I’m capping the price at a very small number. Check it out now, you’ll be glad you did. I won’t hold you any longer, you don’t want the price to go up, I’m sure. If you go now, you can get it for less than 40 bucks, maybe way less, take a peek: Have a spectacular day! Roger P.S. Reminder, since it’s a dime sale, the price increases after every sale, you don’t want to wait too awful long, do you? Chapter 1 -?How To Choose A Highly-Profitable Market. Chapter 2 -?How To Find The Perfect Idea For A Small Report. Chapter 3 -?How To Write P.A.G.E.S. Of High Demand Content Chapter 4 -?How To Package, Price and Position Your Small Report. Chapter 5 -?How To Create A Small Report Mini-Salesletter. Chapter 6 -?How To S.E.T.U.P. A Web Site To Sell Your Small Report. Chapter 7 -?How To Turn Small Reports Into A Six-Figure Business.

Build A List

Let me just share a few highlights of what you’ll learn in this comprehensive course…

  • The ONE and only “system” for making money with lists – that’s right, every successful list marketer uses this same basic system! (Page 6)
  • The most important list-building decision you’ll ever make – and how most people are wasting money on traffic, ads and promotions because they have overlooked this amazing principle. (Page 7)
  • 5 simple ways to benefit from your list without becoming an “offer harlot” — instead of bombarding your list with “must have” offer after offer, learn to maximize your most important asset without driving them to the “unsubscribe” button! (Page 11)
  • How to automatically create a huge swipe file of successful email marketing subject lines from the top marketers in the world, see how to apply subject lines to niche marketers, spy on your competition’s subject lines and plug-in proven market research for your own subject lines … without spending a penny! (Page 13)
  • The #1 technique for getting your own subscribers to RESPOND to your mailings and take action on the messages you send them … and how you can put this technique to work for you on your very next mailing! (Page 15)
  • The fastest way to begin promoting your list for free – you can literally begin exposing your list to potential subscribers within 5 minutes! Note: While you won’t get an “explosion” of new subscribers, it IS a way to get almost instant promotion for your list. (Page 20)
  • How to get a steady trickle of new subscribers by using “forum marketing”, including 2 ways to add 5-10 new subscribers to your list every single day … in a month’s time that’s up to 150-300 fresh list members without spending a penny! (Page 20)
  • 10 safe and simple ways to get new subscribers from your favorite forum, including how to create the PERFECT response to questions so readers head straight to your opt-in page to join your list! (Page 29)
  • An easy-to-follow (I.E. “newbie friendly!”), 7-step system for creating your own “opt-in page” (AKA “squeeze page”) for convincing as high as 75% of your visitors to join your list! Everything is broken down into “bite-sized” steps. (Page 36)

We cover a lot of information in these 94 pages, but I’ve intentionally tried to make it as beginner-friendly as possible so anyone can put these tactics into practice for successful list marketing. Same thing goes for these things you’ll find included…

  • 7 opt-in triggers that get subscribers to join your list like crazy including 8 simple ways to increase the “perceived value” of your list + the one thing that every single subscriber wants RIGHT NOW that can convince them to instantly subscribe! (Page 44)
  • One of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn about your list — about your business! — that most marketers never realize. It’s the difference between making money and making a LOT of money … without hype, deceit or a gazillion mailings! (Page 45)
  • How John Reese convinces people to join one of his lists by using Opt-In Trigger #3 … and how you can parlay this into new subscribers to your own list by simply adding a few words to your opt-in page! (Page 47)
  • 3 proven-effective ideas (along with examples) for targeting specific demographics in your list-building for laser-precision results – plus how this allows you to broaden your marketing and promotions to niches not normally on your radar! (Page 49)
  • 9 easy-to-use ideas for creating urgency so subscribers enter their name and email address now (Page 52) + how to use “natural” urgency to get an instant boost to your opt-in conversion rate! (Page 50)
  • A powerful and profitable way to make money from your list WITHOUT asking your subscribers to buy anything … this simple, 3-step system is one of my most lucrative methods of getting others to generate revenue for me! (Page 60)
  • 6 “new” ways to use subject line personalization that virtually no one has ever heard of before, including how to get the subscriber to take “ownership” of your message! Note: There is MUCH more to personalizing a subject line than the standard, “Dave, here’s another message for you to read” nonsense that most people use! (Page 68)
  • How to write mailings that get your subscribers to take action, including the #1 “skill” you need as a list owner in order to generate results from the messages you send to your list! (Page 72)
  • 4 highly effective ways to get your emails past the spam filters and into the in boxes of your subscribers … it’s simple math, the higher your delivery rate, the higher your profit! (Page 80)
  • 7 ways to take your list marketing to the “next level” of productivity and profitability including 7 weekly list marketing activities to complete and 10 ways to analyze your competitor’s list marketing to perfect your own! (Page 87)

Thousands of customers have ordered their own copy of this manual for up to $127, but it’s yours as just ONE of THREE manuals in The Rinse And Repeat System™! ==> Rinse and Repeat System

Get Website Traffic

Let me just share a few highlights of what you’ll learn in this comprehensive course…

  • Setting up your affiliate program. In the shortest chapter of the manual, You’ll get a quick recommendation for getting your affiliate program up and running within 48-72 hours. (Note: If you already have your own affiliate program, you can skip this initial chapter.)
  • Creating an affiliate center. You’ll learn the exclusive Affiliate C4™ method for igniting explosive sales from your sales army. This is where 85% of affiliate program managers blow it and never see the sales they desire.
  • Finding motivated affiliates. If this isn’t THE largest list of ways to find affiliates, then it certainly is one of the largest lists. You get a whopping 20 different ways to find affiliates (even “super” affiliates) to recruit into your affiliate program.
  • Getting affiliates to say “yes”. You’ll discover exactly how to get affiliates to agree to join your affiliate program and begin promoting your offers. This is THE hardest part of the process, but we make it super easy for you by sharing the proven effective methods that really work.
  • Keeping affiliates active. It’s never enough to find and recruit affiliates … you want them to remain actively involved in promoting your products and services for months and even years to come. In this section, You get multiple proprietary ideas for keeping affiliates active in your program instead of your competition’s program!
  • Expanding your program automatically. In this section of the course you’ll learn some creative ways to recruit affiliates “indirectly” as you continue to multiply both the number of new affiliates coming in and the number of sales coming in!
  • Working with an affiliate manager. We will mention more about this shortly, but an entire chapter is devoted to this (well worth the price of the course by itself!) on the subject of hiring an affiliate manager (without investing any out of pocket expense) to run your entire program for you!
  • A proven-effective, 9-step system for getting other people to promote your products like crazy…explained in simple, easy-to-follow language. (Page 8)
  • The beginner’s guide for finding, hiring and working with an affiliate manager … including 5 keys to finding an affiliate manager and 5 keys to succeeding with an affiliate manager. (Page 85)
  • The top 5 methods of equipping your affiliates to produce the maximum number of orders possible from their marketing efforts. (Page 58)
  • 5 extraordinary ways to use incentives to convince fence-setters (even “super” affiliates) to join your affiliate program now. (Page 34)
  • 5 effective strategies to “force” your affiliates to promote you NOW … use these methods anytime you want a quick boost in traffic and orders. (Page 53)
  • The biggest mistake affiliate managers make with their affiliate centers that *literally* will cause affiliates to abandon your program about 99% of the time. (Page 18)
  • 6 key elements of your affiliate “signup” page to cover yourself legally and ensure affiliates know all the details of your affiliate offer prior to joining. (Page 28)
  • 20 super-simple, highly-effective ways to find affiliates for your program … to my knowledge, this is THE most comprehensive index of ways to recruit affiliates available anywhere. (Page 41)
  • 5 “extras” that get affiliates to push even harder in their efforts to promote your offers, including the popular “viral” affiliate marketing tactic. (Page 72)
  • The #1 priority for successfully keeping affiliates actively promoting your offers instead of concentrating their efforts on your competition. (Page 12)
  • How to run contests, use incentives, unadvertised bonuses and other ethical “bribes” to create an order-producing frenzy among your affiliates. (Page 62)
  • 3 “affiliate magnets” that should easily distance your program from those of your competitors and get more affiliates in your “sales army”. (Page 30)
  • 5 ideas for using the most “boring” method of getting affiliates to promote your offers … these aren’t “sexy”, but they are very effective in producing activity among affiliates. (Page 55)
  • 5 little-known, results-producing methods of recruiting affiliates “indirectly” — including the ONE idea that you can literally build your entire business around for greater results than ever before. (Page 77)
  • The proprietary Affiliate C4™ method of igniting explosive sales from your sales army. (Page 13)
  • 5 absolute “musts” for creating satisfied and loyal affiliates who stick with your program indefinitely instead of running from “program of the week” to “program of the week”. (Page 68)
  • A complete bonus interview with world class affiliate manager, Nicole Dean (no, she’s not available! :) . (Page 93)
  • How to keep affiliates A.C.T.I.V.E.™ in your affiliate program, including the 6 keys to transforming dormant, passive affiliates into aggressive, involved affiliates. (Page 52)
  • The hands down, easiest way to setup your own affiliate program to track orders, pay affiliates, process orders and run your entire operation on autopilot. (Page 10)
  • 7 things that attract affiliates, along with the #1 thing affiliates look for in determining which program they’ll be spending their time on. (Page 29)
  • How to create your own “affiliate attack plan” for your sales army to carry out your order to promote your offer. (Page 19)
  • 4 ways to ensure that affiliates make more money in YOUR affiliate program than anyone else’s so they not only join you, but continue to promote you long term. (Page 31)
  • The real key to training your affiliates so they get started immediately bringing in sales for your products. (Page 24)
  • 7 parts of professional, personal and profitable contact letters, including a sample letter you can modify for your own use in contacting potential affiliates. (Page 38)

This course by itself has been selling for $67, but it’s yours as just ONE of THREE manuals in The Rinse And Repeat System™!

Get Your Hands On A Complete, But Easy-To-Understand  Set Of Step-By-Step Instructions For Earning Income Online

Everything is laid out in newbie-friendly steps to take you from absolutely nothing to a business that is actually making money online. Just a few of the things you’ll learn include…

  • How to create your own information products to sell online! We’ll cover everything from choosing a topic to getting ready-made content to setting up a website to fulfilling orders … and everything in between! Did I mention — no writing on your part! (More on this in just a moment…)
  • How to build a list of qualified, responsible subscribers to buy from you! Things you’ll learn include setting up a form to build your list, convincing people to join, getting people to your list page, turning subscribers into paying customers and more!
  • How to get targeted visitors to your website around the clock! You’ll learn free (lots of these!) and low-cost ways to get “traffic” to your website … and then how to get those visitors to buy your information products!
  • How to create multiple streams of income! The initial information product you create is just the beginning as you’ll also learn how to create “sister products”, tap into residual income, produce “high-ticket” sales, generate affiliate commissions and much more!

It’s all included … a complete “education in a box”!

Can’t I Just Be An “Affiliate” And Skip  The Whole “Create Your Own Product” Thing?

There are a lot of people out there who are selling “how to make money promoting other people’s stuff as an affiliate” courses. And, it’s true, affiliate income is a great source of revenue. BUT, in my opinion, it’s a HORRIBLE business model. Let me give you 3 reasons why you do NOT want affiliate marketing to be your primary source of income…

  • Problem #3: Vulnerability. You are completely at the mercy of someone else when you’re an affiliate. What happens if someone accuses you of spam and your affiliate link is disabled? What happens if the owner decides to go out of business? What happens if they provide horrible customer service or get lots of refunds? There are so many variables involved in fully relying on someone else — even if they come highly recommended and have a good track record. One misinterpreted move on your part and you could be history.
  • Problem #2: Competition. Everything you do as an affiliate is going to be equaled or exceeded by dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of other people. If you want to purchase a PPC ad, write an ezine article, buy a solo mailing or do any other kind of advertising to promote an affiliate program, get in line. Think about the sheer numbers for a moment. X number of copies of a product will be sold. Divide that up by possibly thousands of other people and how much do you think you’ll be getting? Do you have a bigger budget than your competition so you can place highly in ppc listings? Are you a better and faster ezine article writer than the others? Do you have bigger existing lists? Does your site get more traffic than the others? What about all of the guru buddies who promote the offers? It’s not as easy as it sounds to make full-time money as an affiliate.
  • Problem #1: Potential. The biggest problem (as if the first two … especially number two … aren’t enough) that I see is the lack of potential when you use affiliate revenue as your primary business foundation. Think about this: why would you want to be one of thousands of people promoting someone else’s offer, when you could have thousands of people promoting YOUR offers!? Why would you want to grow someone else’s lists (which they can use to promote affiliate offers from other people and you’ll never earn a penny from it!) instead of having other people send you subscribers for YOUR list!? Why would you want to build someone else’s business when you could have them building YOURS!? There is virtually a 100% probability that you’ll not make anywhere near as much money as an affiliate as you would by having your own products.

Being an affiliate to promote other people’s products is best to do as a “backend” for supplemental income, not as your primary source of income. Look around for a moment. Open up another browser window and go to Google.com. Or go to the Clickbank.com marketplace. And I want you to identify those who are very successful within any given market. What makes them so successful? Let me save you some trouble. What you’ll find is this: they have their own affiliate programs. You’ll find that other people are promoting their products for them in those ads, ezine articles, websites, blogs and more. Search for any well known Internet Marketer and let me know what you find. You’ll find tens of thousands of websites out there promoting all of the products and services for that one marketer. They are not doing it … other people are. That’s what this system is going to teach you. You are going to discover…

How to create your own information products and get other people

to do all of your list-building and marketing for you!

When you get that “skinny playbook” into practice you’ll find the same thing that Coach Boone said of his offense is true of your business: “It’s like novocaine. Just give it time, it always works.” Here’s the truth… I do not and cannot guarantee that you’ll make any specific amount of money in any specific amount of time. In fact, I do not and cannot guarantee that you’ll make ANY money at all, ever.

I don’t know you. I don’t know how much effort you will put into this. I don’t know how well you’ll follow instructions. I don’t know what business decisions you’ll make. I don’t know what kind of people you will align yourself with. I don’t know a lot of things about you. How can I possibly guarantee you’ll make an extraordinary amount of money? I can’t. And I don’t.

Beyond that — it’s borderline (and maybe across the line) illegal to make such claims anyway. It’s asking for trouble with the FTC.



When you place your order today you will receive NINE incredible bonuses that were custom-created for the three modules included in The Rinse and Repeat System Bonus #1: The 7-Day Checklist For Creating A Small Report. Bonus #2: 27 Red Hot Ideas For Your Next Small Report. Bonus #3: How To Improve Your Information W.R.I.T.I.N.G. Bonus #4: Your Step-By-Step Checklist For Building A List Of Subscribers. Bonus #5: Ten Subject Line Templates That Will Get Your List Messages Opened. Bonus #6: How To Triple Your Optins. Bonus #7: Affiliate Recruiting Checklist: 20 Ways To Get New Affiliates Bonus #8: Autoresponder Mailings You Can Send To Your Affiliates To Get Them Actively Promoting You. Bonus #9: 8 Irresistible Ways To Attract Super Affiliates To Promote Your Product. To recap, you receive…

  • The three main manuals (Product, Prospects, Promotion) teaching you how to create your own product, build a list of customers and get free traffic to your site! (This is your core training and just ONE of the manuals has sold over a thousand copies at $97 by itself!)
  • The NINE bonus reports which are perfect companions to the main manuals providing you with quick glance overview, checklist steps and additional ideas! (These could easily be sold for $150-$200 on their own!)

Dime Sale Alert: One of my favorite guru’s business systems… Things are great here. It’s BEAUTIFUL outside and I’m looking forward to having a good day today! Just wanted to let you know about a dime sale this weekend from Dennis Becker and Rachel Rofe: ==> Rinse and Repeat System Dennis and Rachel bought this course from one of my all-time favorite marketers online. I’ve said a few times that there are only 5 marketers I totally trust online. These are people who aren’t hypey, give over-the-top amazing products, and actually deliver NEW information. The marketer they bought this from has been on my list from the very beginning. He is BRILLIANT, amazing, and incredibly generous with his knowledge. For contractual reasons they’re not allowed to say who they licensed the course from, though you may be able to guess. But I will tell you: 1. The course is AMAZING 2. No matter what level you’re at, you’ll love it. 3. The product was supposed to be 3 separate products, but since Dennis and Rachel wanted to move fast they’re including everything in ONE. MAJOR huge deal! I think you’ll really like it and highly recommend you go ahead and check it out now 🙂 Roger P.S. If you’re at all interested make sure to click over now, as the price goes up with every sale. I’d hate to see you lose out: ==> Rinse and Repeat System


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