Micro Niche Espionage Service For Profitable Markets.

Numerous things are not complicated if you know how to do them, and that is also
true of doing proper research for profitable niche markets. This one business
task is responsible for more successes and much more failures in internet
marketing. You could have a remarkable product, but try promoting that to an
audience known for never buying.

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The more seasoned who are proficient at niche
investigating will enjoyably take advantage of a simple solution that automates
and will save time.
Micro Niche Espionage

is essentially a solution to
discovering extremely profitable and under-exploited niches. This type of
completely researched knowledge that is done for you would represent an
excellent convenience.

The primary approach of Micro Niche Espionage Service was to initially

examine a
large database of search terms, twenty five million, from the viewpoint of ease
of income generation devoid of massive over-exposure. There are actually over a
million, or even billions, of keywords in known profitable niches. The good
thing about this method is acquiring keywords in which 50 percent of the planet
isn’t using which obviously makes it easier for you. After all their studies,
they created a database of five hundred thousand keywords and key phrases.
However they are Considered one of their primary selling points is these phrases
are still able to get you ranked highly in Google without a massive effort. Of
course you can easily build niche websites, Adsense websites with caution and
there are other uses along the lines of PPC advertising, for example.


Some of the important factors of Micro Niche Espionage Service

employed in their assessment included many factors that are widely recognized.
They used page one of the Serps from Google in setting this up. They took into
consideration the amount of Adwords ads, incoming linking numbers, domain name
age for Seo, not to mention page ranking or PR. Then they smartly looked at all
the sites for the presence of the authority type of sites which can be hard to
compete against. The creators of Micro Niche Espionage call those web sites,
Rank Magnets. The more Rank Magnets you might be up against, then it could
become just about impossible to beat them.

But there is more they evaluated for when making this superb list of keywords.
They mentioned that they only did this immediately after Google’s Keyword Tool
was revised. The creators of Mico Niche Espionage checked local
and world-wide research using exact matching. Then they looked at exact match
domain availability, PPC CPC or cost-per-click as well as average Adsense EPC
(earnings per click).

One great feature of the Micro Niche Espionage website is they
have possibly the most extensive support pages I’ve ever found. The several
areas for support include half a dozen choices, plus tutorials are available in
both video and PDF formats. There’s an affiliate program, and plenty of Q and
A’s for administrative concerns like billing, etc. Aside from tutorials, they
have a significant amount of articles about obtaining the most out of the

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Micro Niche Espionage Service

What You Can Do With Espionage Software:

Search 1.8 Millions Keywords that have been pre-scanned and filtered
to reveal only the keywords you have a great chance ranking for.
Discover other sites owned by Adsense Publishers and the keywords
those sites rank for (2.6 million Adsense sites on our database)
Find the keywords that EzineArticles.com articles, Hubpages, Squidoo
Lenses, Amazon Product Pages or any URL rank for in the top 20 of
Categorize your competitor’s links sources with a click and discover
the blogs, forums, article directories, social bookmarking sites and
more they are using to build links. Along with number of incoming links,
number of unique domains, and top anchor text.
Quickly scan up to 500 keywords at a time for Exact Match Domains
Search over 30,000 affiliate offers across 118 Networks
Spy on the Adsense ads running on any web site (great for finding
and filtering the junk advertisers on your own site! (Not even Google
let’s you know the exact ads showing on your site.)

Micro Niche Espionage

The Micro Niche Espionage Keyword Database contains over 500,000 keywords
(and growing) that give you the highest possible chance of achieving top 10
Google search rankings and profit producing Adsense and affiliate clicks.


Don’t let the size of the database fool you, it was actually an incredibly
painstaking and time consuming process to put this database together.

Step 1: 25 Million keywords were analyzed with only the best keywords
left standing. No junky, obscure and completely useless terms so many keyword
databases are filled with.

Step 2: The top 10 Google search results for each keyword were
analyzed for factors like, inbound links, pagerank, domain age, number of
Adwords Ads, Adsense sites, and the presence of sites we like to call Rank
Magnets along with several other quality metrics.

Step 3: For each keyword, global and local exact match search counts
were collected using the latest Google Keyword Tool numbers (not the old keyword
tool numbers most other software and scripts used to use), exact match domain
availability, Cost Per Click, and Average Adsense Earnings Per Click

Put this all together and you have a sleek, profit pumping databse of
keywords that you can sort, filter and export to build profitable niche content
sites around.

Adsense Espionage

With Adsense Espionage all you need is a domain name and the ability to click
a button to instantly uncover other adsense sites owned by the same person.

With over 2.5 million Adsense sites in our database you can be sure that if
your competition owns more than one Adsense site we will find it!

If that wasn’t powerful enough, we have teamed with SemRush.com to bring you
not only the other sites owned by your competition but the keywords they rank
for in the top 20 in Google.

With this information at your fingertips, you will easily uncover niche site
ideas others have already proven make money using keywords you can see first
hand can be ranked at the top of Google.

Competition is a good thing, especially if they have already done hte heavy
lifting for you.

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Micro Niche Espionage Service

Domain Espionage

The right keyword with the right domain name can come together in the form of
high rankings and this is most evident with Exact Match Domain names.

Exact Match Domains are simply domains that match the keyword you are trying
to rank for. So if you are trying to rank for Keyword Phrase, the exact match
domain would be keywordphrase.com.

For many niche keywords, owning the Exact Match Domain of a keyword can give
you an edge when it comes to ranking in Google.

With Domain Espionage, you can almost instantly check the availability of
Exact Match Domains for up to 500 keywords at a time.

Paste in the keywords, click a button and in a mere 1-2 minutes you will know
the .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, and .biz domain availability for all of your
keywords. (That’s 500 keywords, for 6 different domain extensions for 3,000
possible domains in just a minute or two!)

Be sure to checkout the video to see it in action

Link Profile Espionage 




Links are said to be the currency of the web.

The more links and more websites you have pointing to your site (especially
if they are quality links) the more power you wield in terms of ranking in the
search engines.

Link Profile Espionage gives you quite literally a website’s link profile.

Whether you want to know the number of links pointing to a specific page or
domain, how many unique domains are linking to you or your competitor’s sites,
or the top anchor text used when linking to a specific page or domain, all you
need to do is paste in a list of URLS and within moments get a link profile for

In addition, with the click of a button, Link Profile Espionage will quickly
identify and categorize the sources of your competitor’s links so you can see
where and how they are building their links.

LPE identifies links from blogs, forums, article directories, social
bookmarking sites, web directories guestbooks and more so you can know which
linking strategy works for the market you want to enter.

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Ad Copy Espionage


Ad Copy Espionage, lets you spy on Adsense ads shown on your sites or your
competition’s keeping track of how many times a specific ad has shown up, who is
advertising on your site, and other metrics.



Not even Google let’s Adsense Publishers have access to this information!

At best you block sites that are placement targeted to your site (out of luck
if they are contextually targeted) If you happen to see an ad you don’t like or
know a competitor you want to block you can to that as well but unless you spend
the day constantly refreshing your page compiling a list of ads you want to
block, there has been no way to do this until now.

With Adsense Espionage you can track the ads that appear on up to 50
different pages of your site or those of your competition. Every day those urls
are scanned and the ads captured into an easily searchable list.

Armed with this information you will know which ads show up on your competitor’s
sites, the kinds of ads showing up on sites in markets you are interested in
entering, and even better your own sites allowing you to experiment with
blocking ads that show up a lot but you’re not sure if they are contributing or
harming your profits.

Excited yet?

Rank Magnet Espionage

Welcome to the power of Reverse Keyword Research.

Much like a reverse phone lookup service lets you find the name of a person
behind a phone number, Reverse Keyword Research let’s you see the keywords
behind a web site.

So instead of performing keyword research the old way where you start with a
root keyword and look for numerous keyword variations.

You instead start with the URL of a webpage already ranking for a keyword you
are interested in and see what other keywords they are also ranking for!

Instantly you know which keywords to target, the keywords you can more easily
rank for and most importantly the keywords that will make you money.

Want to see which keywords a specific article, Hubpage, Squidoo Lens or
Amazon product page ranks for (or any URL you can copy and paste into a search
box) ?

Just enter the URL in the search box and hit the search button and you will
instantly see up tp 50 keywords that page ranks for in the top 20 of Google

Offer Espionage

All of those hard won first page rankings you have don’t do much good if you
don’t monetize the traffic they bring to your site.

While many site owners choose to use Adsense to make money from their traffic
it is certainly not the only game in town.

This is why we bring you Offer Espionage.

With this powerful script you can search over 30,000 affiliate offers you can
use to monetize your site spanning well over 100 affiliate and CPA networks

Updated daily, you can quickly search by keyword and affiliate network to
find offers that match the topic of your site and quickly see how much each
offer pays out.

Just another way the Espionage Software suite of tools meets your market
research needs all under one roof.

We collect data from a number of different sources.

The majority of Keyword and search engine data we pull direcly from Google
for the most part but some data is also pulled from SEMRush.com and link data we
get thorugh SEOMOz’s API.  Any other data is collected in house using our own
tools and infrastructure.

What Are Rank Magnets?

Rank Magnets are sites that Google likes to rank for all
kinds of keywords in hundreds and even thousands of different markets.  These
sites primarily rank for mid to long tail keywords which is even better since
micro niches often fall under these kinds of keywords.

Rank Magnets typically fall into four categories of web

1) Article Directories (ezinearticles.com)

2) Web 2.0 Sites (hubages, squidoo)

3) Q&A Sites (ehow.com, wiki.answers.com)

4 Document Sharing Sites (docstoc.com

What these kinds of sites all share
in common is that they rank for thousands upon thousands of keywords in just
about any market you can think of especially for the more specialized and
targeted keywords that make up micro niches.

sites are
not only helpful because discovering which
keywords they rank for is a great way to get ideas for niches to build sites
around but also because it is how these sites are able
to rank that makes them an even more important tool for market research.

Rank Magnets typically have a lot of
site authority (influence and trust) in Google’s eyes which is why they are able
to rank for so many different keywords.  Taken as a whole these sites are
massive and very hard to overtake in terms of site authority and ranking power.

But while these sites as a whole carry a lot of ranking
power they have very little topic or niche specific ranking power.

As an example, EzineArticles.com is by far the largest and
highest authority article directory.  It has taken years to accomplish this and
it takes a team of people to improve, maintain, and grow the site.

To try and take on
EzineArticles.com to become the biggest article directory would take a whole lot
of time and money.

But EzineArticles.com is not an authority on most of the
niches their articles talk about.  They are not an authority on the golf market
or the diet, dating, software or home mortgage markets.  Pretty much any market
you can think of they are not an authority on.

What this means to you is that even though a page from
EzineArticles.com may rank in the top 10 or 20 in Google, it does not mean you
cannot outrank them for that specific keyword or niche.

In fact it
actually means the opposite.

The presence of a Rank Magnet in the Top 10 of Google
represents a very good opportunity to achieve the same or better rankings.

If you build an entire site around
a few closely related keywords, then that itty bitty site can have more
authority or ranking power for those keywords than an huge behemoth of a site
like EzineArticles.  This is possible because we are not competing
against the entire EzineArticles.com site but just a single page on the site.

Our software Micro Niche Espionage
uses this concept of Rank Magnets to help identify keywords that you have a
great chance of rnaking for in Google and reports that data in the results for
each keyword you search on.

Analyzing The Top 10 In Google:

Scoping out the keyword competition in the top 10 Google
results can paint a pretty powerful picture of how competitive a keyword really

Some signs of a “ripe” keyword are:

1) The Presence of A Rank Magnet Site in the top 10

2) The presence of Adsense sites

3) 100 or fewer incoming links to each page (preferably
3-4 pages in the top 10)

4) How many site have the keyword phrase in the title
(look for 3 or more sites without keyword in title)

5) Do any results have exact match domains (i.e.

6) Are any sites a year or less in age (not super
important but if so all the better)

7) # sites with Page Rank of 1 or lower (look for 3 or
more pages in the top 10 will PR 1 or less)

The presence of all 7 factors isn’t necessary for a
keyword to be a good candidate for building a micro niche site around but the
more factors present in the top 10 the better.

The most important factors in my opinion are the first 3:
presence of a Rank Magnet, Adsense Site, and at lest 3-4 pages in the top 10
with less than 100 links.  Any of the others are just icing on the cake.

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