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Facebook is a marketers dream because it’s

easy for almost anyone to make a buck with

who uses their “fan pages” to promote

either your own products or affiliate


Heck, there are even people who get paid

$500 a pop to set up fan pages for local


In the past setting up these pages was

tedious. But now a new technological

breakthrough makes it easy as “point

and clicking” your way to profits.

Watch this new technology in action



WP Fan Pro options

See how easy it is? This is a game

changer for anyone who does ANYTHING

on facebook!


Create Pro Facebook Fan Pages In Seconds!

Watch the video to see how I point and click my way to an awesome fan page,
which can easily make money



You can sell these to local businesses, use them for facebook ppc and much,
much more!

Automatic Like Forcing

In the WP Fan Pro options, you can select if you want to “force a like”.

What that means is someone can’t access your facebook fan page or get a free
gift (or whatever) until they “like” your fanpage.

More likes means more traffic (because when someone likes your page, all
their friends see it on their wall!

It’s so simple to set it up. When you install WP Fan Pro, the “forced like”
template is auto created for you. You can just change the title and the content
and that’s it. Then just tweak the settings in the theme options.

Create Your Own Store In Seconds…


You can actually sell stuff right from your facebook page without even
logging into paypal to create a paypal button.

Here’s how it works. In the WP Fan Pro settings, first put in your affiliate
ID. Next create a new post and name it a category like “store”. Then in the
theme options, select that category as the “product page category”.

Your product page has already automatically been created for you when you
installed WP Fan Pro. Now for each post you put in your “store category”, you
get these options within the post…

Point & Click Color Schemes!

You can customize practically everything with WP Fan Pro, from the store
checkout buttons, to the navigation background, headline titles and more.

You just click on an option and a color wheel pops up, and you select the
color you want. Here’s an example of what these options look like below…


3 Squeeze Pages Templates Automatically Created For You!

Why not use your fan page to build your list? You get three squeeze pages
that are modeled after the highest converting squeeze pages on the planet.

And best of all – you simply fill in a few blanks and put in your own
autoresponder code – and you’re done. You can create massive converting squeeze
pages in minutes… or even seconds!

You’re Backed By Our 3 Guarantees!

Guarantee #1

It’s simple. Try it for up to 30 days. If you like it do nothing. If
it’s not for you, contact support and you’ll be promptly and
quietly returned every penny of your order today. No questions asked!

Guarantee #2

We use a secure checkout process with 256 bit SSL encryption. Your
confidential information is 100% secure and your privacy is guaranteed.

Guarantee #3

We have dedicated support staff if you need help with the
WP Fan Pro.
We’re a reputable company and take pride in our support. We’re always
here if you need to contact us by email or phone.

Your Checkout Options

There are 3 options for you today to invest with
WP Fan Pro.
You can get the “light” package, the “standard” package or the
pro package. Here’s what you get with each.


The Light Package

You get to use WP Fan Pro for 3 fan pages. The investment is
$47 for the light package. This package is perfect for people
who only plan to set up one or two fan pages.

The Standard Package

You get to use WP Fan Pro for 10 fan pages. The investment is
$77 for the standard package. This package is perfect for users
who set up a few pages, but don’t offer facebook fan page set up
for their clients or who are on a strict budget.

The Pro Package

This is the preferred version – you get 25 fan pages with the
pro package. The investment is $97. This is perfect if you work
with offline clients or want the option to use WP Fan Pro for
your clients.












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