In yesterday’s post, I promised to tell you how these

ordinary guys were able to get tons of free traffic and rake

in $119,833.57 per month and 58,396 clicks on average using

a new system…

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

I’m about to reveal to you EXACTLY where the big money and

HOARDS of FREE Traffic is at right now (hint: you need to

TAP into this ASAP…)

OK, strap yourself in…are you sitting comfortably?

I need to start this with an important question:

“How many times have you heard that ‘social marketing is

all the rage’ recently?”

Probably too many times, right?

How many products have you bought which claim to know it

all, and show you how to make money with social media?

Probably too many, right?

Well, we’ve all been there. In fact, I have personally

followed many social marketing courses to the letter, and

ended up with 3 months of wasted time and money to show for


So where are they all going wrong? Is it our fault?


No, that’s not the problem. The real problem is… Sadly, most

of these products and courses don’t really deliver… at all.

… but that’s not all, and there’s another reason why it

won’t work for you.

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

You see, it’s clear to see that most of these courses are

written by ghost-writers and the methods have never been

tested in the real world.

They overload you with all these different places to put

your links, all these different networks to create your

profiles on, and all these lame techniques that basically

tell you to make friends with people, and nothing else.

That’s why, when underground marketers Adeel and Bobby,

revealed their social marketing system to a small group of

close marketers, most of us simply rolled our eyes.

Like you, we have heard it all before.

That is, **UNTIL** Adeel and Bobby showed us a few facts…


1. This system only focuses on the mother of all social

networks… Facebook™ (they have *OVER* 500 Million users!

2. This system uses tactics never before seen in any forum,

seminar, product.

3. This system doesn’t rely on experience, special friends,

upfront costs or having a list

4. It actually works, and they have the videos and

screenshots to prove it

***Watch 100% PROOF that shows $144,998.27 in PayPal, LIVE!***

====> ##hyperfbtraffic##


That got our attention. Then they decided to let us test it

out for ourselves, as long as we promised NOT TO LEAK the

details or share our experiences outside of our group.

That’s when it all kicked off…

The results started coming in, and we DIDN’T expect it to be

so dramatic…


$14,833.57 banked on average.


This was from regular, every day folks… even from people

who hadn’t made more than $100 per day as an affiliate yet,

so we’re not just talking about people who already knew what

to do here.

We’re talking about life changing money being made, for

everyday types of people.

We’re talking about a simple system they started using to

get a MOTHER LOAD of around 60,000 visitors coming in each

month (totally HANDS FREE TRAFFIC and COMMISSIONS)… even

without a website or a list!

[X] you don’t need a website

[X] you don’t need Google

[X] you don’t need to create products

[X] you don’t have to make stupid blogs

[X] you don’t have to do silly article marketing

[X] you don’t need to fork out on costly advertising

[X] you don’t need any previous experience

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

So now I want to show you *HOW* they – and other regular

marketers, many of whom had day jobs and kids running around

their feet – were able to generate the start of a 6 or even

7 figure per year online business FROM ALMOST NOTHING.

The first thing you need to understand about Facebook™ is

*WHY* most people get it wrong.

You see, there will always be skeptics whenever a system

like this is released. I get that, it’s OK.

But the reason why some people are often skeptical, is

because they have tried and failed with the same things in

the past.

It’s a bit like when someone tells you that you can make

$250 per day with Google Adwords, but then you discover that

it costs you $249 in advertising costs to get there… and

that’s if you’re very lucky in the first place.

So if you’re feeling a bit skeptical by the big numbers,

it’s OK, I understand. But here’s why this system WORKS and

is able to create such amazing results for the little guy…

It does the exact OPPOSITE of what other people are doing!

You see, Adeel and Bobby admit to getting it wrong too…

… they admit to making some serious mistakes with Facebook™

in the past. But they also learned from them.

However, *YOU* might not be so lucky.

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

You might fall into the same trap that every other person

falls into, making the same mistakes that they all make…

the same mistakes which stop them from making any sales at



The 6 deadly Facebook™ mistakes that will choke your cash…


In just 12 days, Adeel and Bobby raked in 5,087 targeted

visitors from Facebook™, sending them fat commissions on

autopilot. How did they do it? By simply avoiding these 6


1. Wasting time trying to create fake friendships

2. Assuming you need to be a geek to get rich online

3. Overkilling the sales and marketing pitches (no need for

hard selling on FB)

4. Not using the “HONEY MONEY MACHINE” method (this makes

or breaks your profits)

5. Promoting the wrong products (ouch)

6. Not turning your friends into your secret sales army

without them knowing!)

Use THIS formula to rake in avalanches of traffic and lots

of affiliate commissions WITHOUT any trial and error >>

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

Time and time again, you are promised the keys to online

riches. You’re told that getting traffic is easy, cheap and


You’re told that if you just “do this, not that” then you’ll

be rich for life. You’re not stupid or lazy, and that’s not

why you are still struggling to hit the jackpot.

The real reason you’re not making the kind of money you’ve

been promised is because every time you get led in the wrong

direction… and you end up losing another bit of hope,

energy, time and money.

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

Before long, you start to believe that it must be your own

fault. Maybe you think that you haven’t got what it takes.

Maybe you just find it hard to pick up the pieces and start

all over again, once the last project failed.

I totally get that. I’ve been there way too many times to

admit. People have wasted my time and money in the past, so

I know how it feels. That’s why I would never dream of doing

the same to other people.

And that’s why nobody is promising you’ll be an overnight

millionaire here. You’re not stupid. You know what’s real

and what is BS.

But if you simply avoid these mistakes and use Facebook™ the

right way, then you really can clean up here… to the tune

of TENS of THOUSANDS per month – in YOUR pocket, when done

right… ==> ##hyperfbtraffic##


Why, and how?


Because I’m talking about marketing on a network with 500

million people on it. A place where hundreds of thousands of

people are clicking ads, joining groups, telling their

friends, passing your links around, reading your profile…

and so much more.

It’s not just the biggest site in the world (already

overtaking Google in 2009), but it’s also a serious hotbed

of activity. People react to the content on Facebook™… they

click links, they sign up for stuff, and they BUY.

Yes, even from affiliates.

Want the answer?

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

Even the laziest affiliate can come good with this… but

ONLY when he or she follows a tested and proven system.

And the real beauty is, with Facebook™, there’s nowhere near

the same amount of red tape and BS rules that Google has

slammed down on you and me over the last few years.

[?] Ever experienced the Google Slap?

[?] Hate having Google CONTROL your income?

Facebook™ is an OPEN PLAYGROUND, with money flying around

like crazy and falling down from the sky (it may as well be

since this system is so POWERFUL and easy that you can

literally create cash on demand without doing any work)!

All you need to do is follow this 3 STEP, SIMPLE METHOD…

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

That’s why all of the biggest brands in the world are

jumping in head first… because they know it works.

Yes, even for us “little guys” who don’t own products or

websites, and certainly don’t own a global brand 🙂

But again, there’s a right way and a wrong way to doing

things on Facebook™ to make a heck of a LOT of money.

The wrong way will leave you with no friends, no

subscribers, no clicks, no sales… and possible even booted

off the network entirely (you don’t want to do that).

The right way? Well, you’ve already seen what that can do.

Let me just remind you…


58,000 clicks in 12 days…


That equalled $119,833.57 per month (now running totally

hands free…and continually siphoning even more money

on complete autopilot ALL thanks to Facebook™.)

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

And that’s just the start. Bobby and Adeel have got stats,

videos, and tons of case studies sprawled across their

desks, ready to share it all with you.

But that’s not important right now.

I’ve just shown you exactly what NOT to do when it comes to

marketing on Facebook™. That might be enough for a few folks

who already have a head start, but for most people, there

needs to be MORE!

And that’s exactly what you’re gonna get… PLENTY MORE

juicy secrets, tips and tricks coming up in the next email.


I’m a mole and I’m gonna leak it…


So stay tuned, because in the next email I’m gonna leak one

of Adeel and Bobby’s *DEADLIEST* weapons of mass traffic and

monitization yet…

It’s a secret which turns mediocre Facebook™ marketing into

real CASH PUMPING systems that practically run themselves.

It’s called the “Crowd Control Formula” and it really is a

SIMPLE, SNEAKY and brutally EFFECTIVE way to rake in as much

money as you need from the social giant, Facebook™.

And it doesn’t take more than a few days to start seeing

results either.

Stay tuned, things are about to get pretty sick around




PS. Discover how you can make money with Facebook™ right now…

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##


HyperFBtraffic large banner

Face Your Customers with Facebook

Communicating effectively with customers and delivering the right message to the
right people has been one of the major challenges for any marketer since day
one. Since early days of marketing, various forms of communication medium have
been evolving with developments in technology as well as its consumers.

For a long time in the history of marketing communication, media remained the
stronghold of newsmakers and advertisers and communication was mostly one way
from the marketer to the reader. However, the trend of this inequality of voice
was broken with the advent of the Internet and further developments within that
medium itself.

Internet and Quantum Change in Media

The Internet brought about a sea change in the science and practice of mass
communication and hence the process of marketing itself. But much before common
users could take control of the content on the World Wide Web, the way we see it
today, there was a time when content creation was the forte of those well-versed
in HTML programming and web scripting languages. However, with the advent of
services, such as blogs and social networking sites, the power of mass
communication moved to the common user on the Internet.

Facebook – Front-Runner in Social Media Phenomenon

With 500 million users worldwide, and the numbers growing steeply, Facebook is
emerging as one of the strongest mediums, with users getting totally involved in
creating more and more content on the website. At any given point in time,
millions of conversations take place, with precious customer-related information
seeping through each of these, in the most natural way.

Customer Insight… Really

Even before the first television spot or a newspaper advertisement goes live,
any company serious about its brand spends a great deal of effort and money on
gathering information and insight into what their customers really want and how
they seek to accomplish those needs. A lot of money is spent on brand research
that delves into the awareness levels of the brand vis-a-vis competition.

This information can be readily accessed freely floating on a social networking
platform, such as Facebook. All the answers that a brand may want to seek are
hidden in the conversations happening through wall comments, photographs, tags,
fan pages, and many such avenues through the same platform of Facebook.

All of this information is first hand, with honest responses.

Coming Face to Face With Customers

Users on Facebook form fan pages and groups pertaining to their interests and
form conversations around topics and brands of their interests. Here are some
tips with how a new age brand manager can keep a tab and also build his brand on

Do a Brand search on Facebook – Conducting a search on Facebook with the terms
related to your brand or that of your competition throws up results that include
customers associating with the brand and various discussions, fan pages, where
the brand features. Going through these conversations can reveal the opinion of
the customers about your brand.

Creating a Fan page: If you are confident that your brand has the capability of
attracting positive response and drawing fans, it is time you create a fan page
for your brand and watch users “liking” the page and enroll for the same. The
fan page can serve as an excellent platform to directly engage with customers
and create a strong bond.

Create branded applications: Applications can range from entertaining games with
your brand to useful tools related to your product.

The possibilities provided by Facebook to reach out to customers are endless,
and all of this can be done at minimal cost with maximum impact. But while doing
all of this as a marketer, you need to remember that the customer and you are on
a level playing field, with both having equal opportunity to express. The
customer is free to share his positive as well as negative experiences with your
brand, which can influence other customers watching your brand carefully.

This is where you need dedicated efforts of professionals who understand the
dynamics of the medium, which is very different from what conventional media
marketers are generally used to. Facebook can hence help you come face to face
with your customers. It becomes extremely important for you to know how this
medium and conversations should be managed.

Get more information here for the best Facebook training available: ##hyperfbtraffic##


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