When I created my ETF Trend Trading system

I expected to meet people who had a few

dollars put away in their IRAs and 401ks who

were old enough and smart enough to realize

there was another way to grow their net worth

besides saving and passive investing. I

expected I’d meet some who had been ripped-off

by a broker or felt the whole fee based Mutual

Fund and commissioned advisor system was a



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What I didn’t expect was the emails and phone

calls from desperate, broke people who found

my free stuff online and want me to rescue them.

I mean gut retching stories of folks who either

made bad decisions and are back to less than zero

or who bought into some investing and trading hype

and lost everything they spent years building.

And it’s not just the money.

Fights about money (not having enough of it) are

the number one reason marriages break-up. Broke

desperate people whose homes are being foreclosed

on and whose cars are being repossessed can’t

focus on anything else and get fired or laid off

when jobs are tight.

So, I really wasn’t prepared to deal with these

people. Now, I’m no therapist but I do know about

the psychology of trading, risk and money. But

what did I know, what could I say, what could I do

that would really help people like this?

One response would be to just ignore them. Delete

those emails, block their calls.

But their stories stuck in my head and I wondered,

what would I do if someone near and dear to me was

in this situation and reached out to someone like

me. Could I help them?

So I decided to sort them into categories and

approach it systematically.

First we had the sob stories – people who just

wanted to dump their junk somewhere. These I gave a

polite but short response suggesting they get some

help from their family and friends (I would have

suggested a professional therapist but I don’t want

to be accused of diagnosing mental health problems,

it’s outside my credentialed expertise).

Next I had those who had a legitimate reason to be

mad – they’d been lied to and ripped off. But they

seemed to want to blame someone else and have someone

listen and validate their victimhood.

To these folks I wrote a polite but firm note

explaining that yes, I know there are quite a few

fake gurus in the trading education arena but I’m not

one of them and until they accept responsibility for

their role in the problem they shouldn’t get back

into the trading game.

And then I had those who took responsibility for

their poor decisions and wanted my help learning how

to be a successful trader; they just didn’t have the

money required to get started (or re-enter) the


These were the tough ones. On one hand, I wondered

what would happen if I set them up, taught them how

to trade and even loaned them a stake to get started.

Would they succeed?

It’s been done before. In the mid 1980s
Richard Dennis,

a successful commodities trader, wanted to prove that

traders were made not born. He took a group of 23

novices, taught them his system for trading commodities

and set them up to trade it with his own funds.

He called them the Turtle Traders and, overall, they

made millions as traders over the course of the five

year program. Several of them went on to further trading

success, and you can find a number of books and websites

that document the experiment’s success.

Anyways, since the theory had already been proven, the

question for me was could I teach these people? I felt

I could but I also felt they needed to have some skin

in the game. If I just gave them the system, gave them

my time and even gave them the money to get started,

would they have the motivation to follow my system and


Remember, I do all my work from my home office. I also

set-up an office that’s run by some of my successful

students, but I never go there and I certainly didn’t

want to set-up an office to oversee a group of novice


If I’m going to work that hard I might as well go back

managing money and making the really big bucks.

So, what did I decide to do? Well, as a result of this

experience, I created a payment plan and a risk-free

guarantee for my mentorship program.

I figure anyone who is really serious about turning

their financial situation around via trading will be

able to get access to a few hundred dollars and open

a free account at a brokerage to do some virtual


The guarantee says that anyone who can show me a record

of 30 days worth of real or virtual trading during the

first 90 days they have the program, who then decides

they want their money refunded gets it, no questions


That’s enough of a commitment to scare away the folks

who are just complaining and give people who are serious

students a chance to try it out my system and see if

they’ve got what it takes to make it as a trader. Not

everyone does and I want people to be able to find out

without risking thousands of dollars they may not have.

We all win when I teach people how to fish in the financial markets

(and feed themselves and their families

long term) instead of just giving out fish to a few

hungry people. Helps me sleep better at night and inspires

me to keep adding more valuable content to my customer’s


If you know anyone who fits into the third category, do

them a favor and send them this message. I want to help as

many people as possible recover from this financial

meltdown and still retire on time!

Helping you retire on time,

Big A


Side note: Next week Wednesday the 8th at 9pm EST

I’m re-opening my mentorship program and holding

my f.r.e.e training webinar that you won’t want

to miss.


“Big A with ETF Trend Trading”


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