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When I first saw this in action, I didn’t know whether to


Seriously, I kinda lost my mind a bit. Here’s why…

For years, I have been slaving over SEO, ARTICLE WRITING,

BLOGGING, PPC, PPV and JV deals.

I have been spending THOUSANDS per month on ads,

backlinking services, writers, editors, articles, blogs,

designers… the list goes on and on.

Maybe you have too, right? After all, what other choice do

we have?

What if I told you to STOP working day and night writing

articles, posting blogs, setting up PPC campaigns, searching

high and low for joint venture partners, creating videos …

and all the other back breaking and boring stuff?

Would you think I’m crazy? I mean, how else is anyone going

to find your website online? How else are you going to get

traffic AND make a living?

Listen, I wont lie to you…

I’ve been making my fair share of sales here and there. In

fact, the last few years have brought in more money than

anything else I’ve ever seen.

But in the last few months, it has started to get on top of me.


Something screwed us ALL up…



Despite my own success, it didn’t take long for the

competition to come flooding in and screw up all my plans.

Typical, huh?

You see, Google started playing games. SEO started getting

REAL ROUGH, and it’s getting *worse* each week. Advertising

costs went through the roof, and are still rising as we


… and all the time – on top of everything else – the

competition keeps on rising too.

The article I submitted just last month has now only got

24 views. That’s pretty pathetic!

No wonder so many folks struggle.

Before long – like so many other people online – I found

myself getting caught in “the IM trap” once more.

In fact, I’m pretty sure you’re right in the middle of that

same “IM trap” too.


What is the “IM Trap?”


… writing all day,

… paying for expensive ads,

… looking for the next new opportunity,

… constantly trying to catch up on Google’s latest rules,

… spending too much time in forums trying to learn,

… buying crappy reports from people who clearly haven’t

used their own systems to make money…

…and on and on, draining your precious time and money,

year after year.

So when you see something unfold before your eyes that

totally OBLITERATES everything you **thought** you knew

about online marketing… it kinda takes you by surprise.

That’s because you are so used to the routine, the same old

crap, the boring and costly methods… it feels like a PUNCH

IN THE FACE when you realize there’s AN *EASIER* WAY.

That’s exactly what happened to me, just a few months back,

when I heard what two marketers were doing differently.

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##


Their weird experiment *ANNOYED* the hell out of me


Let me tell ya’… after seeing what these guys were doing,

I was both excited and peeved off.

Excited because of the RIDICULOUS amount of cash this new

method was generating for them and their students…

…but peeved off because I suddenly realized that I had

been wasting YEARS of blood, sweat and cash on all the

wrong things. And you can NEVER get that lost time back.

WHY was I trying to upload hundreds of blogs using

spammy methods in the hope to make a few cents on each

of them?

WHY was I trying to write tons of articles for next

to nothing to show in affiliate commissions?

WHY was I doing manually intensive donkey work when

I should be spending more time doing what I enjoy?

But just like you, I didn’t know any better at the time.

Today – many months later – I know better… MUCH better.

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##


Ever wondered why some people could jump in and make a

KILLING, but others STILL struggle after YEARS of hard


Instead of being annoyed, I decided to swallow my pride

and learn from these guys.

These two guys who seem to be tearing things up online,

doing things the exact OPPOSITE way you’re supposed to.

And it’s clear to see… these guys are getting results.

Not just for themselves, but for their students too.

They are getting OCEAN BANKS of visitors with this

new source of traffic and making UNBELIEVABLE amounts

of money…

So I wanted to know HOW – and WHAT – the HECK they

were doing so differently to me?

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##


I just WISH I had found out sooner


Recently, they revealed their secret to a small group

of people during a beta test phase. They revealed that

their old methods weren’t cutting it anymore… and were

explaining how things were changing online.

Even though their other systems were deadly effective just

6 months ago (and were still making their customers a lot of

money each day), they admitted that things are getting


It’s not just the little guys who struggle with traffic…


That’s why these guys have been working on a NEW traffic

getting system for affiliates, which is right on the edge

of modern day marketing.

I just wish I had known about their new system sooner.

It would have saved me THOUSANDS of hours (and dollars)

in wasted marketing costs which has all gone down the pan.

But they also explained that they couldn’t release it

any sooner… because they had to make sure it was right.

They wanted to make sure the competition wasn’t going to

creep up on them again, so this system would stand the test

of time.

And they also revealed the results they were getting from

this small beta testing phase…

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##


What kind of results are we talking about?


OK, I’m just gonna cut to the chase here…

This new experiment has already stuffed approximately

$119,833.57 into their pockets using the power of the


… and that’s just in ONE MONTH!

Clearly, when they said this thing “OBLITERATES” the

old methods, they were not kidding.

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

And here’s the real kicker…

[X] you don’t need a website

[X] you don’t need Google

[X] you don’t need to create products

[X] you don’t need to fork out on costly advertising

[X] you don’t need any previous experience

I know you hear a lot of claims being thrown around online

these days, and I’m just as sick of the BS as you are. But

there is something very different about this system…

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##


These guys have the PROOF!


Proof that it is possible to rake in 58,396 visitors on

total autopilot, EACH MONTH like clockwork.

Proof that these visitors are so targeted, that they

continually stuff an average of $119k into regular affiliate

accounts and Paypal each month… DESPITE any competition

out there.

Watch The PROOF right here:

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

And they’re going to PROVE that YOU can do the same, with

nothing more than a simple affiliate link, a bank account

and a point and click system to follow.

And UNLIKE other systems…

[X] This is NOT about writing articles till

your fingers bleed

[X] This is NOT about paying thousands for

Google ads (and not making sales either)

[X] This is NOT about building expensive,

complicated and time consuming content


[X] This is NOT about hoping your websites

will get ranked on page 1 of Google

[X] This is NOT about begging for JV partners

[X] This is NOT about using forums

[X] This is NOT about creating dumb videos

on Youtube

[X] This is NOT about some “click and hope”

strategy that won’t last more than a month

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

The truth is, you’re about to see how real affiliates are

making real money online, without any of the old, out dated

methods that simply don’t cut it any more.


In fact, this system is PERFECT for…


[YES] Newbies

[YES] Technophobes

[YES] People who don’t have time to spend all

evening writing articles

[YES] People who hate building endless

amounts of websites

[YES] Marketers who just can’t seem to get

enough traffic

[YES] Affiliates who just can’t seem to

convert their traffic into sales

[YES] Low budget work from home types who

can’t afford to waste money on costly


[YES] People who can’t afford to put all

their time, money and energy into

unreliable SEO tricks

[YES] People who don’t have time to blog

everyday, with pathetic commissions

in return

Stay tuned, as I’m about to pull back the curtain and reveal

everything. And I’m not going to hold back either…

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##

The next few emails will actually explain what these guys

are doing, HOW they are doing it, why other people are

doing it all WRONG (or not at all), and WHERE they are

actually doing it online.

So stay tuned for some TOP SECRET information that can

literally save your affiliate marketing business from

drowning in the competition.


Coming up tomorrow…


Watch out for tomorrow’s post as I will be showing you…

1) Where the big money is at right now

(and will be for a long time)

2) Why people can’t accept it, and where

others go wrong with this

3) 6 deadly mistakes people make

(and how to avoid them easily)

4) Why you’re not rich yet… this one hurts,

but you’ll see why it matters so badly

5) And even more classified info we can’t

reveal right now.

Take a peak at the system that is going to cause

CHAOS all over the internet…

==> ##hyperfbtraffic##



HyperFBtraffic large banner

Facebook and Consumer Learning Process

A great deal of successful marketing today depends on closely understanding
consumer behavior. As a marketer, you may always be curious to understand what
excites or motivates your customers into buying either your products or those of
your competitor. Depending on the buying and consumption cycle of your product,
there can be several factors that will determine the sales conversion ratio for
your product.

Toward Right Learning

A successful sale happens when your customer understands his need and is
convinced that your product can satisfy that need in a reliable way. Both these
steps happen through a process, which is known as learning. Hence as a marketer,
your job begins by ensuring that the customer perceives his need and, more
importantly, finds the solution in your product

Right Learning and Right Conversations

At this very moment, you may be reading this article on your laptop or desktop.
Remember the day when you had decided to buy your first computer. You must have
considered many factors before finalizing which computer to purchase. One of the
important decision points for a buyer is his circle of reference. It is natural
for you, as a buyer, to discuss with your informed friends about the best brand.
Positive references from friends and acquaintances help one make a decision.

How has Facebook changed all of this?

Research has shown that buyers do a great deal of product research on the
Internet and most of the time choose to purchase the product either online or
offline. The power of the Internet as a research and information resource has
been realized to a great extent by customers worldwide.

The basics of consumer behavior, learning, reference groups, and buying
decisions have remained exactly the same. But what has changed significantly is
the speed with which everything happens. Technology has brought down the
barriers in global communication. Social networking sites, and more importantly
the rising popularity of Facebook, bears a strong testimony to the growing power
of the Internet as a mode of communication and a source of information.

Before and After Facebook

Like we discussed, most of the learning before the proliferation of Facebook and
social media happened through advertisements on television. During the days of
conventional media dominance, marketing was driven by the power to broadcast.
Marketing communication was primarily unidirectional through blaring
advertisements and press releases.

Word of mouth happened on a one-on-one basis, where the conversation would begin
and end around a small group of people.

Today, a search on your favorite brand on Facebook may reveal many conversations
about the brand, which may depict user’s positive or negative experiences with
the brand. Unlike the clandestine brand gossip of earlier days, the Facebook era
ensures that conversations are documented and made easily available through
social networking sites.

Brands trying to ignore this new medium find themselves in a state similar to an
ostrich, with its head buried in sand, thinking the world cannot see it. The
real image of the brand in people’s minds shows up aloud these days through
conversations on Facebook.

Facebook and Online Reputation

The power of Facebook, as discussed, has extended the scope of Word of Mouth
beyond the good old conversation between friends. Today, each and every Facebook
user is free to publish his views on your brand. The true effect of this happens
whenever these conversations appear in searches and influence people’s opinion
about the brand image.

This is where online reputation, primarily on a widely accepted medium like
Facebook, matters.

In a nutshell..

Managing a positive image of your brand requires you to expand your reach, more
than what you would do in case of conventional media. The conversational nature
of social networking sites, such as Facebook, demands a different approach.
Unlike one-time broadcast by the conventional medium, Facebook stores each and
every conversation and makes it available through the search option for anyone
who is curious to know more about your brand.

That is the reason why it is a critical part of any brand plan to feature
positively on social networking sites, such as Facebook. Engaging consultants
who have experience in managing brands through the new era of social networks is
a growing practice that can help brands manage the new wave.

Get more information here for the best Facebook training available: ##YOUR

Get more information here for the best Facebook training available: ##hyperfbtraffic##


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