As an internet marketer, you understand the importance of using any and all
viable, and personally acceptable, means to promote your offers and get traffic.
Internet marketing is constantly evolving right along with technology, and that’s why
it’s smart to look outside of the net for profitable avenues for marketing.

mobile marketing

As the title suggests, we’re talking about mobile marketing, and right now some
“online” marketers are doing very well in this explosive area of technology.
There are a number of ways you can make mobile marketing work for you, but there
are a few obvious tips that you should keep in mind when actually putting it
into action. Since this is such a hot and new area for all of us, we wanted to
explore it and tell you about a couple solid mobile marketing tips that you can
use when you get started.

You can’t slap up offers on a landing page you make and buy mobile ads because
they won’t be able to view your site; it needs to be mobile-viewing compatible.
You may be surprised at how many newer marketers are not aware of that, and it
just causes delays and aggravation when they do find out about it. Just imagine
what a mobile prospect will say when they land on your site, all excited and
everything, and it looks like a scrambled egg or whatever. Where there’s a need,
someone fills it; and what we mean is there are
online businesses
building and supplying custom mobile sites as well as the
tried and true template approach.

Unfortunately this is something you have to do if you want to play mobile

When it comes to the times of the day to send messages; think in terms of
customer courtesy and business hours. People tend to have short attention spans,
anymore, so if you ever send a reminder about anything, be sure to make do it in
terms of hours before the important date of time – and not several days before.
There are optimum conditions data on everything, and that would include the
optimum time of day to text. Put in the effort to figure out what time and day
will be the most appropriate, keeping your target audience in mind.

Just like with email, people need to opt-in before you can text them; no 100%,
so do not spam people. Seriously, a lot of the beginner marketers in mobile
advertising tend to make this kind of mistake. But you have to remember that it
really does irritate people when they receive promotional texts that they didn’t
ask for. You may think it’s ok because you’re sending to your target market,
yes? No, resounding no and not ok. These
tips are proven to work in marketing, so use them and learn about
all you can. You can do well with mobile advertising, but the only thing is that
you have to take positive action. There’s nothing holding you back, and you can
be realizing positive results in a short period from now. So don’t over-think
this situation, and just start slow until you’re feeling comfortable about it.
Always keep learning and try to minimize the mistakes – but never quit, either.

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Simple Mobile Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business


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