ImBuzzRiches | How to Achieve 100% Message Delivery Rates…

Let me ask you a few questions…

Have you wished you could quickly and easily
grow your business?

Have you ever felt frustrated when you take the
time to write a great marketing email… only to
check your email stats and see that it’s hardly
been opened?

Guess what…

You are not alone. Countless marketers have been
watching their email delivery rates slowly decrease
year after year.

>> ImBuzzRiches

Worse, the same marketers can only sit and watch
in horror as their latest marketing efforts return
a lousy open rate and even worse amount of sales.

But the good news is I found something that will
quickly cure all of those business aches and pains.

It’s a new type of software and it’s going to change
the way you market your business.

There’s no site you need to join or service you
have to subscribe to in order to use the software.

No… You can easily set this software up on your
own computer.

I’m talking about the type of software that lets
you instantly deliver your marketing message…
your weekly ezine… or any other great content you
want to send to your customers or subscribers.

>> ImBuzzRiches

And get this… this software always delivers your
marketing message. 100% delivery rate every time.
You’ll even know which people on your list opened
your marketing message!

Best of all, you can use this software for as many
lists as you want. No extra fees because you have
a big list. It comes with a single one-time fee to
add a major marketing weapon to your business.

Using this software can have a massive impact on
your profits. Let me give you a great example.

Imagine you have a new product you want to promote.
You send it to your email list and the new product
converts at a modest 2%. Not bad, except your email
service tells you that only 50% of your subscribers
ever got your email and actually opened it.

Now imagine you used this new software instead.
100% delivery rate every single time.

Even at the same 2% conversion rate, you’ll see
your sales double (or more). That’s because twice
as many people are getting your marketing message
than your email service could deliver.

That’s just one marketing message. Imagine if you
could do that with every marketing message you send.
100% delivery every single time. You can easily see a
massive increase in your sales because everyone on your
list is getting your marketing messages.

Isn’t that powerful? You bet.

>> ImBuzzRiches

If you’re ready to explode YOUR business sales sky-high,
build a huge opt-in mailing list, and create more profit
from your marketing efforts…

Then you’ve got to check out this software right now.
Once word gets out about this software, who knows what
will happen to the price.

I was told that I could allow an exclusive group to get
a preview of this and I’m just not certain how long it
will be available.

And this is important!

This software will NOT break your bank. And it IS
going to work like mad.

Get ready to take your business to the next level.

>> ImBuzzRiches

Do you ever have moments when you feel
like you’ve been coasting on auto-pilot?
You feel like your business is doing fairly
well and then, bam! You discover a new concept
that hits you like a ton of bricks.

You sit up straight in your chair and say
to yourself, "Why didn’t I ever think of that?"
or "Hello, why didn’t someone tell me about
this before?!"

This is exactly how I felt when I found out
about Instant Desktop Sender.

>> ImBuzzRiches

We all know the mantra in marketing:

The Money Is In The List.

The problem is, the only way to get the money
out of your list is to get your marketing
message to everyone on it.

Unfortunately, that’s not so easy anymore.
There are spam filters to worry about triggering.
There are white-listing rules and guidelines
for every major internet service provider that
you have to follow.

You have to keep track of subscribers’ emails
changing so your marketing messages still reach
the same people who signed up for your list.
Trying to time your email so your message doesn’t
get buried in your subscribers’ inboxes under a
pile of other emails.

So you furiously work to jump through all of
those email "hoops". You change the subject
headline, delete any words that will trigger
the spam filters, and add extra characters
to words like fr*ee as well.

>> ImBuzzRiches

You do all of this extra work… and you’re
rewarded with a 30% email delivery rate.

If this sounds like your business, then you’re
not alone. Every mmarketer is jumping through
the same email hoops and getting less than ideal
results for all of their efforts.

I used to be in the same spot you’re in… pulling
my hair out over email marketing. But not anymore.

Turns out that Instant Desktop Sender has made
a massive difference for me. For starters,
every marketing message I send to any of my lists
is delivered 100% of the time.

Think about it: While my competitors are hustling
to get a 25-30% delivery rate from their email
marketing… I’m getting a 100% delivery rate every time.

>> ImBuzzRiches

That’s 100% delivery with no spam filters…
no white listing… no special characters… no worrying
about email addresses either.

I just open up Instant Desktop Sender… copy and
paste my marketing message into it… and with a
click of my mouse, it’s delivered right to my
subscribers’ desktop.

Instant delivery. Simple to use. Works every time.

Is it any wonder why I’ve become a big fan of
Instant Desktop Sender?

>> ImBuzzRiches

Instead of a fraction of my list seeing my latest
marketing promotion and trying to get a few of them
to buy right away… I’m hitting everyone on my list
– every single time!

Can you see how you can start to get a bigger bang
for your marketing efforts?

Best of all, there’s no hidden or monthly fees.
It’s a small one-time investment to grab a marketing
tool that can quickly add thousands to your bank account.

To be honest, I think the product owner is nuts to
offer Instant Desktop Sender at such a low price.
I suggest you grab your copy before they come to
their senses.

So what are you waiting for?

>> ImBuzzRiches

See you at the finish line,





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