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How to Write Articles Fast

Written by : Roger Gonzales


Articles are a cheap and effective way to help market any
online business. However, it takes some people a long time just to write one
article. However, anybody should be able to crank out 2 articles in about an
hour. That’s a very realistic amount of time. Here are some great tips for
how to write articles fast.

First of all, to
begin writing articles fast you need to get a topic. Your topics should be
dependent on the keywords you want to target. In other words, your topic
should match-up with whatever keyword you choose. Then include that keyword
or keyword phrase in the title of the article. Remember to sprinkle the
keyword throughout the article too.

Once you have your topic down and the title of the
article done then you can actually plan what you want to write in the
article. To write articles fast you will also break the articles into 5
parts. You will have an introduction paragraph, then you will divide the
body of the article into 3 parts, and then you will finish the article with
a conclusion paragraph.

So, you want to include 3 major pieces of information
in every article that you write. These 3 pieces of information should
directly address the title of your article. They should be valuable pieces
of information. Each piece of information will be its own little section in
the body of the article. This means you will fully explain each and every
piece of information in a paragraph or more in the body of the article.

Once you’ve planned out each piece of information then
you’re ready to actually write the article. So, you will introduce your
topic and then tell your readers what you will tell them in the article.
Then you’ll write the body of the article by explaining each piece of
information that supports the title. Then you’ll tell the reader what you
just told them and why what you told them is important.

That’s all there is to it. That’s how to write
articles fast. You simply choose a topic for the article based on the
keyword phrase you want to target, then you choose 3 pieces of information
you want to write about in the article, and then you actually write the
introduction, body, and conclusion. If you follow this formula you will be
able to write great articles in a matter of just minutes.

How to Write Articles Fast ©

3 Tips for Viral Marketing

by : Roger Gonzales


Getting online content to go viral is just about any
Internet Marketer’s dream. You create something and it gets spread all over
the Internet by other people. Within the content is some type of plug for
your online business. So, everyone who sees the viral content automatically
sees the plug for the online business, though it’s not seen as marketing by
most people that see it. This is the ideal situation but it’s not easy to
get content to go viral. To help with this, here are 3 tips for viral

Focus on the Audience

The first of the 3 tips for viral marketing is to
focus on the audience. You need to think about exactly who your potential
customers are. Then you need to design your product (that you want to go
viral) specifically for those people. Concentrating on a specific audience
will help your chances of actually getting the product to go viral.

Make it Easy to Share

The next tip for viral marketing is to make it easy to
share. This sounds like a no-brainer but a lot of times it isn’t made clear
that something can be shared and how to share it. So make sure everything
you create makes it clear that it can be shared and how exactly to share it.

If it’s a video you can include a way to share the
video once the video is over. If it’s an eBook then make it clear the eBook
can be shared at the beginning and the end of the eBook. Whatever you might
want to go viral, make sure you let people know that they can share it and
how they can share it. And make sure you make it very easy for people to

Forget about the Money

The last of the 3 tips for viral marketing is to
forget about the money. You don’t want to directly ask for money anywhere in
the viral content. Direct people to a site where you can then ask them for
money. Don’t come close to making it seem like what you are doing is
advertising or marketing. If you do then nobody will share what you created.

There you have the 3 tips for viral marketing. You
want to focus on a specific audience, make it easy to share the content, and
forget about the money. Following these 3 tips will help you to create
content that is likely to go viral and eventually make you a lot of money.

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The 4 Pillars of Great Sales

Written by : Roger Gonzales


Writing great sales copy isn’t an exact art. There is
no guaranteed way to know if a sales letter will convert well. However,
there are tips you have to follow if you want to have any chance of
succeeding. These tips have to begin with the 4 pillars of great sales
copy. You need to make sure you focus on these pillars and then build
the rest of your sales copy around the pillars.

The 4 pillars of great sales copy should be looked at
as supporting the rest of your sales letter. The 4 pillars are
attention, interest, desire, and action. These are known as AIDA and
they are called many different things. But the best way to understand
them is to see them as being the pillars that support your entire sales
copy. They are how you want to structure your sales letter. They are
what you want to accomplish in the order that you need to accomplish

Attention means that you need to grab the
attention of your readers. You should do this with the headline of your
sales letter and with the beginning of the copy. If you don’t grab the
attention of your readers then they won’t ever read your sales letter
and you’ll never make any money.

The second pillar of great sales copy is interest.
Once you grab the readers’ attention then you need to grab their
interest. You need to give them a reason to want to read all of your
sales copy. You also want to get them interested in what you’re selling.

The third of the 4 pillars of great sales copy is
desire. This is the part where you need to make the reader want what you
are selling. People usually buy on emotion so you want to try to tap
into their emotions.

The last of the 4 pillars of great sales copy is
action. You want to get them to buy what you are selling. You want to
get the reader to take action. So make sure you give them a reason to
buy. Remove any fears they might have and include a reason why they
should buy right away. Don’t forget to actually ask them to buy either.

The 4 pillars of great sales copy are attention,
interest, desire, and action. Build you entire sales copy around these 4
ideas and you will have the making of a solid sales letter.

The 4 Pillars of Great Sales


Internet Marketers:
Improve Your Business with These Easy Tips

Written by : Roger Gonzales


If you’re an Internet Marketer then there is no
doubt that you’re always looking for ways to improve your online
business. If you’re doing well then you can always do better, and if
you aren’t doing well then you need to change things so you start
making better money. You can certainly improve your business with
these easy tips.

The first of the easy
tips for Internet Marketers to improve their business is to always
over-deliver. Over-deliver with your products and your services.
Over-deliver with the advice you give. In short, be generous with
everything and you will become known as someone who is great to buy
from and someone who is great to associate with.

Internet Marketers can also improve their
business by making sure they always shine online. This easy tip will
improve your business because it will always put your best foot
forward. This means you shine with every email you write, every
forum post you make, and with everything you do online. Always make
yourself look the best you can possibly look. Just one rude or harsh
email could be taken out of context and could hurt your business a

Finally, the last easy Internet Marketing tip
is to not focus completely on money. This tip might seem strange but
it isn’t. Once you let go of making money being your only
motivation, you will be free to take more risks and to actually
allow yourself to succeed faster. Though it seems illogical it’s
absolutely true. Focus less on money and you will make more money.

Internet Marketers can improve their business
with these easy tips. You should over-deliver with everything, you
should always shine online, and you should focus on things other
than money. If you follow these tips then you will improve your
Internet Marketing business.







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