Who is going to bail you out?

I’ve wanted to write about the government bailouts for
some time, but have been busy trading and teaching new students.

This short note is not about me or my system being your bail out ticket.
Yes my system can help you. Yes I want to help you. But, yes you must
want to bail yourself out. Bail yourself out of a losing IRAs and 401ks.
Bail yourself out of a bad job. Bail yourself out of the recession. It’s
all about taking responsibility.

I tell my kids a quote, "The more responsibility you take, the more
rewards you get in life." It’s also true for us adults. No matter how
good my
ETF Trend Trading system is (and it is good), it does not mean
anything if you don’t want to change your situation.

The reason many people are not financially free is because they gave
their responsibility to someone else. The true way to any type of
freedom and success, whether it is in work, marriage or investing is to
take full responsibility. If you take responsibility you are granted
authority. With authority comes freedom. Their really is no short cuts
or ways around it.

If you are looking for a government bailout, get in line. I’m sure it’s
a long line and moving very slow for anyone foolish enough to wait in
it. I don’t know about you, but I’m not expecting any help. I’m not
expecting a dime from social security. I’m not expecting the dollar to
hold its value long term (over the next 30 years). I’m not expecting low

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to bash the government. I’m an American
and want the best for my country. More importantly I want the best for
all who want to take personal responsibility of their future. If you
will do that, my system (when followed correctly) can do the rest.

You might say, "My job is secure."

Or, "My retirement funds are not down that much."

Or, "I’m not in a bad place right now."

That all might be true for you, but why settle for average returns? Is
it because you think self trading is more dangerous than using a
financial advisor? Let me enlighten you. Financial advisors don’t use
stop losses on your investments. You have to call them if you want out
of your losing mutual funds. My students and I max 0.5% to 1% on each
first trade. That my friend is a stop loss and it is very low risk.

Did you know that you can’t demo trade with your financial advisor; you
are either in or out. My students not only demo trade, but are
encouraged to do so until they are 100% comfortable and confident in the
system. That my friend is low risk.

Lastly is it fair for your financial adviser to make a 1-2% per year
management fee off of you while they are losing your money?

You might say, but I don’t have time to learn. My response is that you
don’t have time to not learn. Only a few hours to assimilate the course
and then you can be on the 10 minute per night plan.

We don’t care if the market is going up or down or is sideways. We
always have a plan. Not just when and how to enter, but also where to
place our risk stops and profit targets. Not only that, but my daily
blog shows you all these trades the day before so you can learn the
system faster. Once you own it, you own it forever and can never be down

To the bail outs,

Big A

To start your own personal bail out join now.



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