Affiliate X Breakthrough New Software Reels In Sales From Google & ClickBank

Chris McNeeney also known as Chris X from Day Job Killer
is launching his new product called

Affiliate X.

Chris X is the author of several Clickbank Bestsellers: Affiliate Project X,
Adwords Miracle, Day Job Killer, and several others. More recently he released
CB Quantum which was the only high priced product he ever released.

Affiliate X has 2 Main components: The systems to use and the

affiliates opportunities
  to target. There are also some softwares
integrated in the system that I will describe later in this article.

Each of the 3 systems found in

Affiliate X
is teaching a specific method of making money. One system being
dedicated to Adwords, another one to Twitter and the 3rd one to SEO (more
specifically: how to profit from product launches via free organic traffic).

Each system comes with a PDF manual and a video describing a specific method.

The primary aim of AffiliateX is to help you identify the hottest Clickbank
products to sell and choose the very best keywords to target.

Here are some of the topics covered in the Knowledge Base:

* The Different Types of Affiliate Promotion
* Selecting a Clickbank winner
* What the heck is a hoplink?
* How To Write Without Writing
* Keyword Research That Pays
* The Power Of Ad Groups
* How To Write A Killer Ad
* Navigating Adwords
* Why “Cloaking” Isn’t Just For Star Trek
* What Is A Conversion
* Keyword Conversion Tracking
* Why Track Conversions?
* How To Write Profit-Pulling Review Pages
* Monitoring Your AdWords Account

There are 2 different keyword tools in the Affiliate X software:


Keyword Tool X


Niche Traffic Finder

Chris X has already explained in another course how to pick the right products
at the right time. Now with Affiliate X he has automated the whole process.


Alerts module
tells you which products are currently the hottest selling in
each category within the Clickbank Marketplace. These are the fastest ‘rising
stars’ up the sales charts, so to speak.

The reason why this tool is so powerful is that the current Clickbank rankings
only tell you which products are the top sellers today. However, the majority of
affiliates will be promoting the top products, so there may be too much
competition to contend with. But our Clickbank Alerts tells you which products
are selling the fastest and heading for the top, but not too many affiliates
will know about these right now, so you can cash in fast before they hit the

ClickBank top 100
the Affiliate X software lists the top 100 ClickBank
products by gravity (highest first). This is intended to give you an overview of
the movers and shakers on ClickBank at any one time. This page includes all the
data of the Affiliate X CB marketplace (advanced intel, tracking etc), but it
also includes a separate link to “keywords”.

This link gives you 100+ targeted keywords for each of the top 100 products – to
give you a push in the right direction. These can be entered into the Keyword
Tool X software, or used to build niche websites to promote those products.


Adwords Rated module
tells you which products are currently the top sellers
on Google Adwords.

These are products personally hand picked by Chris X as being hot to promote on
Google Adwords now.

Seeing the Adwords alerts stars next to a product means, at the very least,
there is a viable market for Adwords for this product – and very probably other
similar products in that niche.


Affiliate X CB Sales Tracking
tool makes it super easy to track your
keywords using your Clickbank report: simply download your “myTransactions.csv”
file from ClickBank, saving it to your own pc and then select the file to load
into the tool and view your sales conversion statistics.

There are 3 money making systems in Affiliate X.

1. How to make money (quickly!) with Adwords.
2. How to make money (quickly!) with SEO.
3. How to make money (a little bit longer but so easy) with Twitter.

Each system comes with a detailed PDF and one or several videos.

" It’s decision time: kill, or be killed… "

You can lock-in your Affiliate X membership at the discounted price of not the
$50,000 the software cost to develop, not the $297/month some
suggested,… if you order today you can lock-in access at the

ridiculously low price of $67/month


The System Even Works With Affiliate Programs Outside of


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