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Would You Like These Automated Profits?

If you had a risk free formula for making
almost automated cash on demand, how many
times would you use it?

If your in a hurry, just go right ahead & take a
look at this web page to see what I’m talking about:

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I recently reviewed such a formula
from Dave Gale that can make you
up to $5,381.27 (or more) each time
it’s used…

… & you can use it as many times as
you like!

This is a very *Smart* way that you
can easily start profiting on the
internet WITHOUT:

* A Website
* Products
* Doing Anything ‘Technical’
* Marketing
* Or even selling anything!

You won’t have seen anything like this
before, and this is a *real* opportunity.

Like anything genuine it does
involve a bit of effort – & you can
have your first project easily set up in
less than a couple of hours.

Take a look now and see the $5,381.27 proof!

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I’ve had a chance to take a look at Dave’s
‘Automated Cash Formula’ and I can’t
say enough good things about it.

Most (if not all opportunities) require cash,
not just to buy, but even more to get going.

For example in most cases there will be advertising
expenses etc.

But this is different – if you want an online cash
generator that will cost you absolutely nothing to
operate, this is it!

Go here to find out more:

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You’ll be glad you did!


Does a lazy window washer hold the key to making
money online?


Dave Gale says that he’s made a shocking

It seems he’s found a way to totally eliminate
the hard work normally associated with making
money online.

And he says that anyone can use his system to make
their own money.

It takes a couple of hours, but the set up is

And it can be done as many times as a person wants
to do it, with no limits.

Check it out…

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your copy now!

And here’s the best news…

…This isn’t pay-per-click, or Adsense, or
being selling stuff as an affiliate,or placing
ezine ads…

…or SEO, or blogs, or writing articles, or
Ebay, or gambling, or direct mail, or mlm or any
advertising or marketing whatsoever.

Once you set one of these up, you can make profit
everyday on autopilot, for months or maybe even

And you don’t need a website.

And you don’t need products.

Are you getting curious what you DO need?

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Dave Gale says his Simple Cash Generating System
works for ANYONE no matter how old you are, what
your education is, what your skills are, or what
you’re doing for a living now.

This could be one of the easiest ways ever to
make good money from the Internet every single
month, because there are no technical headaches
to deal with or websites to worry about.

It costs NOTHING To run other than a connection
to the Internet

And you get lightning fast results…

…just follow this easy, step by step formula
for a couple of hours and get money in the bank
in just 2 weeks or less.

Rob Benwell received a check for $688.53 eight
days after trying his first project.

And since it didn’t cost him anything to do it,
it was all profit.

In anther example, a test project made $5381.27
from less than 2 hours of easy set up…

…you can see the details here…

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your copy now!

You probably haven’t seen anything like this
before, and you probably won’t see anything like
it again, so I urge you to check it out now.

P.S. Skeptical?

Good, you should be.

After all, this is sounding too easy, right?

So don’t take my word for it.

Go check out the many, MANY testimonials here…

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your copy now!

…before ordering your copy.

And as always, if this isn’t everything you hoped
for (and more!) you’re covered by a full 8 week

…so either way you WIN!

Take one lazy window washer…

…add in years of struggle to make ends meet…

…combine with a strong desire to FINALLY make
real money without spending a fortune or working
endless hours…

…and what do you get??

Dave Gale’s "Automated Cash Formula."

Yes, I know, generic hyped title, right?

One of the things I’ve learned is to NOT judge a
book by its title.

So I did some digging, and Dave is the real deal.

And his book?

Well, I could list the many testimonials he’s
received, but you can see those on the website.

Instead, let me just tell you this…

…If you’re looking to make REAL money…

…without a ton of work…

…and you’re willing to wait a week or two to get
paid for your efforts…

…then this is for you.

Many of my readers grabbed their copy yesterday…


Others had questions, which I’ll answer here…

Q. "Will it take a lot of money to make money with
"Automated Cash Formula?"

A. No. If you’ve got a computer and Internet
connection, you’ve got everything you need.

Q. "Will this take a lot of time?"

A. About two hours. Just follow the step-by-step
instructions, and build yourself an automated
income that can last for months and maybe even

Then do it again as many times as you want.


Q. "Do I have to build websites?"

A. No websites needed, and forget doing any
technical stuff. If you can click a mouse, you
can do this.

Q. "So I’m marketing a product, right?"

A. No. You’re not promoting anything yourself.
You’re not selling a product, you’re not dealing
with customers, and you’re not doing any

Q. "Is this something I can do for a long time to

A. Yes! Not only can your efforts pay you for
months or even years, but you can also do this as
much as you want.

There is no limit and you’ll never run out of

Q. "The price seems way to low. What’s the catch?"

A. I thought that, too. When you see exactly what
this is, and how valuable the information will be
to you, you’ll wonder why Dave only charged such
a small amount.

I’m not sure what Dave is thinking… Maybe that
we all need a break for a change?

Regardless, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,
as my mother used to say.

And don’t delay, either. Dave is no dummy… he’s
going to catch on that he’s charging far too
little, and no doubt when he does, the price will
be going up.

Fair warning.

Click here to reserve
your copy now!


P.S. So, you make money online without technical
skills, without a website, and you do it with
about 2 hours of work.

So tell me…

…does this sound too good to be true?

I thought so, until I checked it out.

This is good, and it is true. It involves a multi
million dollar industry, and it’s a real business.

And you WILL have to put some effort in to get

You won’t make millions overnight from sitting
around in your underwear all day (sorry!)

But what you will discover in "Automated Cash
Formula" is possibly the simplest genuine method
for the average person…

…without any marketing skills or online assets…

…to start making REAL money immediately within
hours of implementing the system.

And that’s guaranteed.

If for any reason – or even no reason at all –
you are not completely convinced that this
simple to follow…

…"just copy me and make money…"

…plan cannot make you a very nice part time or
even full time income, then you pay NOTHING.


Automated Cash Formula | Dave Gale

I’m going to ask you to do something that might go
against your nature.

You see, most people are terrified of anything

And they’re afraid of anything they haven’t done

Plus they’re leery of taking any kind of "leap of

That’s why so many people are STUCK right where
they are.

They’re STUCK in a job they hate, driving a car
they don’t like, living in a neighborhood they
don’t care for.

They might not like their way of life, but change

What if…

What if they make a mistake?

What if they screw up?

What if someone LAUGHS at them?

Best to just put your head down and resign
yourself to the life you have now, because
ANYTHING else is scary, right?

And what if…

What if they DO try something new, and they LIKE
it, and they’re GOOD at it…

…now they’re going to be KICKING themselves for
not having taken the chance SOONER!


Is any of this stuff holding you back?

Because if it’s not, you’re the EXCEPTION, not the

Most people let fear RUN their lives.

Here’s an example…

I’ve been talking about a program called
"Automated Cash Formula."

Click here to reserve
your copy now!

Now, on the sales page it does an excellent job

a. telling you everything it is NOT

b. giving you plenty of examples and testimonials
to show you that it does in fact work.

To sum it up in a nutshell, "Automated Cash
Formula" is a system devised by a lazy window
washer to make money online WITHOUT any technical
skills and WITHOUT spending any money (other than
on the system itself, which is dirt cheap.)

I’ve had a LOT of people grab their own copies of
it, and a couple have already emailed me to tell
me they LOVE IT.

But I’ve had just as many people tell me that they

You know why???

Because …

a. the website does NOT give you all the details
of what you’ll be doing to earn money (you have
to buy the system to get that)

b. because it sounds REALLY GOOD! Or as some say,
it sounds too good to be true.

Do you know that there are guys and gals who do
nothing more than sit behind a desk 20 – 40 hours
per week, listen to the reports of their staff,
and occasionally make a decision or two…

…who earn more in a year than the gross national
product of small countries???

That sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Yet it is true!

I could give you a hundred examples of, "too good
to be true, "but who needs them?

Look, knowing EVERYTHING you know about marketing

…do you really think that working for two hours
to make a few hundred dollars or more is

There are people out there who make FOUR AND FIVE
AND SIX figures simply by sending an email to
their list promoting a new product!!!

And I’m not even asking you to take a chance or a

All I’m saying is, check the program out and see
what you’re missing.

Find out what it’s all about.

See if you don’t agree with every one of the
testimonials you find on this page…

Click here to reserve
your copy now!

And if you don’t, you get your money back!

And it’s not even very much money at all,
especially considering what you get in return.


Okay, rant over.

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover
in the "Automated Cash Formula…"

–Forget doing any technical stuff. If you can
click a mouse, you can do this…

–How to vastly increase your profits…

–The one magic sentence that gets other people
desperate to make YOU money…

–Why you won’t need to speak to anyone to
succeed at this…

–Where to get mind blowing software that will
supercharge your efforts by doing 2 hours work for
you in about 10 minutes…

–Genuine autopilot income that doesn’t involve
you promoting anything yourself. You’re not
selling a product or dealing with customers.

In fact, you’re not even doing any marketing!

–How to use secret search engine tricks to make
money WITHOUT SEO, pay-per-click or any kind of

–The simple ‘Plug & Play’ system that makes you
money on autopilot 24/7…

–How to rake in even MORE cash on total
autopilot with The Advanced Viral Cash Avalanche

–Why you’ve got ENDLESS income opportunities
using these systems… In fact, you can make money
with this from now until forever…

–AND you can make money from practically ANYWHERE
in the world – all you need is access to a
computer with an Internet connection.

Click here to reserve
your copy now!


P.S. As Wayne Gretsky said, "You miss 100% of the
shots you don’t take."

Take a shot.

It could be the best thing you ever did for

If it’s not, no worries. You get 100% of your
money back, no questions asked.


Click here to reserve
your copy now!



Automated Cash Formula | Dave Gale


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