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The Affiliate Code is the brainchild of Michael Jones.
He is the person behind The Adwords Code,
The eBay Code, Torrential Traffic Tactics and more
recently, the blockbuster hit The Clickbank Code.
The Clickbank Code spent 10 straight weeks as
number 1 in Clickbank and is still rather popular
on Clickbank until today (it was launched in May 2009).

Apparently, Michael claims this as the holy grail of
affiliate marketing.  It is a simple yet powerful
system for bringing in affiliate sales from
totally free traffic.  Using this system, Michael
managed to reap a profit of $65k in a month.

How To Make 5 Figures On CB Your First Month

I’m not going to waste your time or insult
your intelligence with petty hype and lame misdirection.
Affiliate Code
By now, you’ve seen the famous Michael Jones
video about how he went from scratch with new
techniques and made $64k on CB in a month, right?

At this point, I think every marketer with an
internet connection has seen it.

So you know that it’s true. You’ve seen the
proof, you watched him making that money,
so you know it can be repeated.

And here comes your chance…

Michael’s just released The Affiliate Code…
it contains the exact secrets behind the video…
… everything you need to start a serious online
business now.

You can watch the videos, put the things he
shows you into place, and sit back and wait
for the money to come.

Find it here Affiliate Code

It doesn’t sound real, I know, but hey,
the internet is changing. The same old
techniques aren’t going to work forever.

Doesn’t it make sense that something new
will come along and change the game?

Well, here it is.

Click here to check it out:

Affiliate Code

If you get over there and check out that
link right away, you’ll see examples of how
people are ALREADY making money with
this thing.

And these aren’t Michael’s marketing buddies
that he sneaked prelaunch copies to… I mean
regular guys just like you and me. Guys
who have never made money before.

But they were able to do it with this
system… and they were able to do it

After all, aren’t you tired of putting sites
and promotions together, only to HOPE
that you make money?

Don’t you ever get sick of praying that
your websites succeed?

Wouldn’t you rather set each site up
and know that the traffic’s already there?

Believe me, it’s a lot better that way.
A lot more profitable too, because you
can spend ALL your time working on
things that actually make money.

But the doors are open right now… so
get over there, and check it out. You’re
going to be blown away, I promise:

Affiliate Code

I’m not trying to hype this up, this
really is like nothing you’ve seen before.

You’ll get secrets you didn’t know existed,
and you’ll suddenly realise how you can
have a big passive income for zero cost…

Affiliate Code

Affiliate Code

How Michael Jones Made $64,521 In 4 Weeks With No List…

Let me explain.

He does have a list – lots of lists,
for different businesses.

But when he started testing these latest
techniques, he did it from scratch.

No list, no budget, no JV partners…

Just him and a computer… probably exactly
how it is for you right?

And he went from earning nothing at all, to
sucking down over two thousand bucks a
day, in no time at all.

Wanna know how he did it?

Well it’s all explained here. Read every word:

Affiliate Code

Now, I have something to reveal to you right
now, so listen up:

Usually when you see a marketer making so
much money, it’s coming from Adwords, or
some other paid traffic.

So if they’re making $2k a day, only say
$750 – $1000 will be actual profit. Obviously
there are exceptions, but on average those
figures are pretty accurate…

But not in this case.

The new techniques he’s revealing to you
inside The Affiliate Code are free…

… I mean, you can literally make money
that’s all profit, as the traffic is free.

But do you know what’s better? There’s
tons of this traffic, and it starts almost
immediately. It’s like turning on a tap.

So for the first time ever, you can actually
make some serious commissions on your
very first day.

Let me repeat that – Serious Commissions

Can you imagine that?

People are used to waiting weeks or
months to see their first cent… but now,
you don’t have to.

Run over here and check it out right now.

Affiliate Code

Your journey to online wealth is about to
get a whole easier…

Affiliate Code

It’s Live And There’s A Crazy Bonus Waiting… Go Now
the time has come.
It’s time to stop dreaming about making an
online income and start actually doing it.
Drop what you’re doing, hustle everyone else
out the room and read every single word on
this email.

Your life is about to improve, significantly…

The Affiliate Code is live.

You need it, and as soon as you see what
it contains, you’ll see exactly why you need it.

Go here, and you’ll understand:
Affiliate Code
Recently, Michael Jones started experimenting with
some new techniques on Clickbank, working as an

Those techniques were insanely profitable…

I’ll admit, I didn’t quite believe them myself,
until I saw MJ’s proof…

He made $64,521 in the first 4 weeks…

But do you know what else?

He made it from a handful of hours of work, and
He made it without spending a DIME on advertising.

That’s not BS or hype or whatever you want
to call it.

That’s FACT.
And do you know what else?

He video’d it.

Every last second.

So you get to see everything. Niche selection.
Finding keywords. Getting traffic.


And that’s what He’s revealing here:

Affiliate Code

If you’re serious about having a big
profit, little work online business, things
just got interesting.

Dive through that link and read every
last word on your page.

It’s about to open your eyes so wide they
may fall right out of your head.

Affiliate marketing will be different from
this day forward…

And if you act right now, you also get an
INSANE bonus.

Michael’s asked me not to reveal exactly
what it is, but I will say it’s enough to probably
multiply your income by 4 times… with no
more work.

But there are only so many, so hit this
link right now, and see what all the fuss
is about…

Affiliate Code

Remember, this is the day everything is
about to change for you.

Affiliate Code

Your Time Is Up

Guess what

Everything you know about affiliate
marketing just become obsolete.

I’m serious.

If you’re relying on “traditional” ways to
make affiliate sales through Clickbank,
get ready for your very own recession…

… and it’s going to happen right inside
your business.

Sorry if that’s harsh, or if it offends you,
but your time really is up.

Check this link out if you don’t believe me:

Affiliate Code

The Affiliate Code is proving to be INSANELY

Thousands of people have already jumped
on board and started using the cutting edge
marketing strategies you’ll find crammed inside.

And that means your days are numbered.

Pretty soon the boring, traditional, low
profit techniques you’re using are going to
fizzle out and die.

Your profits will gradually dry up, and you’ll
be left living off the scraps from other people’s

Not too cool.

But listen, all is not lost.

The stuff Michael Jones reveals in The Affiliate
Code is so popular because it’s EASY… and it
doesn’t cost anything to get going.

Is it any wonder other affiliates are going
to be eating your lunch?

There you are, paying for traffic, and waiting
months for search engine placements, when
along come all these guys with new techniques…

… before you know it they’re just kicking the
doors in and snatching the money that once
belonged to you.

But seriously…

All is not lost. The doors are still open. There’s
still time to get your business on board and
start increasing your profits TODAY.

Yes, it can work that quick.

Read this page to see what I mean:

Affiliate Code

And remember, if your business isn’t evolving
in a world where marketing is ALWAYS evolving…

… pretty soon it’s going to flounder and die.

Better to take action for that right now, before
it’s too late.

Affiliate Code

Urgent Notice About The Affiliate Code

Urgent: You’ve heard about The Affiliate
Code right? No doubt you’ve seen the
sparks and excitement this thing is creating.
Well, there are huge bonuses there right
now that won’t last – these things could
literally quadruple your profits, so you
need to get over there and check them
out while you can Affiliate Code
I’ve got a pretty urgent bulletin
for you about Michael Jones’s Affiliate Code.

By now, you’ve probably heard all about
it – I mean, it’s all over the forums, and
the Alexa ranking for this site is insane
right now…

But if you haven’t gotten in there yet,
you want to do it right now.

You see, a couple days ago he added
some KILLER bonuses. I won’t tell
you what they are, because I think
you’ll really dig the surprise… check
them out here:

Affiliate Code

Anyway, my point is, Michael told me
he wants to keep the value of these
bonuses as high as possible, so he’ll
be removing them in the next few days…

So if you don’t get in now, you most
likely won’t get them.

**Hint** The bonuses can easily
multiply your income by 3 or 4 times.


By the way, if you haven’t checked out
The Affiliate Code yet, you really should.

This thing will show you how to take your
business, kick it into overdrive, flip the
autopilot switch, and then spend the rest
of your time spending the money.

Pretty cool huh?

And that’s not an exaggeration by the way.

It runs on free traffic, that is generated
completely automatically… once it’s live,
all you need to do is let it run.

So you can set up another, or just sit
back and count the cash you’re making.

This is set and forget at it’s finest

Read this page to see what I mean…

Affiliate Code

There’s also some crazy proof on there,
so you can see exactly how well it’s
working for people already…

Affiliate Code

It’s Happening Now (urgent)

It’s happening right now…

it’s important to me that
you understand the significance
of this email, so let me spell it out
for you right now…

If you’re not making as much as
you want online, or you’re sick of
wasting money on traffic, this
email is for you.

And I’m dead serious. In fact, go
back and read that sentence again.

Go on, do it.

Now, does that apply to you?

If so, click on the link below right

Affiliate Code

Michael Jones designed the Affiliate
Code exactly for guys like you… he
wanted something that helped guys make
their first money… but also something
that all the millionaire marketers
could get something from too.

And he did it.

It uses free traffic, and the profits
can be simply insane if it’s set up

And don’t worry… you’ll just have to
copy what I do in the videos to get
set up.

It’s simple, you could probably have
your 7 year old daughter put it
together for you.

No exaggeration.

There’s not enough space to explain
it all by email, but it’s literally just
“go here, click here, paste this here.”

This is Fisher-Price easy…

Read this page to see what I mean:

Affiliate Code

So do it, go and check it now – put
your business on the fast track…

Don’t forget though, I’m not kidding
here – If you’re looking to make
money from your business, this is
basically a step by step blueprint
on how to do it.

It’s a simple rinse-repeat system,
and it’s ready to help you today.

No BS here, this system is ready
to give you a serious hands off income

Affiliate Code

Affiliate Code


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