What’s This All About?

Jason Potash here.

In case you don’t know who I am (and you’re too busy to
Google my name), here’s the short version…

Over the past 5 years, my biz partner (Jason Katzenback)
and I have launched several 7-figure products and services, including:

  • Portal Feeder
  • Traffic Kahuna
  • PPC Kahuna
  • Syndicate Kahuna
  • Video Post Robot
  • Web2Mayhem

… to name but a few.

I’ve also spearheaded a few software projects over the
years that did extremely well including, Article Announcer, Content Composer.

Bottom line. We already have a squeaky clean reputation
and an army of loyal customers because we provide value and deliver good quality
products that you can feel good about
recommending to your customers.

Anyway, enough about us. Let’s talk about Blog Blueprint
and making you money.

What Is Blog Blueprint?

First off, let me say this…

No, this is not
just another (yawn) autoblogging

Here’s how Blog Blueprint came about and why it’s

Over the past few years, autoblogging was easy.

Set up an ugly blog… add some YouTube videos, add some
crappy articles, Yahoo answers… and BOOM!

Easy money.

The problem is… it’s not so easy anymore.

(… thanks again

When our autoblogs bit the dust, we started rebuilding
them… we tested, tweaked and tracked everything.

After a lot of testing and failed attempts, we put
together a step-by-step blueprint that consistantly works.

THEN… we wrapped software (and automation) around this
blueprint to make the entire process hands-free.

I’m talking about automatic blog building, automatic
unique content drips, automatic monetization (through Amazon, ClickBank, CPA,

And yes… even automatic onpage search engine
optimization (SEO), linkbuilding and promotion.

I can assure you… this is NOT the same old junk
repackaged into a sexy new offering.

This is fresh content, a new approach, never-before-seen
software… and automation that kicks


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