Internet marketing has become a wide field, where you’ll find a number of ways to market products and get the word out. But a smart Internet marketer is the one who seeks to create a long term business, instead of short term money. For perhaps a cornucopia of reasons, a significant amount of IM marketers simply sidestep the profitable activity of creating and building an email list for marketing purposes. Today we’re going to talk about building a list for your business – plain and simple. Brick and mortar businesses and their online counterparts really do have a lot in common. You need customers everywhere, and creating a business requires you to get them on a regular basis.

An email list gives you a chance to reap the lifetime value of a customer and get the most out of him in terms of profits. That is the business perspective for long-term success. You should always work on creating new leads, but with a list there is absent all that daily pressure. Moving forward, we will show you a couple of outstanding list building tips that you can take all the way to the bank. First and foremost, make sure that you’re going out of your way to build your email list. The amount of time you devote to working on your email list will determine the degree of success you achieve – all things considered. If you do not (yet) have a squeeze page and sending traffic to it, then that is something you really must get a move on doing. Much will depend on the amount of traffic you’re able to send to your landing page and your website. If you’re brand new to IM, then a squeeze page/landing page are interchangeable terms to describe a simple page that collects name and email address for subscribers. You have several options for post-optin redirection, and one standard practice is to simply send the new subscriber to a main website, or blog, etc. The squeeze page is the main entrance, and they have to optin prior to seeing anything else.

Make sure your subscription box is utilized to the maximum. Ideally, there’s no reason why you should not have it on all your pages. There’s no reason not to, really, and you never know what will compel someone to sign-up on any given page. Get creative and check out what is available in terms of slider optin boxes, hovers, fade ins, etc. It’s smart to test this because you may find one particular method that beats the pants off of all the others. Obviously, you do not want to let a single person slip through at least seeing your optin box.

If you use these methods, you’ll find that you can start to build a large and targeted mailing list. Don’t underestimate how powerful a resource an email list can be. Start now to implement these list building techniques, so that you can get more out of your online business.


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