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Heres The Shocking Story

You may have heard of an underground marketer called Saj P. He is
notorious for releasing devastatingly powerful systems to suck cash
FAST from the net, and has had four Clickbank best sellers.

All I can say is that I’ve personally seen this guys stuff and the results his
students have achieved using his techniques, and this is the REAL deal.

Anyway, a short while back Saj was testing and tweaking a
completely new and strange way of affiliate marketing using CPA offers
and was SHOCKED to discover that he had hit an absolute goldmine in the process.

The method he almost stumbled across by accident was so damn powerful
that one CPA network FROZE his account with $100k stuck inside as they
thought he was doing something illegal!!

They had never seen this level of traffic and conversions come through
their network so quickly, and they refused to release his money unless
he showed them exactly what he was doing!

Saj didn’t want to reveal his secrets and was so confident that he could easily use his method to plug into another network and make the money back super FAST that he was willing to leave the $100k on the table rather than reveal his secret system!

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Here’s the exact words that the CPA network owner said:

“I thought this guy was doing something illegal…”

To anyone reading this my name is Sam Lozano, and I’m the owner of CPABullet.com, CPA network. After seeing an immense volume of sales and traffic come through my network I thought this guy was doing something illegal and was ready to shut down his account!

After checking through all the stats I was shocked to discover that it was all legit! I got on his case to see what he was doing and was completely blown away. The methods and systems described in Zero Friction Marketing have resulted in the most targeted traffic and conversions I have ever seen come through my network.

Frankly I’ll say it again, I can’t believe this material is being released to the general public, it is far too powerful…

Sam Lozano

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If you have been online for a while you may have heard rumours about a hidden bunch of underground marketers who make Six and Even Seven figures a month through CPA affiliate marketing and do most of this on complete autopilot.

Well the scary part is that this is actually very true and the methods these guys use are not easy to come by unless you are part of their secret socities. Whats even more frustrating is that you have no chance of even getting close to these
socities unless you already make seven figures and above.

Saj has been a part of these secret CPA clubs for a very long time and the first time he decided to release some of this knowledge was around a year ago with his release of the controversial Affiliate Payload which made made many rags to riches stories from the people who were lucky enough to get their hands on the information.

The fact is that CPA marketing is hands down the most powerful method of generating affiliate cash on the net as you get paid commissions even when you dont sell something and just collect a users basic information like their name or email adress. This is why the conversion rates on CPA offers are ridiculously high and can have you making six figures a month faster than you can with any other online cash generating system.

The trouble is that it is very difficult to find a CPA system that works and works well as the people who are using them dont disclose the information to the public.

So we have a classic case of the RICH get RICHER whilst everyone else stays in the dark and loom…

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Zero Friction Marketing is the new revolutionary Six Figure CPA Formula from Saj P.

This is the real INSIDERS BLUEPRINT for making an absolute killing
with CPA offers, and now you can get access to it for a very LIMITED time.

Imagine a system where you could just set it and FORGET it. True Error -proof Automated Wealth.

Saj exposes the devastatingly powerful methods that only the Elite Affiliates on top of the Food chain know about.

REVEALED in Zero Friction Marketing for the first time are SECRETS such as:

* How To Use MSN The Nets Hidden And Most Highly Converting Traffic Source To Bank 6 Figures With CPA Offers

* How To Funnel Buyer Traffic From Bing The New Search Engine Thats Dominating the Online World

* Using The Power Of Media Buying And Banner Ads To Drive Hoardes Of Super Cheap And Highly Targetted Traffic To Your CPA Offers

* How The Elite CPA Affiliates Use The Underground Myspace PPC Platform To Make Millions Online

There is Just too much information to list in one email.

The best part is that Saj gives you all the information and tools you need to start immediately so you can literally copy and paste the ads he will be giving you and start profiting in 10 minutes from now.

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See you on the other side.


P.S. Remember Saj’s last CPA course Affiliate Payload was a NO #1 Bestseller in Clickbank and made the people that implemented the techniques serious amounts of cash. Zero Friction Marketing is TEN Times More POWERFUL and its a copy n paste system.

apologies if the site has been taken down:

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