Because of my presence on the internet and contacts in the trading arena I get
bombarded weekly about new trading programs, systems and courses. For the most
part I don’t pass on anything to you unless I really think it is worth you time.
Over the next few days I will send you a total of three short invitations to
receive a complimentary newsletter on
to Safely Double You’re Profits in 2009 Trading ETFs. I’m inviting you
because this report and subsequent system really is unlike anything I’ve ever

The three things that set it apart are:
1. Support and live trading examples where trades are called one day ahead of
2. It takes only 10 minute per night to implement once you learn it which is
great for the part timers.
3. Money management and a “No Hype” approach.

 Many courses leave you high and
dry after you buy. If you have the best system in the world, but don’t know how
to get your charts or brokerage account set up then it doesn’t matter how good
it is. Yes 6% per month is possible trading this system in ETFs, but I had to
list support as the #1 feature because in reality it is. Two, one hour each live
webinars with a former money manager is only the start. Add 12 months same day
email support, chart support, daily blogs and daily videos and you will feel a
full support system designed to help you.

The most impressive part of the support system is the daily blog where he calls
each trade down to the penny. Have you ever heard a guru say, “If price moves up
a little more buy?” Not only is that vague, but it is outright dangerous. I have
personally seen the member blog and it has the stops, entries, exits, where to
add on, and the number of shares to trade listed each day. It is the best
learning and support tool because it lets you double check your analysis each
day. Plus in the end if you don’t want to learn the full system you can always
follow the blog.

Click here for the newsletter on how to safely average 6% per month trading
Exchange-Traded Funds:



The second main benefit of this system I
shared with you  is the fact that it
takes 10 minutes per night to implement once you learn it. One of the
obvious reasons this is good for your health is because it greatly reduces
trading stress. With it all your trading decisions are made while the market is
closed using OCO and OSO orders with stops, entries and targets in place the
night before. You won’t have any emotional fly by the seat of your pant
decisions to make. For anyone who has traded any period of time you know that
emotion is the #1 killer of successful trading. It’s perfect for anyone who has
to be somewhere each day from 9-5.

Some of the not so obvious benefits are; more family time, less back aches,
easier on your eyes than day trading 8 hours per day.

Click here for the newsletter on how to safely average 6% per month trading
Exchange-Traded Funds:

Click here for the newsletter on how to safely average 6% per month trading
Exchange-Traded Funds:


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