This changes everything about marketing

Urgent news…

The most intelligent marketing development EVER

Hey, sorry for the last minute message on this,
but this is URGENT!

There’s a webinar being hosted Tuesday night

that is so important, I urge you to drop everything,
juggle your schedule, bar the door to any
distractions, and make this your number one

[Urgent Facebook Webinar Tuesday April 27th]

You see, in the past 4 days or so, Facebook made

an announcement that is about to change
EVERYTHING about marketing with social media.

In fact, this is so freaking huge, even Fox News and

Newsweek are all over it. This goes light years beyond
your typical “marketing tip” of the moment. It’s not an
exaggeration to say this could totally change the
profitability of your marketing in a monumental way.

As I’m sure you’re aware, I’ve been recommending

you take advantage of all the cutting-edge information
Robert Grant and Ian David Chapman have been giving
away about their Crowd Conversion strategies.

Without exception, it has all been topnotch killer content

that can easily give you a leg up over your competition.
And now they’re going to include the newest (and most
say the most game changing) strategy available to you on
Facebook. Believe it or not, it all starts with LIKING

Seriously—it’s fantastic. With a simple click of a button,

you will have the ability to be a marketing mind reader.

Fortunately, Robert and Ian are quick, nimble, and totally

tuned in to what’s happening every single day with

When the big change in Facebook was announced, they

dug into it immediately. That’s why everybody loves their
Crowd Conversion program so much and why this is such
good news for you…

[How To LIKE Your Way To Success With

Robert and Ian were stunned when Facebook unveiled

their new leveraging point a few days ago. The whole
is buzzing about it, because this is definitely unlocking
door to the powerful next incarnation of the web—what
are calling the beginning of Web 3.0 (a quantum leap
ahead of 2.0!)

I can’t really begin to explain it all here, but in a nutshell, now

you’ll be able to go to ANY website in the world—and even
you’re not a registered user of the site or have never
visited it
before—you’ll be able to see EVERYTHING your Facebook

subscribers liked on that site.


Do you have any idea what this means?

It’s like having X-RAY VISION to look straight into the hearts

and minds of ALL of your subscribers!

And do you have any idea what this means to your business?

GOLD! Solid gold.

Whether you’ve heard a little bit about this—or this is the

first you’ve heard—you need to make the time to be on an
extremely timely and content packed webinar with Robert
Grant and Ian David Chapman.

There’s no cost whatsoever—but you DO have to register right


[Register for the Facebook Webinar Right Here]

They’re going to go through what exactly the newest changes

are on Facebook, why it’s so exciting, and why YOU should
among the smart marketers who will be implementing this

I’m going to be there too—it’s the fastest and most accurate way to

gain the advantage and ride the crest of this for your

As always, you can get started with this immediately, just from the

gift of extremely current information Robert and Ian will
give you
Tuesday night at 6 p.m. Pacific.

This is so incredibly powerful, it’s even got giant Google nervous.

But they’re not the only ones who should be afraid. YOU
should be
afraid of getting left behind on this.

See you there!


P.S. Even Levi (yes, the jeans company) is already using this on their

website. AFTER you register for the webinar, take a look
at their home
page. It will tell you just how important this is going
to be for
ALL businesses.

[Register for the Webinar right here]

P.P.S. Almost forgot, when Robert told me about this, he also mentioned

they are almost at full capacity for their next Crowd
Conversion program.
If you’ve been waiting around to decide, you better get
on the stick,
especially now that Facebook has announced this powerful
new weapon
for your marketing arsenal….get on board here:

This changes everything about marketing…
Urgent news…
The most intelligent marketing development EVER

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