Customer Service Basics for Internet Marketers

You may not realize it, but even if your business is online, it’s essential for
you to provide good customer service. Customer service is at least as important
to online businesses as it is to offline based businesses. When you have an
internet marketing business you are one of thousands of competitors trying to
get the same person’s money. What can you do to prove that you are better than
all your competitiors? This is where customer service comes in! If you are able
to communicate well with your customers and make them feel appreciated, they are
more likely to continue buying from you. On the other hand, if you have your
business set up so that you have no personal contact with customers, people will
be less likely to buy anything. If you want to start being an internet marketer
who offers good customer service, just keep the following ideas in mind.

Whenever anyone buys from your site, don’t forget to thank them by e-mail. It
makes a big difference to thank each person for their purchase, even if this is
done in the form of an automated message. You can do this simply by using a
feature most e-mail services have built in, which allows you to send out free
messages that say something like, “thank you, your business is appreciated.” Use

This one gesture that doesn’t even cost you anything can increase your business!

Make sure that your web pages and sales pages and e-mails are all well written.
You don’t want to have your copy full of spelling or grammatical errors. People
surfing the internet don’t know you; your website is going to determine their
opinion of you. If you appear to be someone who doesn’t write well or doesn’t
take the trouble to correct their mistakes, people will not be inclined to trust
the quality of what you are selling. You can always hire a writer to help you if
this isn’t something that comes naturally to you. If you go to forums related to
freelancing or internet marketing you can find many writers and editors offering
their services.

Offer your buyers a way to get in touch with you so that they can ask questions
or leave feedback about the products they have just purchased. If there is no
obvious way to make contact with you, people are less likely to buy anything
from you. Without any support or contact information, a site appears to be
fly-by-night and not someone to trust.

You have to be available to your customers and potential customers. You simply
must give people some way to reach you. While this may seem like a lot of work,
you have to consider how this can make more people willing to trust you and buy
from you. Just knowing they can contact you is often enough to convert visitors
into paying customers. It isn’t a tough job to offer great customer service.
Indeed, if you are doing it correctly it should not even take up very much of
your time at all. You can probably offer great customer service by spending five
to ten minutes each day to make sure each of your clients get what they deserve.
Especially when those few additional minutes each day could mean hundreds or
thousands of dollars in sales for your business. Now that you know how little it
takes to make your customers happy, shouldn’t you try it out? You are going to
find nothing but good comes from doing these things!

Customer Service Basics for Internet Marketers

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