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Oh and BTW, we have also just uploaded 10 new

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* Viral Submitter Software (submites to Twitter, Digg, Video

Sharing Sites, Article Directory and to Press Release sites!

* Generic App Generator – Worth $127!

* Bonus Video Training By Dave Guindon, including

his ‘HTML to EXE’ converter software!

* Live Webinar Training!

So, what’s the damage?

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“Hey Adeel & Bobby,

I just downloaded your traffic technique and software and I must say this is
wicked stuff! I never knew this even existed. The training videos make this very
simple to understand, even for a newbie like myself.

Took me about 34 minutes to
implement this on my first try and I’m already seeing people signing up to my
My only regret is that I wish I knew about this a few months
ago, because by now I’d have a killer list of subscribers.

Thank you so much for sharing this and making it available to everyone. This is
a really awesome technique, thank you! Oh, and the software is very powerful!”

Damon R.

Topeka, KS.


No more spending hours on Twitter, no more tedious finger bashing writing articles, no more wallet draining advertising that doesn’t convert into sales…

What you are about to unlock is a proven, simple and fast traffic generating method which has been secretly banking the big dogs several thousand new email subscribers per week.

And the good news is, anyone can duplicate their success with the power of Software Submitter Pro and the quick start training videos…allowing you to unleash a devastatingly simple, free and lightening fast way to get as much traffic to send anywhere you want…

You don’t need ANY technical
experience or marketing savvy either!

In fact, if you can open a simple word
document and copy and paste your opt in code for your autoresponder, then you’re
over qualified already!

This game changing system and software
will make you kick yourself…because you’ll regret spending all that money on
PPC, and wasting all that time with boring SEO, or trying to suck up to JV

In fact, you can run this system once and
get all the traffic you will ever need! But here’s what is really cool…

  • You DON’T need
    any technical experience

  • You DON’T need
    any money You DON’T need any “special JV partners”

  • You DON’T need
    any additional software or tools

  • You DON’T need
    to spend days doing keyword research

  • You DON’T need
    to be a good writer

  • You DON’T need
    more than 15 mins to get the system rolling!

So my friend, it’s time to strap yourself
in and get ready to see the future of traffic generation online, because you’re
about to rocket your traffic, your business and your bank balance into a new
hemisphere.. we just hope you’re not afraid of heights!
It sounds almost too good to be true, and it almost feels like it too.

However, make no mistake because this is very real…

Whilst everybody else is scrambling around for a few measly visitors per day, busting their butts writing endless amounts of articles, doing blogs, paying Google through the nose for overpriced clicks (and everything else it takes to get a pathetic 100 visitors per day to their sites)…

…we have discovered a legal, ethical and deadly traffic loophole to siphon off 1000’s of visitors per day, from some of the biggest websites in the world…and it doesn’t cost us a penny!

Wanna know what these sites are?


“It’s hard to believe something this

simple works as well as this does!”

“Hi Guys,

Are you going to shut this down soon? I hope so, because this is an incredible
program you have here and
I’d rather not everyone know about this
. It’s hard to believe
something this simple works as well as this does.

After just a few days, I saw my listing in the search engines and I already have
several people on my list as well. Glad to see something refreshing for a
change, rather than the “same ol” that you normally see. You guys rock!”

Mark Andreaus.



Super powerful high PR links

Each listing you create on these
download sites using the software gives you an amazing search engine boost

  • Direct, targeted traffic

Every single listing will pull in
targeted traffic, which will sign up to your e-mail lists like clockwork,
day in and day out whilst you spend the day relaxing with friends and

Oh and did I mention…it’s
free, and there’s ZERO learning curve?!

Just think what you can do with this in your

  • Build a targeted list of

This system will allow you to suck in
more free traffic than you could ever want or handle. Only a handful of
underground marketers know about this system, and they are pulling in
several thousand leads per week just from this one method alone.

Would you like to have a list of
targeted buyers at your fingertips…so that you can send out a single
e-mail and make more money than most doctors do in an entire month, within
minutes? Of course you would right?!

And here’s another secret…

Marketers from around the world will
be dying to pay you big money to get access to your subscribers…so that
means, however you want to make money, one thing is for sure…you will be
bombarded with people waving money in-your-face day after day.

  • Get unlimited, high
    volume, FREE traffic…

Forget about traffic trying up, or
other advertisers outbidding you on Google. It’s time to take back what’s
rightfully yours… which is your own business that makes money every single

The only way you can do that, is by
getting unlimited traffic… and lots of it.

Software Submitter Pro is your golden
ticket to getting this level of daily traffic. To date, we have never
witnessed a more powerful method for sucking traffic onto your list.

  • Save a whole TON of

Forget spending weeks setting up
Google Adwords campaigns. Forget spending 8 hours per day writing articles.
Forget tweaking websites for six months hoping that Google will list you on
page #1…because with Software Submitter Pro, your your traffic pours in
almost immediately…

…and takes less than 15 minutes to
set the entire system up!

And the best part? You only have to do this once to
reap the benefits for an entire lifetime (or you
could do it several times and seriously crush any market you decide to make
money in)

Finally, you will be able to get the
links and traffic you need, without spending all day blogging, social
networking or trying to figure out the new rules over at Google.

No more wasting $5 per click on
Adwords, or paying some freelancer to get you a bunch of backlinks. No more
wasting money on SEO tools and SEO experts either!

The software does what would normally
take you weeks of manual labour (entering individual account details,
submission details and submitting your PAD file)

But with Software Submitter Pro, you
can finally get targeted traffic from an untapped resource, and start seeing
sales pour in for new or old websites…without busting your butt all day

…which means that you really can get
more done in your day without stressing over traffic, or when the next sale
is going to come…(round of Golf anyone?)

Click Here To Claim Your Copy Now:


Best regards,

Bobby Walker and Adeel Chowdhry

Software Submitter Pro Team



(this is not a marketing gimmick – it *IS* going up)


Final Call ==>

Software Submitter Pro

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