Earn A Lifetime Of Unlimited Backlinks Without Writing
Any Article

Just a quick reminder. On 18th February, two important
prelaunch offers will end.

As you probably have learnt, our Gold membership subscription is $49/mth.
Those who grab our one-time-offer will get a Lifetime Gold membership at $599.
But that’s not the deal for you.

As promised, I’m going to give you a HUGE discount.

If you upgrade your account now, you will get a Lifetime Gold membership, at
just $199.

That’s 66% discount off the one-time-offer of $599 and insanely
cheap compared to those who pay $49/mth.

No pressure selling here. This offer is likely to end on
18 February
. Just
make sure that you get it before it ends.


 My “personalized”

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Here’s Your Rare

Opportunity To Earn A Lifetime Of

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Without Writing Any Article!



Many members have enquired about our affiliate program. Let me take this

opportunity to explain to you how our affiliate program rewards you!


  1. You get 50% recurring commission on all Gold membership monthly

    subscriptions ($49/mth) by your referrals.

  1. During the launch period, there will be a one-time-offer of

    lifetime Gold membership that costs $599. If your referrals take up this

    offer, you’ll get 50% (or  $299.5) straight away!

  1. Read this! >
    You earn bonuslink credits

    your referrals and their referrals submit
    articles to

    the system!

Yes, you read it right. Our backlink reward is a 2-tier system. Whenever

your 1st-tier and 2nd-tier referrals submit an article to the system, you

will earn 5 bonuslink credits (10 if you are a Gold member). Every bonuslink

credit will get you 1 backlink.

Assuming if you refer 20 people and each of the 20 people refers 20 other

people, that means you have a total of 420 people in your network. If each

of them submit just 1 article every month (which is extremely minimal) you

will earn 2100 backlinks every month (4200 if you are a Gold member). Now,

what if they are active SEO marketers and submit 10 articles every month?

That means you’ll earn 21,000 backlinks every month (or 42,000 for Gold)!

It doesn’t matter what membership your 2-tiers of referrals are having.

They can join as Silver or Gold members. You will get the bonuslink credits

so long as they submit articles and the articles are approved.

Earn A Lifetime Of Unlimited Backlinks Without Writing Any Article


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