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At this point in our lives, email is as equally popular and used as the the
phone. Email marketing doesn’t need to be hard, but if you’re trying to make it
profitable and haven’t a clue – then it will be very tough. Let’s move on and
take a look at the power of email marketing, and what you can do to tap into it.

The most irritating factor about many promotional emails, newsletters, ezine,
etc. is that they don’t offer their subscribers an easy way to unsubscribe from
their list.

You never really know, but just perhaps they’re fearful of people leaving their
lists if they make it easy to opt-out. But the fact is, if your emails are
really that worth it, very few would want to get off from your list. Also, it is
mandated by law, in the US, that an unsubscribe link be offered in each email.
There also cannot be any funny games about it, when they want to unsubscribe
they should immediately been taken to a page to do so. One approach used by many
is the double optin requirement, and the line of thinking is that only those who
truly want to be on your list will subscribe.

What marketers have done for years is to offer a free report, white paper, or
video in exchange for opting in to a marketing list. Offering something for
‘free’ still tends to work pretty well for most markets when you’re building a
list. This approach to list building is best for beginner marketers, and there
are other advanced methods, as well. You also may want to consider the double
optin email subscription so you’re sure to get a valid email address, etc. No
need to be concerned about people refusing the double optin, it is the standard
in the email marketing industry and widely accepted by net users. Sometimes
legitimate marketers are accused of spam by someone on their list, and the
double optin will protect you if that ever happens. If you’re new or
inexperienced, then just know that you want to setup an email campaign so you
can keep in contact with your subscribers and build a good relationship with
them. Keep sending them emails on a regular basis to build and strengthen the

You will also greatly benefit from using an autoresponder email management
service. Of course there are many benefits to this, but the main benefit is that
you’ll save tons of time. So you’ll just save a lot of time, plus you just
pre-write your emails and it sends them on a schedule.

Of course after someone subscribes, you can send them a nice greeting after they
optin. Autoresponders have very many uses from regular emails to mini courses,
etc. You can see a lot of success with email marketing, but you really need to
get educated as much as possible. If you keep these principles in mind, you can
be very successful with email marketing. Now you know to avoid terms that will
set off spam filters, make bold, blue links that people will recognize and use
subscribers’ names to make them feel special. Your goal should be to build
mutually beneficial relationships with all of your subscriber

thewebsitex  bann468

Proven Email Marketing Suggestions for The Newbie Marketer



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