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The internet has really become a force to be reckoned with recently. A decade
ago, Google started as a website that sought to give people the information they
searched for. About three years later, the company found success and started an
advertising program called Adwords. Google Adwords has since become the leader
to all other pay per click advertising markets. They still lead the back because
they have the best infrastructure and many users are seeing great results.
Google stands above all other companies in this respect. Why doesn’t everyone
find success with Adwords when they commence the program, then? If Adwords is so
great of a platform, why would new users quit in record numbers after they lost
their investments? It’s because they make the following mistakes, so take heed
so you don’t commit the same ones.

The first mistake you can commit is not giving your ad positions the proper
test, especially if you’re vying for the top position in Google’s search. Most
would say that’s the most coveted position, but it’s not all positive as it
turns out. By having the top position, it doesn’t mean you’re instantly going to
be making money. It turns out that you may get higher click through rates being
in a lower position than at the top. So it’s important to test the return on
investment for each of your positions. In many cases you’ll make more money in
the 4th or 5th position, just because you’re paying less, which means your
customer acquisition cost is lower. Your bid should stay low, as you should
never try to bid high just to increase your score of quality. Your quality score
also depends slightly on your CTR. So you shouldn’t assume that the more money
you spend, the more your quality rating will be, as that’s incorrect. You have
to look at other factors such as your landing page, how relevant your ad is, and
overall the quality of your campaign. That’s the primary way to get your quality
score increased, and merely spending money won’t’ do it.

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Another mistake that can cost you money is failing to turn the content network
off. Be sure to turn off the content network, especially when you are first
setting up an AdWords campaign. This is left on by default and it doesn’t really
work great for non-experts. The way this works is that Google puts your ad on
some partner sites it selects. For the most part, you won’t get a good enough
click through rate with this method to make it worthwhile. You will see
impressions but the CTR will be poor. You also get many people who click on your
ads who aren’t likely to buy anything, but are only looking around. In short, if
Google AdWords can give you traffic; it can also put a big dent in your wallet
if you’re not careful. New and experienced users alike make the blunders we just
discussed. They don’t realize this until they’ve lost some money. Now you
understand what to stay away from so that you can find success.

Adwords Mistakes You Should Never Make

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