Mobile Pages Ninja


Mobile Pages Ninja is

– Compatible with all themes

– You can have different Mobile Pages per domain

– You can create custom menus

– You can edit the background color

– You can custom fonts and colors

– You can custom headers, text, colors, etc

– You can custom footers, text, colors, etc

– You can add Your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Email contacts

Mobile Pages Ninja eliminates the need for any mobile plugins or

Themes because You can customize just about Everything.

Mobile Pages Ninja has the power to replace thousands of mobile Themes.

Mobile Pages Ninja Video


You need Mobile Pages Ninja if You are:


– Offline Consultant

– Niche Marketer

– Blogger

– Service Provider

– Building Personal Sites

With the way mobile is exploding, there is a good

chance You’ve already lost customers and income by

not offering mobile friendly pages on Your website.



Weather You are a niche marketer or an offline

consultant, its ESSENTIAL that You have the best

mobile tools at Your disposal.


Mobile Pages Ninja is the Ultimate

mobile site tool

Not only does it give You far more flexibility than other

tools on the market, but it’s also way easier to use

and significantly more cost effective than other tools on

the market

Mobile Pages Ninja Personal version is good for anyone who wants to use

Mobile Pages Ninja on their Own Sites.

You can own a Personal Mobile Pages Ninja Today for one time investment

of  $17


The Mobile Pages Ninja Developers Version is good for those of You that want to

build Mobile pages for Clients or to potentially Flip sites.

Your Mobile Pages Ninja Developers Version
for one time investment of $27

Mobile Pages Ninja


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