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Throughout the last year, I have released a number of products regarding social
media and SEO. Social media plays a massive role in SEO rankings, and over the
past few months, I have been using Social media sites alone to gain top Google
positions. This may not come as a surprise to you as we all know how important
Social media is on the internet and for SEO.

The problem has been that previous techniques needed in order to use Social
media sites would mean a ton of work had to be done, and it was very tedious
because we had to login to each to make posts. And also required us to remember
to make posts on a regular basis for each site.

There had to be a better way, so I decided to work on it to find a solution.

This is how BookmarkLovers was born

“Powerful Social Media Linking System CRANKS

out authority backlinks and FORCES published posts to page 1 of google in under
4 minutes”

BookmarkLovers by abs007


Get Instant Access to
The Ultimate Blueprint That Shows

5 Tested Ways to Make Money with CPA


The 5 Tested Ways to make money with CPA – You’ll will discover the Exact CPA
Money Making Ways That I have used consistently to make lots of money

Uncover The Most EFFECTIVE ways to drive highly targeted traffic to your CPA
offers and make FAT affiliate cash

Discover The Million Dollar CPA Resources. If You Are Able to See These
Resources, You Will Never Need Any Other Resource to find the gold nuggets for
CPA marketing.

The Exact Steps You Need to Follow for each CPA Money Making Model.

The Real CPA Money Maker – Five Tested Money Making Ways That Can Help You Make
at Least $50 – $500 per Day

Mike Morgan.


Internet Marketing Reviews Fiverr All-Stars

You get 150 Pages of Visuals and Resources

that make Internet Marketing a piece of cake.

17 main categories 79 subcategories updated 2 days ago

I am a HUGE fan of This is going to save me hours of time. Thanks
for putting this together, what a great idea. This will help me to spend more
time getting clients. The mystery bonus is worth the price alone

aCass Alex Cass Fiverr All-Stars.



Internet Marketing Reviews High-Ticket Dynamite

It’s Time To Cash In On The HIGH-TICKET Affiliate Program Craze and Make HUGE

$1,000, $5,000… EVEN $10,000 PER SALE The High-Ticket Affiliate Program Craze
Is Here.

Competing with everyone else that is selling the same low commission products is
tedious and exhausting. Putting in hours and hours of work only to be rewarded
with an occasional 20 bucks or so gets old really fast.

Sound familiar?

Stop Working Harder and Start Working SMARTER

I’m including a FREE COPY of my best selling course “Postcard Power Marketing”

Postcard marketing is an PERFECT match for many of these high ticket affiliate

The materials are well organized by niche type – 1 PDF report for each with all
the details you need to check out each affiliate program


Matthew Olson High-Ticket  Dynamite


Internet Marketing Reviews FastAttackBIZ

The FREE Way A Simple Google Tweak Can Increase Income, Traffic, and SEO

FastAttackBIZ Shows You Exactly How We Use Google Maps To Dominate Search
Results Without Wasting Money OR Time

The Actual Methods We Use To Consistently Produce Incredible Rankings Within
Google Maps For The MOST Competitive Terms

Stop Going CRAZY Trying To Figure Out “Why” Google Isn’t Giving You A Page 1
Search Result. Use Our Google Maps Backdoor Instead

No Articles. No Backlinks. No Costs.

The solution to this problem comes in the form of today’s ninja guide to getting
Google to quickly provide your sites with the rankings they deserve, for even
the most competitive terms and niches, in as little as a week: FastAttackBIZ.

CraigRC FastAttackBIZ



Internet Marketing Reviews EASY INSTANT FLYERS for Offline Consultants

– NO Photoshop or Special Editing Software Required

Offline Marketing Experts Jason Keith and Jason Zimmerman are here to give you
the fastest and easiest way to wow your clients with high quality,
ready-to-print flyers.

Watch the Video Below to see these Amazing Flyers in Action



Why You Need Flyers:

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced offline consultant making thousands
of dollars every month, or you are are just launching your offline
business…having beautiful printed materials like our Easy Instant Flyers will
impress potential clients and increase your chances of getting new business.

As much as we’d all like to, we can’t rely solely on our websites, Facebook
pages, or even email to sell our services to offline companies.

If you want to sell services to an old school business person who isn’t
comfortable with the internet: you need to wow them with a great flyer.

If you want to sell services to someone who only gives you 30 seconds to talk
because they are busy: you need to wow them with a great flyer.

As you may (or may not) know, you are going to run into plenty of potential
clients who prefer to have a piece of printed material in front of them.

That’s what they are used to and that’s what they are comfortable with. I run
into these people all the time. You want to show them something on a screen and
they just want to print it out.

That’s why Easy Instant Flyers is a necessary tool for your toolbox.

Get your flyers on the desk of the these business owners so they don’t have to
even turn their computers on. They see your flyer in front of them and they give
you a call.

TEMPLATES: 20 Easy Instant Flyers that are ready to customize and print or email

VIDEO: How To Use Easy Instant Flyers to Get New Offline Clients

VIDEO: Tutorial Getting started with Easy Instant Flyers

VIDEO: How to Secure Your Flyers for Emailing

PDF: Jason Z’s report on “The Importance of Flyers for your Business”

BONUS: Package of Icons and Graphics to plug in your flyers




Internet Marketing Reviews FastAttackTraffic

The Free Traffic Methods I Use To Create $35,000+ Per
Month Income On Autopilot

My Step-By-Step Blueprint Reveals The EXACT Free Methods I Personally Use To
Increase Buyer Traffic To ANY Site or Page by 1000%+

It’s Taken Me Over TWO YEARS To Get To This Level of $$$ Using Free Traffic ,
But You’ll Catch Up To My Knowledge In Half A DAY


CraigRC FastAttackTraffic




Internet Marketing Reviews Video Assassin Offline Edition Volume 9 General Dentists

Video Assassin Offline Volume 9

Includes a sales email and a video targeted to General Dentists

• Post the video on your website and YouTube

• Edit the email to personalize it with your info,

• Cut and paste into your email client

• Include the video or a link to your website

Use this video with the included email for a SURGE of offline customers!




Three simple steps to new business! In the Hottest Market in Local Search!!

Upload the video to your YouTube account

Make a page on your website for each industry:

ie: & post the video with your sales copy

Send the professionally written sales email for a surge of offline customers!

You’ll Receive:

One Custom, Professional Video for Attracting General Dentists

Professionally written sales copy from Brian Anderson (LiquidSEO)

that is industry specific to use for your emails

General Dentistry (Dentists)

The Ninth In A Ground-Breaking Series of


FOR OFFLINE MARKETING – Our First Dental Edition – General Dentists

by Rob Actis and Brian Anderson




Internet Marketing Reviews FastAttackRent


How I “Rent” My Way To $100,000+ With NO Clickbank/Adsense/Amazon/Etc

We Reveal The EXACT Method We Use To Create Amazing Income That ANYONE Can Copy
And Use Over And Over Without Risky Upfront Costs

This Is Our Step-By-Step Blueprint To Generate Enormous Income Quickly Without
Having To Be A Master Copywriter Or Killer Salesman On Your Pages. And It’s The
Single Best Way To Create Recurring Income That Can Last For YEARS With Little
To No Maintenance Or Extra Work

STOP Wondering How Everyone Else Is Making TONS Of Money With So Little Work And
JOIN US In The Pool! Use This Step-By-Step Plan to Finally Achieve Your
Financial Dreams With NO Risk And NO Upfront Costs

Just A FEW Of The Simple Methods, Tactics, and Secrets FastAttackRent Reveals:

· The exact way we get quick low-competition listings to build our high-demand
“rental” property…

· The high conversion targets who pay top dollar for our rental sites and the
reason why…

· The 10 best types of sites we use for maximum income from desperate

· The fastest way to launch your first $1,000-per-month rental site from

· The wide-open Women’s niches that are slam-dunks for us that NO ONE are doing

· The best of our OWN WordPress site templates that we use currently for rental

· The hidden FREE software we use to accelerate our entire process that you’ll
save HOURS with.


CraigRC FastAttackRent




Internet Marketing Reviews Ultimate Adsense Site Blueprint


Multiple $30 – $70 per month sites built with little Time and Effort

Ultimate Adsense Site Blueprint – OTO




misterlmno Ultimate Adsense Site Blueprint




Internet Marketing Reviews PLR to Right Click Popup


Own PLR Rights to the Most Brand New Popup Technology

to Generate Money Whenever Someone Attempts to Steal

Your Blog Contents … Period.

Prevent Right Click

Prevent Ctrl+C

Prevent Highlight + Copy

Mawardee(A) PLR to Right Click Popup



Internet Marketing Reviews Affiliate Marketing 101 PLR Bundle

Tap Into A Mass Market Topic With Your Own Personally Branded Affiliate
Marketing Course


This is a full “business in a box” style Affiliate Marketing course, with full
PLR rights, built for any marketer who is interested in building a list of IM

Here’s The Deal With Newbies…

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for a newbie to learn online
marketing skills while making some money in the process. No products, no support
and limited experience don’t matter!

Most newbies have already had a bad experience with an over-hyped Internet
Marketing offer that left them feeling jaded and skeptical

With Affiliate Marketing 101 you have a ready-made course that will cut through
the hype and give your newbie audience a real head start with affiliate

This is the ultimate list building tactic!

You gain credibility from Day 1. Now you have a potential long term customer who
you can send more high converting offers to.

JustinP Affiliate Marketing 101 PLR

What Is The Potential?

I just fired over to the Google Keyword tool and ran a keyword search on
“Affiliate Marketing”. Here were the top 5 most popular results

affiliate marketing……………..301,000 monthly searches

how to affiliate marketing….. 300,000 monthly searches

what is affiliate marketing…..300,000 monthly searches

clickbank………………………….450,000 monthly searches

affiliate programs………………380,000 monthly searches

Nearly 2 Million monthly searches just for the top 5 keywords


What’s Included in this PLR Package?

This PLR Bundle includes 9 major folders of content that you can use in your
business TODAY:

1. The Affiliate Marketing 101 Rebrandable Course

3500 word course about the essentials of affiliate marketing. The course comes
in PDF, Doc, Pages and Text format

100% editable and customizable

Topics in the course include:

– What is Affiliate Marketing?

– Benefits of Being an Affiliate

– Choosing a Niche

– Choosing Your Affiliate Program

– Creating Your Account

– Setting Up Your Own Website

– Keyword Research

– Tips on Creating Posts/Pages

– Your Own Website

– Driving Traffic to Your Promotion

– Give Away Something of Value

– Additional Traffic Generation Methods

– Tracking Your Efforts

2. Affiliate Marketing Autoresponder Series

7 Part autoresponder series that educates the IM Newbiew on the most important
aspects of affiliate marketing

Autoresponde subjects include:

– Affiliate Marketing 101 Feedback

– Content Truly Is King

– Remember I Mentioned Content Last Time?

– Any Trouble With Affiliate Networks?

– It Isn’t All About Networks and Programs Though…

– Are You Thinking About Buying Traffic, Yet?

– Do You Need More Help?

3. 1 Month of Affiliate Marketing Pre-Written Tweets

31 pre-made Twitter updates that you can load into any Twitter scheduler and use
to promote your Affiliate Marketing 101 product page

Some sample Tweets


Affiliate Marketing 101 PLR – UPGRADE


Internet Marketing Reviews Christmas Crusher

Christmas Crusher – Cash In This Christmas with These 2 Turnkey Amazon Video
Review Websites


Great questions!Yes, you can set them all up on one domain, you could either set them up as
subdomains or in individual folders. I do include directions on how to do
that.You sure can add new reviews and additional content to your sites very
easily. As these sites are WordPress they are very easy to work with.Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Christmas Crusher OTO

Like I said to you during our conversation, you are an absolute pleasure to work
with as a customer an you did an excellent job getting your sites up and

Mark Lareau Christmas Crusher


Internet Marketing Reviews My Mobile Site Generator

Become your own Mobile Site Hosting Company

Created this one ourselves. We are programmer partners on this one.

My Mobile Site Generator OTO

This is a superb system that I’ve had the privilege of seeing grow & grow in
terms of both functionality & scalability.

I was amongst a core group of beta testers & have been amazed by the hard work
Brad & his team have put into this.

It has been a real labor of love & dedication & this product goes *way* beyond
anything else I’ve seen on the market.

ccstudio My Mobile Site Generator


Internet Marketing Reviews Cultivating Contentment

New Christian PLR Multi-BILLION Dollar Niche

There are 5408 words in this one. Was ready for you this time…lol. Very
happy you like package! All of my Christian products are labors of love, but
this one especially so. We are in the season of giving, so the product fits
right in. It was written to show how giving thanks for what we have will help us
realize true contentment in our lives.

Thanks again, Paul

Night of Two Visitors OTO

PaulMcDonald Cultivating Contentment


Internet Marketing Reviews Swiftdrops

Expired Domains – With PR, Backlinks, Age & Google Trust “” Check
over 500k Domains

Hi, I saw that WSO also,
this isnt an app its a server based service that gives a lot more information,
we have about 500k domains in our system now the other
WSO says he has about 2k
domains in each of his exported list, we have 500k now but we will be adding ALL
domain name providers that offer expired domains, domain auctions etc we also
offer a lot more detailed information like backlinks, pages indexed by google
domain age, pr, you can filter
results based on all of the above and also by keyword so its not the same
service, the other WSO was
basically a PR checker swiftdrops is
much more.

Also we are constantly adding domains as they become available so you have the
chance of hitting a high PR domain
just by searching several times per day, we are using godaddys API and keep our
system 100% upto date, as soon as they hit their system they are in ours.

zeplin169 Swiftdrops

Internet Marketing reviews 16 WSOs



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