Jeremy Schoemaker is Facebook’s top advertiser | Facebook Marketing Comes Full Circle in 2010

Aren’t you glad that the social networking sites are making it more difficult
for marketers t use stealth tactics to market to (and spam) its members? Even if
it’s fruitful for you, it never makes you feel good to deceive customers and
annoy the masses.

In 2009, Facebook really took off, replacing MySpace as the marketer’s adult web
2.0 playground of choice. There were some drawbacks, though. You had people
complaining that their friends were only talking about business opportunities –
and some complaining that they didn’t care to know the personal aspects of their
friends lives because they were there to conduct business.

Many marketers decided to clean their friends’ list and open fan pages instead –
reserving their official Facebook profile for close friends and family only.
Facebook has a lot to ensure their income continues to soar with this influx of
non-college students.

Their estimated revenue for the year 2010 is over $710 million. They’ve grown to
over 350 million members and that number will continue to soar. While it’s
traditionally been a closed site, Facebook is now working to connect its own
member content across the World Wide Wide, enabling members to share on their
own websites or blogs via Facebook connect.

Facebook will continue to lead the social networking scene when it comes to
globalization. It started with a nifty translator that enables you to
participate on the site in more than 70 different languages.

One thing is for sure. Facebook’s going to have to find a way to help its
members avoid spam. Right now, anyone can send you a message without even having
you confirm them as a friend.

That means you’ll get all sorts of spam content – from the long lost relative
with the same last name who wants you to pay her $14,000 so she can transfer
$1.4 million into your account to the cutesy women who want to chat with you,
big boy!

Users of Facebook will be hyper-sensitive to any changes the site makes in
regards to the privacy of their content, after 2009’s fiasco of announcing they
officially owned your content and then going back on that statement to put out
all of the fires that started.

Advertising is rampant on the site, so more marketers will be looking for ways
to pay to play there. Right now you can run an AdWords-like campaign on
Facebook, targeting individuals by age, location and more. Then you create an
ad, choose PPC or pay per impression and track your conversions. Competition for
2010 may heat up, so learn to tweak your campaigns early on.

Jeremy Schoemaker is Facebook’s top advertiser

QUICK FACTS: Jeremy Schoemaker is the guy that’s one of Facebook’s
top advertisers (huge affiliate marketer)
as well as someone that generates
tons of traffic in many ways — he has
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He is the perfect example that

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But he worked hard at his online

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* And good for his health… he also lost

a ton of weight.

He’s done it all… affiliate marketing…

traffic brokering… CPA stuff… online

tools… blogging… web services…

products… and more. (A lot more.)

And now he’s finally going to pull back

the curtain and SHOW YOU exactly how

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No theory or “expert advice” — just

VIDEOS and tutorials of him showing

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Trust me… this guy is the REAL DEAL.

At 3:00PM EST today (Tuesday, Jan. 26)

he’s opening up his “Shoemoney System”

of step-by-step training.

WARNING: This guy isn’t one of the

usual “Internet Marketing Guru” guys

you see all over the place. He’s just

a guy that makes money and wants

to show others how to do it too — while

still generating millions for himself as

an entrepreneur, and NOT just by selling

“make money” stuff.

** He was recently spending over

5-figures PER DAY on advertising

with Facebook to promote an affiliate

offer. As I said… this guy is a real

PLAYER in the online business game

and not just a usual “guru.”

After 3:00PM EST you can check out

his new “Look Over My Shoulder” system

I highly recommend Jeremy’s new training

system because I know the type of person

he is (he’s now a good friend) *and* I know

how successful he is and how eager he is

to help others do the same. So make sure

to check out what he’s offering:

Jeremy Schoemaker is Facebook’s top advertiser | Facebook Marketing Comes Full Circle in 2010

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