How Will I Know Which Internet Marketing Strategy to
Pursue in 2010?

Get rich quick schemes are out with 2009. In 2010, it’s all about building your
business from the ground floor-up. That includes looking at your online efforts
from the perspective of a brick and mortar entrepreneur.

You want to know which titles you’ll wear in the business – will you just manage
everyone working for you (meaning freelancers and service providers)? Will you
have a hands on approach to the graphics or content? Or will you oversee the
marketing and advertising development for your products and let outsourced
professionals handle all the rest?

You need a plan, and part of that plan is to evaluate each of your opportunities
to see which business model would best suit your personal preferences and your
financial needs. It might be info product creator, software developer, service
provider, membership site coordinator – there are many options for you to

Many people were taught how to build AdSense sites for awhile. No one ever told
them it isn’t as big of an income as an info product site for the same amount of
work generating traffic to the domains. You can’t just trust the judgment of
someone else – you have to take responsibility for checking out all of your
options and making the best choice for you.

For the 2010 year, you want to look at things a bit differently. Rules are being
implemented left and right – with the FTC, with article directories – even with
third party affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank.

So everything you do needs to be above the board. Long gone are the days when
blackhat tactics were something to envy. Now it can potentially end your
business in a flash – nothing no smart entrepreneur would do to risk their

Start with a niche that won’t get you into trouble. Yes, some of them stand to
help you make a fortune, but is it something where you’ll have a lot of trouble
posting content online?

Then move on to what you can learn – and from whom. Are there ample guides to
teach you about this marketing strategy? Do the marketers teaching it have good
reputations or will they be instructing you to “get away with” things that might
jeopardize your business?

Don’t risk it! Pursue something that is ethical and that provides you with
happiness in addition to the financial success you’re after. It’s not all about
the money. Sometimes the joy you get out of building your business is what can
sustain you through the years until you achieve the highest level of
accomplishment you can imagine.

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