HTML clipboard  Clickbank Approved my First Product Traffic Pump System

Announcing a new Clickbank product offering 50% commission to affiliates!

The product is Called Google Traffic Pump System.

Sales page:

Affiliate materials:

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Why You Should Promote Google Traffic Pump System ?

Google Traffic Pump
This Product Teaches Customers to Attract Website Traffic Using New Free Google Tools. Also included 2 Video Bonus to Teach the Content of the Delivered ebook. The Traffic Pump System Helps You to Get Targeted Leads in Less Than
15 Minutes Using Free Google Tools.
Contains a top-notch informational digital product your WILL be proud of to sell with total confidence that your new customers will be fully satisfied!

Is based on my VERY strict requirements as well as over 9 years of online marketing experience!

Is centered around a current HOT money-making topic that is already proven to sell like crazy!

Has a MASSIVE demand which continually grows day-by-day!

Is completely UNIQUE and cannot be found ANYWHERE on the internet – this digital product internet business was designed by ME and several hired resources.

Plus, there is a consistent HUGE demand for products that deliver website traffic. Take a look at the screenshots below from the Google Insights tool and the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool:

From the image above, you quickly see the HUGE demand for people “wanting” to know how to send traffic to their website.
AND … The Google Traffic Pump system will show your HUGE market how to send FREE highly targeted traffic to ANY website in ANY niche!

If you can find a target market with a problem, and then SOLVE their problem for FREE … you have a PROVEN winner!

What support do we give our affiliates?

There is a lot of help for promoting this great product Tell a Friend Software with Security Code , Email Copy, Banners, Blog Posts, Signature Ads, Forums Posts, PPC Samples, Converting Keywords, Tweet Ads, Co-Registration Leads and Software Marketing Tools, Video and Landing Pages.

From my own experience … it’s absolutely CRUCIAL to have a high quality affiliate resources page that delivers a lot of profit-pulling marketing material.

Here’s what you get on that page …

built-in instant money generator you affiliates can use to make money now

Email marketing
content with resources

professionally designed high-converting banners

professionally written blog posts
Signature ads
Forum marketing information
120 suggested forums, 1500 related blogs to post comments

Pay per click marketing material
Instant Tweets ads with instant-tweet links

Co-registration marketing resources

If you do not like clickbank you can check my Traffic Pump System affiliate program at Paydotcom

Roger Gonzales

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