How to Approach Direct Mail as an Internet Marketer

As an internet marketer you might not yet have considered
using direct mail to get the word out about your online business. You really
need to think about this option, however. Direct mail is one of the best ways to
let people know about your internet business! When you take the time to use
direct mail, you will seem more like a person and less like a robot. It can be
pretty hard to overcome the intimidation aspect, especially if you haven’t used
direct mail before. Don’t stress out too much! Here are some of the best ways to
approach direct mail marketing when you are an internet marketer.

By directing contacting someone, you have greatly increased the chance they will
buy something from you. There are many services provided over the Internet, like
copywriting, that will be perfect for inclusion in direct mailing.

It doesn’t matter how good your website is, it can be topped by a simple letter.
Address the letter directly to the business owner, and then tell him or her
about your skills and services and how they will help the other business. If you
create a personalized piece of mail that directly highlights the needs or
concerns of your target, you will always find them more receptive to your
overtures than if you had sent them a bland blanket email.

Start small and build. It’s often costly to do direct mail. Stamp costs go up
each year. It is for this reason that you want to start out with a very small
targeted audience and test out their response to what you send. Until you get a
positive response out of one of these mailings, you should continue to do this.
Once you have found the sweet spot, you can increase the number of people that
you mail to. It is not a stretch of the imagination to believe that one day you
will be up to dispatching hundreds of letter in a single mailing! Obviously
though, you shouldn’t start off sending out hundreds of pieces of mail. No
matter how good your product may be, you’ll lose too much money doing your
direct mail campaign too big. This is why you should always run some tests
before going bigger.

Always make sure your mail is direct and to the point. Keep the mailing to one
page in length, and don’t add fancy inserts and graphics. You will always be
more successful if you send a simple letter or perhaps an uncluttered single
paged brochure to the customer.

You don’t want to interrupt the customer’s day too much. Just let them know what
you are offering, and let them get on with their lives. If your message can’t be
contained in one page, it is far to confusing. This is called the “single page”
rule. You’ll also save money by having a shorter message. It won’t be as
expensive to mail. The post office will charge you more to mail it.

For any business to succeed, every resource that is available to them should be
utilized. The beauty of direct mail is the ability to reach the people who would
have otherwise been unreachable due to lack of Internet use or knowledge. A
great number of individuals still do not work with the Internet on a frequent
basis. Direct mail gives you a great opportunity to reach this untapped market.

How to Approach Direct Mail as an Internet Marketer

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