Best Ways to Market Your Business Offline

If you are like the typical online marketer, you probably seldom give any
thought to reaching people who are offline. Most internet marketers use up their
entire marketing budget on well known internet-based advertising techniques such
as pay-per-click ads, having articles written or hiring SEO specialists. It
might be smart to diversify your marketing strategy by putting aside some of
your budget for offline marketing techniques. This requires a different mindset,
but it could be quite profitable! If you aren’t sure where to start with your
offline marketing tactics, here are a few tried and true methods that have a
reputation for success.

Find out what the laws are in your local area about flier distribution. Can you
put one on a front door without worrying about getting arrested? Does local law
say you can’t walk from house to house dropping them in mailboxes? Print up a
bunch of fliers for your business (printing and cutting the fliers yourself is a
good way save money for this project) and distribute them in whatever way that
you are allowed to distribute them. Next, you want to get the fliers into
people’s hands and if you are not afraid you can give them a presell of what
your site is all about. Put a coupon code into the fliers so you can track your
success! Public transportation is a goldmine. Your t-shirt can be a converted
into an ad that you can use to display bits of information about your online
business. This beats the price of other advertising source by a long shot. Many
printing companies will allow you to have a few free samples as an incentive to
use their service.

Your new sample(s) can be put to immediate use by wearing your chosen article of
imprinted clothing or accessory out into public so you can inconspicuously
advertise your URL. People will be curious as to what the website is about that
you have printed on your shirt or bag and may even visit the site right then and
there from their cell phone.

Another powerful method but one that is usually ignored is pinning fliers up on
bulletin boards; like the ones in grocery stores and other locations. These
boards are free to place your ads on. A well placed flier with something people
can take home to help them remember your URL can do wonders for your business.
Most the people that enter a library or store stops and takes a look at the
bulletin board; your ad can be one of the ones they see. Free methods usually
take a lot of time and effort to set-up and then even more time to see results;
this is the exact opposite. Just because your product or service might be online
based doesn’t mean it can’t be effectively marketed offline. In fact, there
might even be more ways to advertise yourself offline than there are online! You
may just have to shift gears a little.

The possible ways to market your business are almost limitless if you allow your
creativity to flow freely and you keep trying things until something works!
Think of who could use your product or service. Don’t be afraid to spend some of
your marketing budget on offline marketing materials that you can hand out or
give away. There are highly effective ways to market offline as well as online;
why not take advantage of both?

Best Ways to Market Your Business Offline

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