World Internet Summit London UK 2007
Presented by Roger Gonzales and Venetia Stylianou

The summit was held on the 15th – 18th November 2007
in London UK. at Earls Court.

There were 10 different speakers.

The two presenters were Tom Hua & Brett McFall.

We experience during these 4 days the World Internet Challenge
and the JV Table.

The speakers at the World Internet Summit London UK 2007 were:

Day One

* Brett McFall (Presenter)
* Shaune Clarke
* Shaune Clarke & Brett McFall – World Internet Challenge
* Tim Brocklehurst

Day Two

* Tracy Repchuk
* Adam Ginsberg
* Rick Raddatz
* Sean Roach(Got all 10s)

Day Three

* Mike Stewart
* Brett McFall (Presenter)
* Shaune Clarke
* Ewen Chia (My mentor)
* Armand Morin

Day Four

* Alan Forest Smith
* Tom Hua (Presenter)
* Adam Ginsberg
* Tom Hua (Presenter)

We will be posting our personal views of the speakers and some
of our pictures at the World Internet Summit.
The whole event was taped, and will be available to
purchase on DVD from this blog as soon as it is released.

To be the first to find out when the DVD’s are available just fill
out the form on the left of the page.


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