Earls Court the location for the World Internet
Summit London UK.

We left Athens on the 14th and arrived in Zurich
in the afternoon.

Bought some Swiss chocolates, and security at
the Zurich airport asked us to take off our shoes.

We arrived at Heathrow in the evening and took the
London Underground. Connecting the Picadilly line to
the Direct line at Earls Court station we arrived at
our hotel in West Kensington around 10.

We ate light that night an early in the morning we took the
London Underground to West Brompton station.

Which is much closer to Earls Court than the Earls Court

Later we found out that walking from the hotel was even
faster than the London Underground.
The first two days were sunny, then it just rain and rain.

Earls Court conference Center is a group of buildings
that run several seminars and exibitions.
There were a Real Estate and a Money Management
seminar going on at the same time as the World Internet
Summit. There was also a Boat Show .

The World Internet Summit was held in the Central building
in the second floor.

The staff was very friendly and our registrations ids
were ready when we got there.

We met Ewen Chia and thanked him for his invitation and
Bret McFall welcomed us to the event.

We got coffee and went into the conference room.


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