I made a comment on OZ blog and I just wanted to reprint it here on my website.

Thanks for reminding us to be focus. Even though we all unsubscribe from many lists, there are some people that keep you emailing from other email lists that they compile when you buy something. So we have to keep unsubscribing all the time, it is a recurring task.

– focus on marketing –
When something new comes along like a new advertising technique or a new plug-in we should first check the Warrior Forum reviews or google the name of the product. If it fits with your strategy You should look at it make a decision to buy it, now use it now or delete it. If you save it for later you will piled up so many ebooks, software, courses, templates. Just check your download folder by date and you will agree with me. Now when you buy something and after using it, it is not what you expected cancel it right away and get a refund, usually withing 30 days do not wait for 45 or 60 days, make the decision to cancel and proceed to get you refund as soon as you know it is not a good fit.

– focus on outsourcing –
Try to learn how to outsource small tasks as low as $5 from these or similar sites fiverr, tenbux, fivequid, dealerr, gigswood, gigme5, justafive, uphype, yoofive, zeerk, gigbucks, fora20, microjobtweets, a couple in Portuguese dezaofaciland and trampoo.
More professional help can be found at Warriors For Hire in the Warrior Forum.

– focus on mentoring –
As soon as possible find a mentor and Do what he tells you to completion, I have changed my mentors many times and I can say from my experience the success that I achieved at different times in my career were the result of following the guidelines of that mentor at that particular time.

– focus on timing –
The time that you stick to a project it is not a month or six month a year or 4 years like somebody mentioned above.
You decide on the time, it all depends on your skills, timing, marketing conditions, expectations, results, capital and setbacks.

– focus on monetization –
Some of us were doing great with One tye of monetisation of our sites, but we also lost some profitable business because somebody (G) changed the rules.
So the advice of having different monetisation ways (Amazon, Clickbank, Adsense, ebay feeds, Cpa offers, Lead generation, Call centers, etc) might change your focus because each one is so big to master.

– focus on your product –
I met some lucky people that created one product and had not competition and are making a killing now, my personal experience is not the same,for example one of my products that was selling for $37 using ppc, then three different marketers made three similar clones and started selling it for $29 spending lots of money on ppc.
So I changed my strategy to Seo, stopped all my ppc campaings, I learned Seo, I am number one for several of my keywords in the three major search engines. It took more than a year to do all this.
The only focus was on my product, the marketing and the seo became so huge after gaining all this knowledge so I am changing my focus to Local and Mobile marketing.

– focus on problem solving –
Sometimes we get stuck on a task, and you lose focus google it, check on forums, somebody else might have had the same problem, must of the time you will find an answer, if not Just post a question on the appropriate forum, you will be surprise how many people will gladly help you.
Repeating the wise advice from one of my mentor do not stop your project or delay it because you have a $20 problem, find somebody to fix it pay for it, done.

– focus on your feedback –
Every week or every month check your statistics, number of sales, number of optins, unique visitors, total income, keywords etc and compare it with you goals on the same time schedule and year to date
A spreadsheet should be very useful for doing this.

– focus on your life –

Are you happy?, are you on track, do you like what you are doing?, do you celebrate when you rich even small goals?, are you around people that encourage you, do you have a mastermind group?, do you have time for your loved ones everyday?, do you have and live a spiritual life?.

Well I got carried away with post on focus, thanks again for reminding me.


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