Automated Mobile Video with Mojo Matrix Video Software

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What video marketing “guru’s” won’t tell and how it’s
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These guys have taken…

List Building + Video + Mobile

… and wrapped it all up into one powerful

software that automates it all.

mojo matrix video software

Think “video autoresponders for mobile marketing”!

Why you don’t need YouTube to be successful.

Video Production Secrets

Discover which is better, simple videos filmed with a
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Why you don’t need editing skills or be an Internet
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The Mojo Matrix is a“push button simple” marketing software for

mobile video email and text message campaigns that will bring

your competion to there knees

It is A powerful tool that helps business owners

1.Magnetically draw eager buyers and joint venture partners

2.Create a loyal database of raving fans and customers….

3.Become the ultimate subject matter expert…generalist get paid….experts get rich

4. In addition it is the Easiest way to clone your message and yourself to the masses

and go viral….its all about leverage & the law of multiplication.

5.Most effective way to follow-up, create a memorable connection, and save massive

amounts of time… could save a min 1hr a day= 6 40hr work weeks a year

Users, can quickly sign up, login, upload and distribute videos in automated campaigns.

this is so push button simple…we have a video of a 9 year old using our system !

There are 7 game changing modules to the Mojo Matrix that make

it the most powerful marketing weapon on the planet !

Module #1 Video Email Campaigns -makin a message

Forget boring, ineffective email campaigns that get discarded every time. Make a

memorable powerful impression instantly .and connect emotionally with your prospects

by educating and motivating everyone in your path with video email!

Module #2 Full Scale Video Automation -drip campaigns

The Mojo Matrix uses futuristic technology to make video campaigns “Push Button

Simple”. With the click of a couple buttons you can create video campaigns that will run

automatically for days, weeks, months, or years.

This gives you the ultimate freedom to focus on the important things. in fact the mojo

matrix is your sales army helping you build massive relationships with potential or

existing customers & automatically whether you are sleeping, on vacation, spending

time with friends and family, or focusing on growing your business…

Module #3 2-Click Follow Up – dashboard

With the mojo matrix, you have the ability to follow up with someone in less than five

seconds with pre-loaded videos. this module allows you Ninja quick response that will

leave your prospects “Wowed” and BLOWN AWAY, and completely separate you from

your competition.

Instead of WASTING 5-20 minutes tediously constructing an email, you can send WITH

just 2 CLICKs a MEMORABLE,vibrant, relationship building, business exploding video

campaign in mere seconds.

Think about it…Wouldn’t you just love to see the look on your prospects face when

they receive a video from you just moments after meeting you?


Module #4 Mobile Video Encoding – works on phone

In the next three years, video on mobile phones is going to increase 66 x’s.

In fact, with over 6 billion cellbphones on the planet, More and more prospects are

checking their messages on their mobile phone. At mojo, we want to help you stay in

front of this mobile video wave and not behind it. That’s why we designed the mojo

matrix to automatically encode your videos 4for mobile phone viewing.

This gives you a true on demand video that can be seen anywhere, at anytime.

Functionality #5 SMS/Text Message Video Campaigns – send text

This has never been done before…Ever…until now. YOU ARE PART OF INTERNET


92% of text messages are responded to WITHIN 4 MIN. Take advantage of this

TRAILBLAZING TECHNOLOGY by delivering your videos through mobile text messages.

Now you can send video messages to where they will get opened up the fastest, and

have the highest response.

Functionality #6 Contact List Management – showing contacts


countless stacks of business cards.! YOUR FOLLOW UP WILL FINALLY get laser beam

foused LIKE NEVER BEFORE ! The mojo matrix allows you to effortlessly import your

address book, upload csv files, put people in lists, segment contacts, and start and stop

video drip campaigns.

Module #7 Statistics – showing graphs


WHAT YOU DON’T MEASURE. YOU CAN CHECK what campaigns where delivered,

when they went out, who opened your emails, who watched the video, and even

who forwarded your video to a friend (think Viral Video Statistics). These CRucial


The only thing the Maxtrix does not do is tell you what everyone had for breakfast !

[something like google analytics where


In the end, you have a money making machine designed to help you blow up your

business with automated video campaigns that run month after month after month.

here’s the bottom line:

we all know what worked a couple years ago is completely obsolete.

we also know that 90% of success of a business has nothing to do with your product

or service. it’s all about how you tell your story and make that emotional connection

and build those relationships. It’s also about exploding your database, and automating

everything by using the law of multiplication.

This is push button simple. @ the end of the day, what we regret is not what we did,

but what we did not do.

Sign up now and we will see you in the winners circle.

And it’s all FREE, when you sign-up in the order form .



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