FBMaxed To Deliver You To The Promised Land in Facebook?

With the advent of iFrames and the HTML5 framework, the door to new
adventures and possibilities with these tools in the making of your Facebook
Page has reached an entirely new level. You can now create an entire website on
your own Facebook Page. I’m talking complete web sites with multiple pages, with
videos, photo galleries, opt-ins, sales pages, landing pages, links, whatever it
is that you can do with a web site, you can do it here on Facebook. Wow,
interaction with your fan base on Facebook has never been this exciting!

With all these new features and tools available, it is indeed timely and spot
on for a complete system that streamlines the whole process of creating and
implementing a website on your Facebook Page, to make its grand entrance.

Enter FBMaxed.

This is by far the only Facebook Page system that I know of that utilizes
both the iFrames and the dynamic HTML5 framework together. Yes, FBMaxed makes
sure that you stay ahead of the curve and even declares that it will future
proof your Facebook Page by virtue of its customizable templates. They even
double as mobile websites and have been tested on Android, Blackberry, iPhone
and iPad!

One thing that really stands out is that this system essentially allows you
to custom create two web sites for your Facebook Page. Why two? One is a reveal
splash page, meant to be seen by people who have not “liked” your page, while
the other is a real, complete web site that is visible only to those that have
“liked” your page. As for the reveal splash page, it is, get this, an entire web
site by itself. It’s not just a single page with an image and some text; it’s a
complete web site where you can include anything you want into it such as
videos, lead capture opt-ins, photo galleries, and more! Talk about creating a
teaser site to get people to “like” your Facebook Page, so they can get to see
the real, complete thing!

I was also very impressed with the three solid customizable templates that
comes with FBMaxed. It essentially takes care of all the grunt work in designing
and implementing a website on your Facebook Page. What are just some of the
things that these templates can do? Opt-ins, PHP email contact forms, HTML5
video, photo galleries… wow, just wow. I’m really tempted to ask here now, is
there something that FBMaxed can’t do?

The icing on the cake, however, is the excellent value-added services that
the FBMaxed team is offering to its buyers. They will hold webinars every few
days to guide them through the setting up of their very own facebook Page. After
every webinar they will hold a question and answer session where people are
given a chance to clarify any doubts or uncertainties. These webinars are also
posted as downloadable videos so buyers can revisit them anytime they want to,
in case they missed out on a webinar or just want to revisit certain topics. And
of course, they also have email support to answer your questions and concerns.

All in all, if you are into social media marketing and want to dominate the
market and competition, or want to spread brand awareness and keep in constant
touch with your fan base on facebook, then FBMaxed
is definitely a must.

Alright, first off, my apologies if I seem to be hyping and hyperboling about
FBMaxed in the title above. However, to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t
think any amount of hype and hyperbole is going to justify the immediate impact
that using this astounding system is going to have on your facebook Page and
getting more “likes” from the people that visit it. I mean, think about it.

A. Complete. Website.

Now, just to give you an idea of what this means. Your facebook Page now can

  • HTML5 videos.
  • Photo galleries
  • Multiple pages on one facebook Page
  • PHP email contact forms
  • Lead capture opt-ins
  • Sales pages, Landing pages, Reveal Splash pages

Yes. All of those on your facebook Page. Business has never been easier to do
on facebook, seriously.

Alright, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. When I first got my copy for
review purposes, I thought to myself, well, this is a pretty sleek looking
package, but of course one should never judge a book by its cover. There are
always 3 things that I look for when determining whether a new product is worth
my purchase and time: its results, its ease of delivery, and its support


FBMaxed pretty much delivers what it promises. What really got the whole
product rocking is the three solid, customizable templates that is included with
the system that makes editing the websites a breeze. The templates can be
roughly grouped together as a video template that allows you to showcase videos
on your facebook Page, an icons template that has icons on the front page that
allow people to click to different pages (plus inclusion for videos), and a very
easy to customize basic colors template that is easy on the eyes and highly
adaptable to suit your needs.

Now, all of this won’t actually look good on facebook Page because you are
limited to just being 800 pixels “tall”. Well, guess what, FBMaxed actually has
coding that completely bypasses this restriction! There’s no scrollbars for
limitation, you are actually building right into the facebook Page itself! So
the end result is a really comfortably spaced-out, pleasing and jam-packed of
information facebook Page that you can change on the fly to suit whatever you
want! What about the addition of a special reveal splash page to prevent people
who haven’t “liked” your page from seeing your actual page? It’s pure genius.
Basically FBMaxed teaches you how to do include two separate websites into one
single facebook Page.

I got to give props to the creators of FBMaxed, this is a genius marketing
tactic. To me, it serves to act as a teaser page to tempt people to click the
“like” button, and boy, does it do it well because it has all the
functionality of a complete website! I’m not talking a simple teaser image
with some text page, I’m talking the whole nine yards teaser web site complete
with videos and opt-ins!


Aside from setting up a hosting account and getting a HTML editor and FTP
program (which granted most of us Internet marketers should have by now), the
system has no other costs really to think of. It’s a set-it-up-and-it’s-done
deal. Hosting accounts are cheap to get and there are free HTML editors and FTP
programs out there. So there aren’t any other “additional costs” to speak of for
this product. Also, the complete system to implement itself is pretty easy to
do. The instructions are clear and concise, and there are many images presented
to better clarify the instructions. I find the images and graphics very helpful
in speeding things along. All in all, it took me less than two hours to get
everything rolling and going. Thumbs up!


The FBMaxed team promised that they will provide webinars every few days to
their buyers to guide them through the system. Well, they certainly did not fail
here. In fact, they excelled! I attended some of the webinars and I find the
team to be really helpful and friendly with all of the questions and queries
posted by the users. They seem to know the ins and outs of the entire system and
that helps a lot if you have highly technical questions that needed answering. I
never needed to worry about missing anything because all of the webinars are
converted into downloadable videos so I can always get back to them later. Oh,
and for the days where there’s no webinar but I had questions that needed
answering? They also have email support for that too. Their replies are always
prompt and clear. All in all, outstanding support service. Kudos to the FBMaxed


FBMaxed delivers. It combines the best of what  both iFrames and HTML5 can do
for you on facebook and packages it into a complete system with three templates
that’s easy to use and highly customizable. There’s very little theory and
frills involved and it’s a lot of hands on, no-nonsense approach. Even the more
technical parts are made easy to understand and do with the help of big, clear
images. Excellent support service and a very smooth ease of delivery, no hidden
costs to speak of, no up-sells or cross-sells.

Overall rating 9/10.

Facebook HTML5 iFrame Template and Guide | An FbMaxed Review

Google marketing is passé. The new world is about Facebook marketing, and
this is amply proved by the new product on the Internet marketing block called
as FB Maxed, or Facebook 2011 Maxed to give it its full name.

Jointly developed by SEO Guru, Daniel Tan and Social Media Consultant, Phil
Benham, FB Maxed is an attempt to tap into the vast potential of Facebook
marketing. The developers couldn’t have decided on a better timing to launch
this product. With the number of users on Facebook at an all-time high right
now, with more users joining in every second, there is quite a bit of demand
among marketers who want to promote their products on Facebook.

Also, March 2011 is going to be a very decisive time for Facebook marketers
because Facebook is going to downsize the Facebook Markup Language (FBML)
drastically. FB Maxed is designed to be a guide for people to acquaint them with
the new iFrame pages that will be used.

That’s the demand part for the product, but how does it deliver? From our
analysis of FB Maxed, we can safely say that this product does deliver all that
it promises and more, which sets it leagues ahead of any competitors that it
might have.

Firstly, the guide teaches, in a step-by-step manner, how anyone can create a
complete website onto a Facebook page. You do not just see the guide but you
also get the entire system that helps you build the page. You have an option to
build a separate page for people who have not yet ‘liked’ you on Facebook, and
show a different page to those that have ‘liked’ you. This is an
improvement—with the previously used FBML, it was not possible to show a website
to people who didn’t ‘like’ you.

The website that you can build is full-fledged. You can add your opt-in form,
you can add email contact forms, you can add HTML5 videos and you can build it
to be as tall as you want. Thematic changes such as background color changes are
possible as well.

The best part, probably, is that FB Maxed is compatible with other versions
of Facebook as well, such as Facebook Mobile. It is compatible on several
different phone systems, including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android.

People have already started creating their Facebook website pages and are
using them in several ways, such as building their ecommerce websites and using
their blogs. It is possible to add various promotional elements to these pages,
such as videos, URLs, landing pages, sales pages and calls-to-action. With this
guide, people have found a solution to their Facebook marketing methods which
have been changing since the beginning of this year.

For people who want to get more acquainted with the product, continuous
webinars are being conducted. During these webinars, people get a chance to get
up, close and personal with FB Maxed and then you can ask them the details on
the product.

On the whole, we would like to say that here is a complete Facebook product
that people are fast switching over to because of its immense potential in
Internet marketing.

Is FBMaxed Just Another Wannabe Facebook Based Product? – An
Honest FBMaxed Review

With Facebook marketing becoming the guru mantra of the new Internet
marketing generation, we decided to take a closer look at the program. The
program promises to be a completely new take on the Facebook marketing systems
that have been milling around of late. But, on looking at the system at close
quarters, and even putting it into action, we found that this is a system that
might deliver on the promises it makes.

This is a fully customizable system in which you can submit your own Facebook
websites, or, to put it in simple terms, you can post websites on Facebook
pages. Earlier, you could only show images on Facebook, but with this system,
you will be able to show entire websites. And there is no limitation on how tall
your webpage is, it will be all there on the Facebook page itself without
needing your readers to scroll.

Of course, the potential is immense. Facebook has millions of users, and if
you could show your website on Facebook pages, it could mean an immense deal of
exposure, with direct traffic hits happening virtually every hour. People do not
even need to ‘like’ your page to check out your stuff like before—they can do it
before they decide to ‘like’ you.

So, is it just a static website, or a website on which you can do things?
From an Internet marketer’s point of view, this becomes an important point to
consider. We found out that there are at least three important things that a
marketer would find these Facebook websites appealing for:-

1. They can add their opt-in pages onto the websites. So, an interested
visitor has the ability to not just ‘like’ the page, but they can also opt-in
and add themselves to the website’s list.

2. They can add videos onto the webpage. Videos can be maximized to play on
the full screen of the computer.

3. They can change the background colors of the webpage using a very simple
FTP program and a text editor.

Hitherto, these things were possible by using the FBML (Facebook Markup
Language), which is now on its way to becoming defunct. That is the reason why
FB Maxed uses capabilities built into an iFrames system, which makes the whole
designing process quite future-proof. The templates can be created on an HTML5
framework, which is also compatible with mobile phones (it is relevant to note
that many Facebook users use mobile applications to access their Facebook

In all respects, FB Maxed has qualified as a great Facebook application for
promoting an online business and it is not surprising why it is garnering a lot
of attention. There are webinars going on currently to get to know the product
better. You could take advantage of this opportunity to get a sneak peek of what
the system is all about and whether it will work for your needs.



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