6 Brand New iPads For You To Win

I will be giving out at least 6 iPads to those that take part in the contest. All you have to do to
qualify for three of the iPads is signup for the contest, and answer two simple
questions. The other three iPads will be won by those who spread the news about
the contest.


  • The first iPad
    will go to the person whose response to Question 1  matches my response most
    reading for more details.
  • The second iPad
    will go to the person who referred the winner of the first iPad.
  • The third iPad
    will go to  the person who comes up with the most imaginative answer to
    Question 2.
  • The fourth iPad
    will go to the person who referred the winner of the third iPad.
  • The fifth iPad
    will go to a contest winner who will be drawn at random. The random draw is
    based on the number of contest points accumulated (keep reading for more
    details), so those with higher points will stand a better chance of winning
    the fifth iPad.
  • The sixth iPad
    will go to the person who  referred the winner of the fifth iPad.

So to improve your
chance of winning all you have to do is publicise this contest as much as
possible. By doing so, you will win more contest points and at the same time
increase the chance that someone you referred will win. Talk about a Double

The process is really easy.


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