To keep this short, sweet and to the point, here are some definitive points
to keep in mind when looking for a good, reliable tool that delivers:

  • Easy to use interface. There are definitely tools out there that don’t
    require messy and complicated coding, and which can have Fan Page set up in
    just a few points and clicks. This saves on errors and time and can be a big
    saver in the cost-efficiency department. Of course, just because the
    interface is that easy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole tool or
    system itself has to be simple and dumb. It must be easy enough for a kid to
    set up their own Fan Page, yet the Pages come with what you’d expect of a
    professionally done Fan Page, complete with lively themes, reveal pages,
    like-gating and
  • No external tool/website required. 99% of the tools and other plugins on
    the market currently require WordPress in order for you to set up your
    Facebook Fan Page. It’d be best if the Fan Page can be set up without the
    need for WordPress as this is an external party.
  • Certain application providers have a complete system where they do the
    hosting for you so that you don’t have to worry about domain name
    registration or hosting services. This saves big bucks and most systems that
    offer this service are reliable and dedicated, with round the clock support
    teams to ensure that everything runs smoothly and with minimal interruption.
  • The majority of application providers limit their application use by a
    certain number of Facebook Pages or number of fans. However, if one digs
    deeper there are tools out there that have no such limitation. In short, you
    can use that tool on as many number of Facebook Fan Pages as you want!
  • Dedicated support. This is a very critical and important area. If any
    application or tool does not have frequent updates, or there are no support
    teams to answer my questions or solve any technical issues that I may have,
    then I drop the tool or application immediately. Quality service is
    essential as the tools I use need to keep up with any changes that Facebook
    implements, and also to ensure that the tool does not become unusable at a
    bad time. This can result in a lot of unhappy clients!
  • Unlimited Use License! As unbelievable as it sounds, certain tools give
    you this privilege whereby you can use a certain tool to create an unlimited
    number of Facebook Fan Pages. If the tool is easy to use and implement, then
    this can be dynamic combination!
  • Monthly addition of new Apps! The development team behind the tool or
    application must constantly update their products, or at least introduce new
    ones to keep their versions current. Some of them even go further, offering
    new apps and tools monthly to their members so that their customers have a
    comprehensive arsenal of Facebook marketing tools at their disposal to
    tackle any problem or situation! Of course, all of the applications and
    tools created must fulfill a specific need and deliver results, not merely
    be fluff of the month offerings.
  • Preferably, all of the Facebook Fan Pages under your administration can
    be managed from a single location! No need to remember complicated logins
    and passwords. You can get to them all from a secure source.
  • Lastly, the tool must, at the minimum,harness the power of both
    like-gating and share-gating! This is a no-brainer.

One complete Facebook marketing system that does ALL of the above is FB
X-Tab. It is indeed a true, comprehensive Facebook marketing solutions provider,
delivering a collection of tools and applications ranging from applications and
plug-ins to themes and templates. Be sure to check it out!

Are you ready to be a News Feed Optimizer?

Of course, having a Facebook Fan Page is just the first step.

With the incredible pace that Facebook is developing and

shaping the online Internet Marketing scene, it’s a foregone

conclusion that this is where lucrative business dealings

are being made and this is where you can take your business

to the very next level.

So how do you unleash the potential of your Facebook Fan


  • Be personal. Don’t just be an unknown face with an unknown voice. Prop up a video of yourself on yourFacebook Fan Page. Introduce yourself to yourfansumers. Give a recognizable mascot to your brand.



  • Give away free content. Reports, images, videos,be creative! People love free things. With these freethings, make sure that you have an opt in form sothat you can build a list of your fansumers!



  • Update, update, update! Constantly show that you care about the Page and your fansumers byconstantly adding new content to your Page, whetherit be new videos, new pictures, new promotions or

    new stuff to read. If you don’t update your Page, you

    are sure to lose people’s interest!



  • Give careful thought to your Facebook Fan Page’s appearance! Despite the initial limitations thatFacebook has placed on your Page, there are toolsout there that allow you to break through this wall!

    Use them to your benefit and extravagance!

    Remember, you want people to notice your Page

    right away! Stand out from the crowd!



What’s a tool, then, that can allow you to

  • Add videos easily?
  • Add pictures easily?
  • Provide eye-catching Page templates?
  • Build lists?
  • Create a Page with minimal coding (even your 5year old child can use)? 

FB X-Tab is the perfect tool for creating and designing

engaging and fun Facebook Fan Pages

In this article Daniel Tan and Phil Benham, the developers and faces behind
the evolutionary FB X-Tab system for Facebook Fan Page creation and marketing,
give their insights and thoughts on several topics close to any social media
marketer’s heart. In this current day and age where the Internet is increasingly
becoming an enormous social network, social media platforms are increasingly
playing a  more and more visible role in businesses’ efforts to promote, brand
and market their products to consumers. Why pick Facebook over, say, Twitter or

“Any online marketer (their own product, affiliate marketing, or consultants
for local businesses) should use Facebook as a marketing platform because of it
singular popularity among Internet users! In most cases, it could make sense for
users to not market anywhere else online except FACEBOOK! The Internet is
evolving into a social network…The best question to answer is this: Show me why
I WOULD NOT use Facebook to market online!”

However, many local area businesses, perhaps not having the technical
expertise and know how, are faced with the prospect of hiring outside
developers, which may cost thousands of dollars. Surely, there is an alternative
way of getting professional, quality services or tools without having to pay
bucket loads of cash? Also, for independent, free-spirited social media
consultants or marketers like ourselves, is there a more efficient way of
conducting our business with a smaller budget without impacting on the client’s
Facebook Fan Page performance or bottom line?

“I know that marketing to local businesses is a huge market in any city
around the world. What I have done is give those local business consultants a
way to dazzle their clients by being able to give clients all of the cool ways
to enhance their Facebook Pages without having to hire developers and spending
thousands of dollars per client!”

“This is why me and my team have developed FB X-Tab.The most important
feature of FB X-Tab is that there is a true collection of Facebook Marketing
tools. We do not feature ONLY Facebook apps or a WordPress plugin for serving
Facebook Pages or WP Themes or HTML templates…we provide ALL of these things!
And not just a set amount…each month we will be giving members new tools to put
in their arsenal of Facebook Marketing toolbox! New wordpress themes, new
Facebook Apps, updates and new shortcodes to the wordpress plugin, and finally
new HTML templates! One super important feature of the WordPress Plugin is that
it allows users to host an unlimited number of Facebook Pages from ONE wordpress
installation WITHOUT affecting the user’s CURRENT THEME! In our case, we use
OptimizePress and host a number of Facebook Pages without using our theme…”

There has been some debate as to the efficiency and effectiveness of certain
tools out on the market right now. While all strive to deliver the best
experience and performance for their users, there are certainly cases where the
cost of the tool is not justified, or the tool did not live up to expectations.
What is Daniel’s take on this particular issue?

“Any Facebook tool or system does not solve problems marketers face. The
problem is not the tool, but rather how you use it! I can give you the best
tools in the world, if you do not use them correctly, you will not be
successful. We simply make it easier to create a presence on Facebook and
implement Facebook functionality into Facebook Pages.”

Daniel has even created a term for the new brand of pioneers that are rising
up to face the daunting challenges of Facebook marketing. They are called NFOs,
News Feed Optimizers. NFOs are an entirely new breed on the social media
marketing scene, and they are bravely forging a path where no other Internet
marketer has ever tread before. They will need a reliable solutions provider to
help them on this unfamiliar journey, and Daniel has provided just that in the
form of FB X-Tab. He also understands that a vibrant, experienced and active
support team is essential for this purpose.

“FB X-Tab will be around for a long time and will be continually updated with
so much material for years to come. As Facebook changes, we will ensure our
members have the tools to be current and not have to worry with developers
and/or the changes Facebook makes. We change with Facebook!”

“I also have information that I will give our members about Facebook such as
Facebook SEO or “Edgerank” and mistakes that Facebook Marketers make and how to
avoid them…I will also be teaching how to inspire interaction and manage
Facebook Pages.”

Any final thoughts?

”FB X-Tab is best distinguished by the ability for users to add our
applications to an unlimited number of pages with an unlimited number of fans!
Most other application providers limit by number of Facebook pages or number of


What is a NFO? More importantly, are you a trailblazing pioneer for social
media evolution?

A new breakthrough in Internet marketing is really upon us. In tandem with
the way Facebook has grown and developed over just a span of a few years, it has
changed the way people used the Internet, that is, it is more and more a social
and relational vehicle. How does this impact on Internet marketing? A new
approach to marketing is needed  to harness the power of Facebook as the primary
social media platform in this day and age. A totally, brand new, revolutionary

In fact, there is a term for the new wave of pioneers that are arising now to
take advantage of the opportunities that Facebook’s change to iFrame has brought
to the marketing world. They are called NFOs. News Feed Optimizers. Similar to
SEOs (search engine optimizers) of the past decade of Google dominance, they are
shaping a new marketing reality that is slowly making its course as more and
more big, multinational companies, and even Fortune 100 companies, are making
their presence felt on Facebook. Why are these companies and corporations,
ranging from family-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies, heading there?
It’s because they want to grow and engage with their customers in fruitful
interactions on the most prominent social media platform of the time, which is
Facebook. Marketing is now a two-way interaction, and that interaction is now
livelier than ever before.

This poses many challenges to the companies and corporations. How do they go
about engaging with their customer base on Facebook? What is the setup of a
Facebook Fan Page? How do they keep track of data on Facebook? How can Facebook
be incorporated into their overall marketing strategy? How do they go about
harnessing the incredible potential of Facebook?

Enter the NFOs.

Coined very recently by Phil Benham and Daniel Tan, the prominent developers
and creators behind FB X-Tab, NFOs are total solutions providers to companies
and corporations on their Facebook and social media marketing problems and
challenges. For a start, many companies think that Facebook marketing is all
about building a Facebook Fan Page, and then that’s that. Actually, this is a
grave mistake. For instance, how do people become aware of a company’s existence
on Facebook? It is not from the Fan Page, people actually become aware of
something from the Newsfeed portion of their page. Hence the term News Feed

NFOs help optimize the news feeds and the relationships between a business
and the customer so that the list of any business continues to grow. Not only
that, but they also make sure that the engagement and interaction with the list
is rich, thus ensuring list loyalty and customer satisfaction. This is easier
said than done, as Facebook has just dramatically altered its policies only a
few months ago and many people are still unsure as to how to go about marketing
on Facebook despite the rich opportunities there.

Not so with NFOs.

With FB X-Tab, a complete Facebook marketing tool system, NFOs are steadily
delivering amazing results by maximizing EdgeRank and capitalizing on the
relationships that can be built via the Facebook Newsfeed. A common
misconception is that Facebook Fan Pages bring all the traffic. Actually, people
on Facebook spend more than 80% of their time on their Newsfeed. That’s where
the traffic comes from. NFOs use News Feed Marketing to solve real problems
faced by Facebook users.

All the changes from SEO to NFO represent a huge and monumental shift in the
way marketing is done. More and more, it’s about knowing how to establish an
engaging relationship with the customers and users on Facebook in the right ways
that will make or break any company, even Fortune 100 ones.

It is very interesting to see where the pioneering NFOs of today will
revolutionize social media marketing, and even social media itself, in the years
to come. A new age is beginning to dawn, and the call for brave and pioneering
spirits to take up the torch has sounded.

Now, No More Hassle, No More Worries, You Are In Control!

Here’s what FB X-Tab Will Do For You:

  • No codes involved, completely newbie-friendly!
    That’s right, we spent months working on this to give you a brilliant
    solution that involves no codes at all. You don’t need to have any
    coding knowledge to use FB X-Tab. It’s point-and-click easy. If you can
    use Windows or Mac, you can use FB X-Tab!
  • Ultimately Fast FB X-Tab is ultimately fast! Look
    at how fast I created a brand new Facebook Page! And best part, they are
    with BOTH “like” and “share” gating! Visitors have to like and share my
    page before they can access whatever I want to give them! That’s the
    viral part of Facebook Marketing my friend! Our Apps are fast and simple
    to use, intuitive enough even we fall in love with it!
  • No WordPress required, unlike other plugins or solutions!
    Exactly, unlike other solutions and plugins in the market right
    now that require you to have a WordPress installation to have a Facebook
    Fan Page, FB X-Tab is different. You do not need to have a WordPress to
    have a Facebook Fan Page. Believe it or not, show this video to your
    daughter, she will be able to setup a fan page just like I did, with no
    additional resources and help! Try it
  • No Domain Name or Hosting required! That’s another
    huge PLUS point! We had been cracking our heads, finally, we are able to
    let you have a Facebook Fan Page without the need of a domain name and
    hosting! Unlike other Facebook template packages, this time, you are
    free from domain name and hosting! That’s a lot of cost savings right
    here! Domain name and hosting alone would probably cost you more than
    what we are going to charge!
  • Includes FB X-Tab App #1: DownloadPlus (the one you saw in
    the video!)
    This allows you to setup “like” and “share” gating.
    Imagine this, you have a great offer for people and all they have to do
    is to like and share your page. This is one of the most delicate
    Facebook Marketing there is. It grows extremely virally, not because of
    the likes, but the SHARES! Best part, you can send an update to ALL who
    have liked your page, imagine when you have 100K fans! This is as good
    as email marketing, that actually gets read!
  • Includes FB X-Tab App #2: CouponPlus This not only
    allows you to “like” and “share” gate it, but, in order for people to
    get what you are going to give, they have to achieve a set number of
    “shares” before the goodie unlocks! You can have a program for download,
    set it to 1,000 shares. Before 1,000 shares are achieved, it won’t go
    downloadable! Visitors will be prompted to keep “sharing” until 1,000 is
    hit, then the download is open! Cool right? This is the same system
    people are using on product launches, that a free stuff will only be
    available after a number of participants share their page. This is
    really a viral setup! Try it!
  • Monthly addition of new FB X-Tab Apps Into Members Area
    We have a huge team of coders and Facebook Developers, all
    because we want to give you the best of Facebook Marketing! You will get
    new Apps like DownloadPlus and CouponPlus added to the members area
    every month! Imagine the kind of cool apps you can have and do for
    yourself and your clients! This will blow you away! That said, if you
    have any ideas in mind, send it to us, who knows it will be the App of
    the month!
  • Create Unlimited Number of Facebook Pages! FB X-Tab
    comes with unlimited rights! You can now create unlimited number of
    Facebook Pages, for yourself, and your clients! See, I created a Page
    within 1:30 minutes! I can go on and create more apps for my other
    products, brands, and anything I want, even for my photo albums!  What
    do you do with these pages? Aha, use them to give away content and build
    interested following! Market them with your products and offers! See how
    powerful Facebook is? The entire world is now on Facebook! I am not
    going to miss this trend!
  • Manage all Facebook Pages from a Single Location
    All inside the members area! Intuitive and clean looking! You don’t need
    to remember logins and passwords for all your Pages, simply manage all
    of them from a single location, that is, our members area! No matter how
    many hundreds of Pages you are going to setup, you can manage all of
    them in the members area. This makes it so easy to manage, especially
    when you are creating Facebook Pages for your clients!
  • Tutorials Ready Video tutorials are ready in the
    members area. There is really, nothing to figure out yourself. We have
    made it so simple that even without the tutorials, you will still be
    able to create a Fan Page immediately! Not to mention, the video
    tutorials are so detail and thorough, you will definitely ask, “man, who
    did this?” It’s Phil’s creation buddy!
  • Full-time Support This is the most important thing
    you will ask for! Indeed, a separate support team is behind the scene
    too! You are going to get heroic and responsive support from us,
    ensuring you to get the best out of Facebook Marketing! In fact,
    everyone will be talking about FB X-Tab really soon, once we open the
    door to the public.
  • Unlimited Use License! That’s the best part, you
    see! You can now use FB X-Tab to easily and speedily create Facebook
    Pages for your clients! Imagine if you just charge $100 per page
    created, and that only takes 1:30 minutes! This is probably the best
    paying job in the world if you go with this rate! We have seen Facebook
    Page creation service coming with “like” gating going for more than $300
    a pop! And that does not include “share” gating!
    Fan Page tool  FB X-Tab Facebook
    Fan Page marketing solutions



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